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  1. O_Nothing

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    Hello, O_Nothing here! I'm feeling especially self-indulgent today, so I think it's about time I put one of these together.


    The Abyss [Underworld Alternate]
    "In contrast to the Underworld, a realm of eternal damnation, the Abyss acts as a purgatory of sorts. Deep sea themed creatures float among barnacle-encrusted stone and pools of shimmering essence, eager to sate their eternal hunger for young, fresh souls. For the first time in millennia, the Leviathan stirs..."

    The Ghost Town [Desert Minibiome]
    "Now let’s gather ‘round the campfire, to sing ‘bout days long lost: a desert minibiome of dead cowboys and outlaws."

    The Fog [Event]
    “The Fog is rolling in…”

    The Clockwork Crusade [Pirate Invasion Alternate]
    “Curious constructs are approaching from the east/west!”

    The Crypt [Dungeon Alternate]
    "A grim, twisted mockery of a fairytale."

    The Astral Convergence [Martian Madness Alternate]
    “Astral beings are invading!”


    The Cessation [Corruption Alternate]
    "Making the world hollow..."
    (In Development)

    Disco Moon [Hardmode Event]

    (In Development)

    The Circus of Despair [Hardmode Event]
    "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the greatest show on Earth!
    Welcome to the Circus of Despair!"
    (In Development)

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  2. BillyDominatez

    BillyDominatez Terrarian

    Question: is the disco moon going to be like the pumpkin and frost moon or something else.
    (I support all ideas I just want more moons where you progress in waves ;-;)
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  3. O_Nothing

    O_Nothing Skeletron

    Yeah, though it's intended to be earlier in Hardmode than the Pumpkin/Frost Moon events (post-Mech). Thanks for the support!
  4. BillyDominatez

    BillyDominatez Terrarian

    OMG YES!
    If its wave themed and has bosses omg I'm auto supporting
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  5. Sothopery

    Sothopery Terrarian

    Hell yeah. A funk off! Also, these are some pretty rad suggestions, although the Abyss sounds like a weird idea.
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  6. Sothopery

    Sothopery Terrarian

    Hmmst. Perhaps if we could sorta see what this stuff would look like and have more in-depth details about enemies and stufd then we can have some good chilli goin' ;)