tModLoader Prefixes for Enemies

The mod is giving me this very weird error that shouldn't be happening which makes the Calamity Mod stop and to not enable. I've seen others use this mod in conjunction with the Calamity mod before and it was working perfectly for them. Could you help me fix it?


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Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at EnemyMods.NPCs.gNPC.SetDefaults(NPC npc) in C:\Users\Kenneth\Documents\My Games\Terraria/ModLoader\Mod Sources\EnemyMods\NPCs\gNPC.cs:line 70
at Terraria.ModLoader.NPCLoader.SetDefaults(NPC npc, Boolean createModNPC)
at Terraria.NPC.SetDefaults(Int32 Type, Single scaleOverride)
at TerrariaOverhaul.OverhaulNPC.PostSetupContent() in C:\Users\Merser\Documents\My Games\Terraria/ModLoader\Mod Sources\TerrariaOverhaul\OverhaulNPC.cs:line 247
at TerrariaOverhaul.OverhaulMod.PostSetupContent() in C:\Users\Merser\Documents\My Games\Terraria/ModLoader\Mod Sources\TerrariaOverhaul\OverhaulMod.cs:line 485
at Terraria.ModLoader.ModLoader.do_Load(Object threadContext)

Read the last couple of pages. There is no fix for this currently.
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