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Monthly Art Batch!

Well...since it's the last day of the year, and things will get busy soon, I'll keep it brief, kinda like last year :p
This year has been the year where I wanted to see a subject of change.
And did I change? Well, a bit hard to tell. But I've definitely experienced a lot.

I've tried new artstyles, and there are a few things that have sticked with my for all future drawings, like drawing in a larger resolution.
I got to work with a few new characters, and updated the style of some existing characters, as character design is very fun.
One thing I personally wished for is that I did more of the "bigger" drawings, I feel like I've done a bit little.

I also have been through a roadtrip America for the first time, released a game that has been in mind for years, and finally found a possible cure for my lasting stress symptons. (Even though now I feel kinda stressed to get things done before new year, aaaaaa)

Other than that, it still has been a year of Xenoblade Chronicles Series and Age of Empires 4, perhaps even moreso than last year.
Unfortunately I didn't had the time to make a game compilation of it again. Some definitely deserve it, as it has been a great year for gaming.
But my bro dragged me into Lethal Company and now it's been almost a daily thing, oh well. :p

Let's start with the Artworks then, shall we?
Best Wishes into the new year, hoping to find a stronger version of yourself!
Year review 2023.png

Secret Santa Gift for Criddle:

New OC idea of an adventurous Bee Girl, totally not inspired by Bug Fables that I've also gotten hooked into:

Chibi Sapphire:
Sapphire Chiib.png

And the next issue of the Age of Empires 4 : Delhi Proxy Camp Project:
I've been playing the Delhi Sultanate last season, it's one of the least played and most gimmicky civs with interesting synergies, and I love them because of it :p
Delhi Proxy Camp Project v2.png

It's been 10 years since I've become a programmer, and thus also a game developer.
And to celebrate, I've prepared a post with all of the past projects I've worked on, so you could recap the Journey I've been through.

It appears, I've also been on the Terraria forums for 10 years...That's a story for next time :p
I wanted to thank you all for your support. This year, and the years prior as well.

Since I left Twixtter last year, I was wondering if it was the right call. As much of a clusterfunk it is, it is one that still offers potentional for visibility.
However, I've now also found support through Discord, Reddit, Mastodon and these forums still. And with how long I've been here, then this place also holds something special. :)

Best Wishes and a happy new year!

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Monthly Art Batch!

...(I'm tired, I'll just keep it short, lol)
Second month of diet going well, some issues are coming back though, but I think it's also partially stress related.
I think part of that stress is also due to Age of Empires...I should put that game on hold for now.

So...This year marks the 10th anniversary of me using this forums, whooo!
It's been a long journey since I've started here, one that I'll probably talk about another day...(maybe)
From an MS Paint artist to a drawing tablet, to developing games in various enviroments, to Beta Testing Terraria itelf, to a sort-off local influëncer. (Is that how it's called? idk)
Here's to hoping that my work may continue to inspire others. :)

I'll also return to the first avatar I've used on this forum for a while. To add a bit of nostalgia.
Happy Birthday Nageru!
Nageru 9year.png

It should go without saying, but Nageru has been almost as old as my time on the forums, safe from 1 year :p
Even though her story/playthrough only lasted a year, she has kinda been my Mascot Ninja since then, and it's been a tradition to draw her on (or close) to her creation date.
And as result, she has been through quite the development and styles:
ninja bdays.png

And furthermore, an Art Request for @DragonMals, as a thanks for the appreciation:

For a while back, I did a doodle series called "Good Night series". And I've ideas to revive them a little bit, to get a bit more consistent at drawing again.
This can lead to working out a bit more ideas, although more doodly, which is quite nice too.

Everything below is presented without context:
GN Ninja peach.png

GN 2024.png
GN Girls of momodora.png
GN Tootless dancing.png
GN Momodora5.png
GN Momohype.png

Conflict of Turmoil.png

GN Alpha FR.png


Oh boy, gamedev, here we go again.
Earlier, I was looking back at possible ideas to make a platformer/metroidvania again, but my insterests has crossed a bit in 3 seperate ideas.
Engine paths.png

But in the meantime, I got distracted again by the idea to give Fallen Star another update, as giving that game a 2-player mode was still in mind.
Fallen Star was already at it's limit...but what if I removed a few details to make room for it?
And with success, Fallen Star Multiplayer is now pretty much a thing:

It's not released yet, as all it needs is proper testing, and for that I guess I'll need to drag invite my brother to play. :p

And that's all for now, next month is going to be busy, so I'll try to keep distractions at a minimum for the time been.
until then, have a good Februari!

This year marks the 10th anniversary of me using this forums, whooo!
I did not know about this! Well, it must've been 10 years' worth of fun and wonderful art coming from you. Thanks for making my indie game character Atlas in your style! One of my favorite characters and I know that when I ever get time to work, and produce it, everyone will love him just as much as I do.

Happy Birthday Nageru!

Happy Birthday! Is this your first OC or something? Cause it's interesting to see all the changes that she went through over the years.
Surprisingly not the first OC (That title goes to Steef), but it is my first female OC.
Which, since her creation, greatly increased my interest to draw. :)

Steef. I love the fact that you've incoroperated his name as your username. You've done great on the initial design to her! Are all your characters based around Terraria?
Steef. I love the fact that you've incoroperated his name as your username. You've done great on the initial design to her! Are all your characters based around Terraria?
The first few were (Like the first five characters in my signature), since Samantha, things have leaned more original designs, and some of the first characters were reïmagined with a more original design as well. The only one that nowadays really rocks the Terraria style is Silvyne, named and designed after Terraria's Silver Armor. :p

Happy 10 years, Steef! Great art as always, and I’m excited to see your game dev updates! Keep it funky! Here’s to another 10 years! (Or whatever you want, haha. :D)

And thank you, Sparksss!
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