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Pre-Hardmode summoner weapons

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Erenerdus, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Erenerdus

    Erenerdus Terrarian

    As we all know, summoner options in pre-hardmode is quite limited. You can summon a slime, a hornet and an imp and thats it. So what about some summoning items for the world evils?

    Corruption - Soul Eater
    Drops from a shadow orb
    Summons a eater of souls to fight for you
    6 summon damage
    very weak knockback

    Soul eaters act in a manner similarly to eater of souls, albeit faster. This can give a reason for summoners to be in corruption.

    Crimson - Bleeding Heart
    Drops from a crimson heart
    Summons a floating heart to fight for you
    12 summon damage
    strong knockback

    Summons a floating heart that slowly follows the player, teleporting if necessary. When in range of an enemy, heart sprays blood into the sky that falls down for damage. Even though heart might be a little innaccurate, it fires multiple blood drops.

    Comment what you think about this, im open to critisism
  2. TheVage567

    TheVage567 Terrarian

    Good idea. Some summoner playthroughs have people at the beginning to get the Slime staff from the fact that the 1.3 AI for the guide actually kills a slime (sometimes) or find a slime statue with a pressure plate near it that summons a slime. Then, has to either break their jump key/button of jumping to summon each and every slime. Or use minecart tracks and do a overcomplicated method of the character somehow hitting the pressure plate. This would be a tremendous idea to save a lot of time for players. (mostly summoners.)
  3. K1LLAxK1DD

    K1LLAxK1DD Terrarian

    I would like to see the Desert Biome get a summoning weapon that would be craftable from antlion mandibles and study fossils
    Tombed Antlion Staff
    14 summon damage
    Weak knockback

    Maybe also the study fossils could be prominent in an armor set, similarly with the Fossil Armor for throwing damage
  4. Omega Derpling

    Omega Derpling Spazmatism

    Summoner is already getting blood moon loot, and they are also adding more prehardmode summons in other places as well.
    I like your idea, as right now sturdy fossils are used for only three recipes, the Fossil Set (which is becoming RANGED armor next update) bone javalins (again, ranged) and the amber staff (almost useless magic weapon).
  5. K1LLAxK1DD

    K1LLAxK1DD Terrarian

    I'm uncertain with the idea of this, but what about a summoning weapon in the dungeon that can be obtained from cursed skulls, maybe a 1/32 drop chance, however, that's up to interpretation, it also fits with the current stance of the game (I have no idea where the 1.4 summon weapons will be placed to suit summoner needs)
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    Also, I'm quite curious about a sentry summon that could be fished up from the glowing mushroom biome that could work sort of like a fungi bulb.
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  6. O-k-ram

    O-k-ram Terrarian

    Nice. it would help lots of people to have more pre hard mode summoner weapons
  7. Mental Mouse

    Mental Mouse Terrarian

    Yes we need early summoner weapons, but these could all-too-easily be confused with the Pet and Light Pet already representing the Corruption and Crimson respectively.
  8. Omega Derpling

    Omega Derpling Spazmatism

    Doesn't matter, considering there is both a hornet staff and a baby hornet pet in the game already.