Casual Random Chitchat Thread

I got a small cut on my hand from crabwalking in a relay race at a park for a homeschool co-op event. Also, my phone fell out of my pocket, and then I picked it up.
Is your phone okay?

Also I hatched a bean

Missed getting a sparkle screenie by a fraction of a second though, was too startled because of how bad my luck was today
oh also guys
I had a random idea for my PC class runs
what if each of my characters from those runs has a special power
so that would be Anaster, Myrition, Vinayla (whose power would just be her extreme luck /j), Neya, Sinela, Lana, Nicole, and Spectran
Sounds cool
I'll at least add a field to the spreadsheet for if I do go through with it
good thing my lore has a system perfect for single unique powers belonging to specific characters in Floralis (Qualities) and all of those characters are from Floralis or at least treated as such
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