PC Post Your 1.3 base here!

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A new update to my slowly expanding town!


This is the bar, I plan for the Demolitionist and Arms Dealer to live here. However, the Clothier and Mechanic have decided that they'd like to be there first. I really need temporary housing.

Also, here's a town map to give you all some perspective on my building area.


As you can see, the Dye Trader currently lives in my crappy shack (I had to move it for the first screenshot). I've got a lot of space left to build in from what I've walled off, so it'll be a proper town soon enough!


Capture 2015-07-21 02_01_10.png

What I've done here is sort of gone for a floating island-like structure (mainly to protect my house from Crimson / Corruption). I added clouds to add to the affect, And I also have a small Slime, Jelly, and Piranha farm, and a surface mushroom biome for the Truffle. It is still unfinished, so keep that in mind!


This is my 1.2 base and it hasn't got updated since then. I never showed it to anyone and thought since I'm building a new one for 1.3, this is probably the last chance to show it off. It's also the last one I built without using tedit.

I also added my temporary 1.3 house. I'm still gathering materials for building a proper base.

I really like the added affect of snow on the roof :)

I'm a Raptor

Guess who's back?
Made 2 more buildings in the town today. Yet only one of them is functional. Let's check them out!

The main attraction of this update is my home for the Dye Trader and the lucky NPC that moves in next.

And here's its neighbour

Back on the other side of town, however, I've made a logical way for the Guide, Nurse and Merchant to get up to their houses from the lower part of town.

Finally, an update to the 'Town Map', again for those interested.

EDIT: If you want to see the history of my updates, I'm gonna provide links to them from now on for convenience!
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Image is kinda large, but everything is there. Just click to zoom in. The two NPC houses on the right, with Stone Slab and Slime Block aren't updated yet, but it thought I'd leave them since they look good anyways. Let em know what you think. I updated my village so the houses are in the similar style, but kept what was in the houses the same.

Capture 2015-07-21 14_26_25.jpg
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