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Relics - Summoner's Ore-tier weapons.

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The Destroyer
Summoners. The problem of how to adjust and balance their earlygame weapons has been addressed time and time again. I'm just gonna throw my opinion on how it should be solved and leave it for you to judge.

First off, using silk in these recipes makes me cringe.The only reason that I'm doing so is because I wanted a separate ingredient that wasn't shared by any other class at that point. I would very greatly appreciate some other ingredient to put in its place.

Use time is the rate at which the minion itself attacks, not the summoning item.

Relic Beagaltach


Chases down enemies and slashes at them. Has a short range.
Damage 6
Use Time 22
Relic Chakram


Orbits the player, and flings itself at enemies. Doesn't inflict damage while orbiting.
Damage 9
Use Time 20
Relic Longinus


Charges enemies like the Enchanted sword, but will bounce off of walls if it runs into them. Drifts towards the player when not charging.
Damage 10
Use Time 30
Relic Failnot


Trails behind the player and fires arrows at enemies.
Damage 15
Use Time 22

Support? Criticism? Lay it on me!
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Official Terrarian
first of all, this is a really great idea. i support this. summoners really need earlygame weapons even though im not a summoner im a tank class,i can imagine the hours taken to grind for a slime staff.
and also, (no offence)What the hell are the names supposed to mean?


Official Terrarian
The links or the actual names?

The links are an allusion to the inspiration for this suggestion.

The names are, for the most part, references to legendary weapons.
ah ok i see i can see these thing as a summoner weapon flying around you,nice job!


Dungeon Spirit
Looks amazing! I was wondering if I could have permission to be used in a mod :p Credit will be given, of course. Thanks!


Well, the gold one is actually a bit too strong compared to early summoner weapons, but yeah, the idea is correct and it would be nice.
Yeah, but these are too cool for earlygame weapons. No one wants to hear about a ranger with a tin bow, but a summoner with a Relic of Beagaltach grabs your interest. Maybe these could be buffed a little, and given appropriate recipes, and they could be hardmode summons.

I would say, calm the names down, maybe make them a little less extravagant in behavior, and maybe nerf the gold/platinum one a bit.


Skeletron Prime
I like the idea of early-game summoner items, but I'm not entirely sure about literally summoning every day weapons. Either way, I totally support this idea.


Brain of Cthulhu
This may seem trivial, but crafting brand new "relics" just doesn't seem right.
Behold! This mystic relic will smite my enemies from afar!
Wow! Where did you get it?​
Oh, I just made it this morning.
So... yeah. Cool looking items, but I'm not sure I like the name.

Oh, on the ingredient front, how about clay? It has some mystic connections, think clay tablets, golems and voodoo dolls, as well as seeing some use in metal casting. It's also a bit underutilized in Terraria, in my opinion, only being used for red bricks, red stucco (does anyone use stucco?), flower pots and a couple of decorative objects.
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