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No Wood Boxes: A Building Guide

Discussion in 'Terraria Guides' started by Firexia, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. Steelflame

    Steelflame Terrarian

    The ladder design you have could be improved upon. Either make it 2 wide, and as two stairs facing eachother in a U shape for each rung, or make there be a background to it 3 wide, with 2 column style backwalls on either side with the single inner piece having some type of wood with the rungs of the ladder as well. This is mainly for the one in the same room as the barkeep.

    A very good bonus to the first one, if you don't need the ladders to act as room barriers (which in your case you don't look like you need em that way) is to actuate them into the background. It lets you retain the look of a ladder, without it messing with pathing.

    For the second set of platform ladders you have to the right, turn them into _l stairs and actuate them into the background. Again, looks like an actual ladder, without screwing with pathing.
  2. NoRinForYou

    NoRinForYou Skeletron

    I tried not to build a box house does this look okay ? first time building anything other than a box house tbh.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    incase images don't load up : Here
  3. ItzDaBash

    ItzDaBash Eye of Cthulhu

    Nice House, I Feel You Need more Clutter like Deco Though
  4. ItzDaBash

    ItzDaBash Eye of Cthulhu

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  5. tearstofall

    tearstofall Terrarian

    this is quite old, but any critique on these two?
    ( this one I made in an earlier world, it was for the tavern-keep. it's kinda
    cluttered but that's the style of the house. I like it a lot even though
    it's quite easy to replicate. )
    ( this one is newer. I like it a lot because of the hill thing and the fences and beams. it also has a roof
    but I'm not finished with the attic/roof combination so I'm not going to add it right now. it's in my current
    world and it's nice and big, even though I may add some other houses. )
  6. ItzDaBash

    ItzDaBash Eye of Cthulhu

    I like your trying multiple woods, but use Boreal or Palm for sideways blocks, and dynasty or ebonstone for upwards blocks
  7. fizzyq

    fizzyq Terrarian

    This thread has been really helpful! I just started playing terraria about 2 weeks ago and my buildings have come a long way since then. Here's a section of my latest project and a map of the whole thing. :)
    Capture 2017-08-13 09_39_35.png 81a5f05d8d4cda443b41b68d04d7481d.png
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  8. Lawura

    Lawura Terrarian

    Very nice starter houses. Me personally, I would play with little more contrast with some of them, like adding extra separator to base line, for example but overall quite creative. Thumbs up.
  9. SadlyOctoclipse

    SadlyOctoclipse Terrarian

    Boxes look great in the right place, like here IMG_0175.JPG
    P.s. Sorry Santa
  10. Jackomantern

    Jackomantern Terrarian

    Very interesting, I need to get my box game up:)
  11. ItsVanimalz

    ItsVanimalz Terrarian

    Here's a thing that i made a while back:

    Capture 2017-08-31 14_16_02.png

    What do you think?
  12. NoRinForYou

    NoRinForYou Skeletron

    I finally figured how to use the F1 screenshot set frame option properly. what do you guys think? not finished yet. IDK what I was building with the second Image.

    First Image:

    Second Image:

    Third Image:

    Link To all 3 Images (incase they do not load)

    tips on how to improve would be nice ; also yes. I am aware they need more clutter =p , workin on that x)
  13. ItsVanimalz

    ItsVanimalz Terrarian

    1st Build tips: I think that just floating buildings are really ugly, try adding some kind of rockets or clouds to make it look better (or beams if the build is low to the ground).
    Also frame the roof (don't just have it all made out of walls) It just doesn't have that same kind of depth to it. Overall looks really nice!

    2nd Build tips: MOAR BLING.

    3rd build tips: I'm thinking that it's currently WIP, so i have no words on that.
  14. ItzDaBash

    ItzDaBash Eye of Cthulhu

    Mt first little cabin for the Guide, it's Modded btw (Yharon Trophy and unobtainable walls.) 20170902064021_1.jpg
  15. xXAndytubeXx

    xXAndytubeXx Terrarian

    Capture 2017-09-20 09_33_12.png
    This is my house that I built! I've got all my NPCs in a little hotel, there's space for storage, and I even have a viewing wing! The roof is made with Boreal Wood, and I also used Gray Brick. The interior is made with Boreal Wood Walls and Gray Brick Walls. The Boreal Wood is painted blue, my favorite color. Each room for the NPCs has it's own color. The Guide has green, the Nurse has white, the blacksmith is temporary, I'll build a place for him later, and the Party Girl has violet. I'm also using mods, that's why my guy is looking up a bit (he's the guy in the green jacket and blue hair). Also, I'm using a Wave Bank that uses Undertale music. The theme that is playing is the title screen theme, but it's changed to the Undertale theme, Undertale. Also, I have a pet Duck and Frog (in the image, not irl).

    Tell me if there's anything I should improve on or change! Hope you guys like it!
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  16. Giga_5

    Giga_5 Official Terrarian

    Any ideas on how I can make the walls of this cactus house a little less... cactusy? Sandfall blocks, perhaps? I want to stick with desert-like blocks.
  17. Lycos Hayes

    Lycos Hayes Plantera

    as weird as it may sound, I'd recommend some Palmwood as that can also be grown on sand. but it'd be an intermix and accent to the cactus wall
  18. KpDestructor

    KpDestructor Terrarian

    Hey, nice builds! What wood were you using when you made the Fancy House, the smooth wood around the edges?
  19. glitchY

    glitchY Terrarian

    I don't build very much. I'm not very good at it, but I recently started a Mage playthrough. On the very first 4 days, I focused on building. Like I said, I'm not very good at building, but I'm really happy with how the house turned out! If you suggest materials, make sure they're accessible early game, or tell me how to easily get the materials I need. I NEED ADVICE!

    EDIT: The world is corruption, if that helps.

  20. Giga_5

    Giga_5 Official Terrarian

    I would add some Star Lanterns to the top to add some ambient light, and add a "crafting room" for practical use.
    It would also be cool if you put some trophies/itemframes on the back wall.
    To give it the "mage" feel, you could try building a tall gray brick spire on top of the main house with a steeple and adding blue or purple light sources to give it a magic-y feel.