Pinky and the Lost Girl

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So what do toy think. Which one choices do you like?

  1. Pink Gel

  2. Pink Slime Staff

  3. Pink Slime Gun

  4. Pinky Banner

  5. Lost Girl NPC

  6. Changling Cameo

  7. Lost Girl Vanity / Wig / Hairstyle

  8. Other (Please post.)

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  1. Ilmarinen

    Ilmarinen Santa-NK1

    Pink Gel confirmed for Smash 1.3. Thanks Cenx and Redigit!

    [ I Finally got this done. Please give any comments/suggestions/additions/criticisms. ]

    I love the rare mobs but it seems a couple of them have gotten the short end of the loot stick.

    For the purposes of illustration:

    Doctor Bones drops a Archaeologist's Hat
    The Groom drops a Top Hat
    Tim drops his Wizard Hat (a nice piece of magic armor btw)
    The Rune Wizard drops his Rune Outfit
    Wyverns drop Souls of Flight
    Rainbow Slimes drop Rainbow blocks
    The Clown sometimes drops Bananarangs AND unlocks the Clown Outfit
    Frost Golems drop Frost Cores and sometimes a Frost Staff or Ice Feather
    The Paladin sometimes drops his Shield or his Hammer
    and Mimics and Ice Mimics drop a whole table of different loot including a pet!

    On the other side:

    The Lost Girl drops her banner (and we all know how rare banners are, not that it isn't appreciated)
    and poor Pinky has the same loot table as every generic slime (that gold coin is nice though).

    So here are some possible suggestions to rectify this:


    Proposal one- PINK GEL

    Pink Gel : Pink Gel.png Drops 30 to 40. Usable as a crafting material:

    Pink Slime Block: Pink Slime Block.png Made at the Solidifier from one pink gel. Jumping on a Pink Slime Block causes you (as well as any mobs or NPC's) to bounce around uncontrollably. Negates Fall Damage.

    Bouncy Grenade: Bouncy Grenade.png Just like the regular grenade but it bounces on contact with solid blocks, allowing for banking attacks.
    Recipe: One pink gel + five Grenades (Makes five).

    Bouncy Bomb: Bouncy Bomb.png Also, just like a regular bomb but it bounces on contact with solid blocks, allowing for banking attacks. Recipe: One pink gel + one bomb.

    Pink Torch: Pink Torch.png Just like a regular torch but a lovely pink color. Recipe: One pink gel + three wood (Makes three).

    Pink Glow Stick: Pink Glowstick.png It floats neutrally buoyant in water instead of sinking. Recipe: One pink gel + five Glowsticks (Makes five).

    Peace Candle: Peace Candle.png Made from 10 pink gel and one Water Candle. When placed or held a Peace Candle decreases enemy spawning rates. Effects stack with both placed and held Candle, as well as with the Calming Potion.

    *note Proposals Two and Three could be combined with Proposal One, with pink gel being combined with the Slime Staff and Slime Gun, respectively.*

    Proposal Two - Pink Slime Staff
    Pink Slime Staff: Pink Slime Staff.png Dropped by Pinky. Summons Lil' Sister Slime which, while only doing minimal damage, deals a walloping massive amount of knockback.
    Basically a defensive version of the regular Baby Slime.
    Lil' Sis Slime.png
    Damage 1
    Knockback 20

    Proposal Three - Pink Slime Gun

    Pink Slime Gun: Pink Slime Gun.png An alternate version of the regular Slime Gun. Inflicts both the Slime defuff AND the Love Buff.

    Proposal Four - Pinky Banner

    Pinky Banner
    Pinky, at the very least, needs a banner.


    Nymph Charm:

    Nymph Charm.png
    Tool Tip: "She isn't a terrible person"
    Accessory. Dropped by Lost Girl / Nymph. Equipping this will prevent the Lost Girl from changing into her Nymph form and allow trade with her.
    It also greatly increases her spawning chance and allows her to spawn on the surface, most commonly in invalid housing (i.e. missing light source/chair/flat surface).

    Specifically, the Nymph Charm would give a spawn chance for a NPC version of the Lost Girl that uses the same sprite but has Passive AI and is distinct, coding wise, from the
    Lost Girl/Nymph MOB that uses Bound AI/Fighter AI. Basically, equipping the Nymph Charm would prevent the regular Lost Girl from spawning and open up a chance for the
    friendly Lost Girl to spawn (with her different spawning conditions) as long as it's worn.

    But here the thing, The Lost Girl's prices aren't exactly "reasonable", however you can temporarily lower her prices by beating her in a game of Hide and Seek.
    Choosing this causes both you and the Lost Girl to be teleported to separate, random locations and you have a time limit to find her to win, or else
    it becomes her turn and she comes after her Nymph form!

    I still like the quest part of and "finding your way" part, so instead of a Hide and Seek quest what about an Orienteering quest.

    You get teleported to a random location (via a Teleportation Potion effect) and you receive a unique timer "debuff" that requires you to make it back to the Lost Girl in time to win. Obviously using a Magic Mirror/Recall Potion or Relogging will cancel the debuff and cause you to lose. (For the sake of fun let's say that
    using a Teleportation Potion or a Teleporter won't cancel the debuff.)

    Nymph's Inventory:

    1. Moss Seed (Always available) Moss Seeds.png

    2. Moss Staff x 5 (Post Skeletron) Moss Staves.png

    3. Gems including Amber (Rare, Randomly sold)

    4. Nymph Claws. Nymph Claws.png Melee. Broadsword / Pickaxe. Close range and very fast (like Bladed Glove) also functions as a Copper tier pickaxe. (Randomly sold)

    5. Gem Shot: gem shot.png Uses Gems as ammo (with damage based on the rarity of gem). Crossbow. Slow Speed. Shot heavily affected by gravity. 50% Chance not to consume ammo.
    Splash damage like Crystal Storm/Crystal Bullet (Randomly sold)

    6. Changling Cameo: Nymph Cameo.png Tool Tip: "Wait... what did I Summon?!"
    Accessory. Equipping this will cause any summoning staff to instead summon three mischievous Changling Nymphs instead of it's normal summon.
    The Changlings utilize the base damage and knockback of the staff that summoned them, but they have their
    own AI. They stay within 10 to 15 blocks of the Player and won't follow enemies farther. They can jump about as well as the Player (without movement
    accessories) and cannot fly. If the base summon has a projectile attack they will use a rock throw attack that's fairly short range and effected by gravity.
    The Changling function mostly as a defensive summon.

    Slime Staff: Changlings S.png

    Pink Slime Staff: Changlings S-P.png

    Hornet Staff: Changlings H.png

    Imp Staff: Changlings I.png

    Spider Staff: Changlings Sp.png

    Pirate Staff: Changlings P.png

    Optic Staff : Changlings Tw.png

    Pygmy Staff: Changlings Py.png

    Raven Staff: Changlings R.png

    Tempest Staff: Changlings Sh.png

    ***Bonus Proposal***

    Lost Girl Vanity: Admittedly this might not fly, but even a Nymph wig would be neat. It could even be a "Godiva" type wig that covered all the essential areas.

    Alternately an unlockable Lost Girl hairstyle from the Stylist...

    I have done nothing but edit sprites for THREE days.
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  2. 14ercooper

    14ercooper Steampunker

    This is an interesting idea.
    I like all of the items, but how would the game decide sales randomly?
  3. Ilmarinen

    Ilmarinen Santa-NK1

    I was thinking the same way the Travelling Merchant has random inventory.
    I'm not sure how he's coded, but his wares seem to be truly random and not just based on moon phase or something.
  4. MiltVala

    MiltVala Plantera

    I don't know about you, but I'd find it weird to have a bunch of naked little girls following me around :p
  5. Baconfry

    Baconfry Terrarian

    Did you know that "NAPS" stands for "Naked Asian Pop Stars"? With this, I can get nine. Not quite a thousand, but good enough for me.
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  6. HighSpy

    HighSpy Terrarian

    Well the nymph really i mean REALLY needs some drops
    But about the pinky drops...
    I really dont know
    But something i do know
    The hide and seek thing might not work...
    At all
  7. Frain Breeze

    Frain Breeze Terrarian

    Wow. I was expecting one of those dumb "Exceedingly rare drop = exceedingly powerful item" threads.

    I actually like this, it's what rare drops should be (if they exist at all)- Fun things you can play with when you've spent too much time in this game. I especially like the bouncy pink gel.
  8. Shade

    Shade Plantera

    I agree, seeing as Pinky is somewhat iconic. With the lost girl I was actually very confused the first time I encountered one, I thought it was a new NPC and when I approached her for some reason she ran off and landed in lava, killing herself.
  9. Vendidurt

    Vendidurt Eye of Cthulhu

    Pinky hat. Just like the zombie slime. But pink. Also causes "drowning" like the fish bowl does. Id like to see it. Pinky shouldnt drop ten gel or whatever. It is so small, they should max it at 5.
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  10. Nimbus_Bolt

    Nimbus_Bolt Eye of Cthulhu

    Maybe pinky is just really compact and dense so thats why she should drop 10 gel :D
  11. Vendidurt

    Vendidurt Eye of Cthulhu

    Density creates weight and Pinky has the worst knockback resistance in the game. This means Pinky is the least dense enemy in the game. But I am willing to shoot down more theories and conjectures if you have any.

    Also, just out of the blue.... do slimes even have genders? I mean, just because its pink means nothing.
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  12. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow Lunatic Cultist

    proper game mechanics over proper physics.

    "it's small" is a piss poor reason to not have it drop a fair amount of gel. because it's a rare enemy.
  13. Thamanizer33

    Thamanizer33 Terrarian

    I feel like pinky should be more common if this happens. Like 1 in 200 chance to spawn instead of any slime in-game.
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  14. Ilmarinen

    Ilmarinen Santa-NK1

    I used the number of Rainbow Bricks dropped by a Rainbow Slime as a rough guide to gauge the amount of Pink gel that Pinky should drop.
  15. Sir Dashie

    Sir Dashie Plantera

    i like this idea...
  16. Darkest Gaia

    Darkest Gaia Plantera

    This is the highlight of the suggestion. I want these now.
  17. Master Geass

    Master Geass Terrarian

    I would love to do more with the Lost Girl, but I don't think I would want her moving into my town. She is a mob and if she attacks when you aren't wearing that Nymph Charm charm then she could hurt your villagers if you remove it.
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  18. PeggleFrank

    PeggleFrank Terrarian

    Underage naked girls covered in slime that follow me everywhere. Perfect.

    In all honesty, though, it's an nice idea. Bouncy bombs are much-needed, and this would be a perfect way to implement them.
  19. Edge

    Edge Headless Horseman

    True, a mob is hard to turn into an NPC,
    But the Pinky drops looks interesting, only that the gel
    may drop too much compare to its size, just as the others said,
    (Thats some cute Pink Slime :) )
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  20. Dakota Spine

    Dakota Spine Headless Horseman

    I would like to see a lot of these ideas in the game to be honest with you. While some of these wouldn't be used horribly often, mostly from the Pinky section, due to rarity of most of the things used, these are still interesting concepts. I would like some Pink slime things to show that I had encountered and beaten Pinky before.

    As for the Nymph, it's an interesting concept. I would like to be able to grow Moss and such. I could go without the changlings, but other than that, I would like to see pretty much all of these in the game!
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