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IC Role Play - Calamity Adventure

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Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
Meanwhile in the Cryolab.
*Creature tunnels up into the cryolab and begins noming on the popup bomb.*
"Hey! No that's not for you!"
*Begin the tug of war.*
"Nonononono! You are not getting-!"
*Tug sends the pop up bomb up.*
"Aw crap."
*Both gets out of the way when the bomb lands and expels liquid nitrogen, blocking the entrance with a freezing mist.*
"Aw come on! Now I'm stuck with you."
*Notices the hole to the mineshafts below the base that the creature made.*
"That's it! All I need to do is go through this and when I get back up to the surface, no one will know I was ever here. And they'll blame it all on you that this happened!"

*Growls and begins chasing.*
"Me and my big mouth."
*Jumps into the mines,
and same.*
(Too bad no one really does an random encounters anymore. Since everyone is stuck inside the base, and no one farms, and no one does seemingly anything that would contribute to the community since we just explain all the food 'from the kitchen' despite no one is farming potatoes (I've been checking the farming that happens here recently) yet Friend gets cheesy fries, and where does those fries come from? Yup, the kitchen. Sigh. Everyone just stays inside for whatever reason, instead of actually going places, exploring. They get comfortable, then start taking things for granted. In a real world, people would have run out of food, but here, nope. How about power? Nope. Anything? Almost always nope. EVEN THE FREAKING POTIONS? NOPE. Don't mind me, just going on a rant of frustration.)


"You know what, I think I'm gonna go to the store. Good idea to stock up just in case."
*Heads off to the store*

((There. You happy?))

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
(Considered the amount of times in the past compared to one time for this, no. Though there are a few exceptions, for example, getting greater healing potions for healing Lavin, to which you had to get. To which Sockmonkey somehow negated by getting potions with the Philospher Stone instead for some reason. Then again, back to the unexplained, the auditorium, the cameras, the hat that made infinite bombs, fiery greatsword, etc. etc. Guess tough luck for me then. But at least you got something to do.)

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
(Yes, because no one wants to check on others. Hmph. Always seem to happen.)
"Time is already going, Ssnakee, so I believe it is time for my departure. Jack-O-Berry will stay behind to watch over what you do and help if needed."
"Keep in touch then."
*Group of Shadow members gets out of the ship.*
"So, what now?"
"Protocol, obviously. Obviously, we are under weaponizing orders, but only if we are within the base. Since we aren't, then it goes to the secondary directive, search for other technology and knowledge that can assist in the organization's goals."
"We are next to a base. I'll get any data that they have lying around. Despite their strength, they're not organized. They don't have a main goal."
"While you do that, it seems we no longer have resistance to travel to other areas, on the account of a majority of space travelling vehicles have been inactive, the large fire being gone, and no other organization opposing our mission. Therefore, we can investigate those areas without hindrance. Should beat just sitting around and tinkering with machines."
"Of course. Just get on with your job of gathering information then."
*Goes into the base, looking for information that could help the Shadows.*
*Goes travelling, off towards the Dungeon.*


*I'm riding back towards the base with groceries, because coincidentially a Blessed Apple dropped and I now have a Unicorn Mount.*

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
(I could simply have a random encounter for ya, but I really doubt too many things for that to happen.)
(Meanwhile with the duo or trio of anniversary present making people because I just like putting them in funny, at least to me, situations.)
"Alright I got the mix. Go get the glue!"
"Alright, ok!"
*Very fast running but somehow not moving more than an inch sort of running.*

"Don't slip, don't-"
"Goddamn it Aerean! You got it all over the floor! Imma go help you!"
*Comes over in same fashion but slips as well.*

"[Homer Simpson clip] WOULD YOU TWO JUST SHUT UP?!"

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
(It's morning.

*Pops out of hole made by the creature that's outside the base, because was in ze mines.*
"Aw crap. Wait, I can just get back saying it's the morning so I decided to leave first. Or something."

*The dreaded time pass.*

At the beacon.
*Kyoko gets back while the other guy is just walking to the beacon.*
"Hey, uh..."

"What are you looking at? It's the morning. That's what I get for staying up."
*Uses the beacon and gets out of here.*

"...Uh... Okay?"
*Goes back to the base.*
"Well, everything seems to be about the same here."
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