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Sclerepugnant - Crimson themed Spazmatism for Crimson Worlds!

Is this a Good Suggestion?

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I kinda don't like the fact that the crimson themed scelerpugnant looks a lot more like retnitazer than spasmitism
otherwise its cool
When I read this I realized instead of changing spazmitism why don't we just make retinazer crimson themed?
so like does it shoot ichor lasers and start combining both cursed flames and minus 15 defense.
yeah now that i think about it the idea of being inflicted with ichor by a boss sounds awful.


I can tell someone will be confused about how this would work on the drunk seed, because that one has both corruption and crimson. HOWEVER, the seed also has a special thing where after each in game day it alternates which evil is the main one. This mainly determines what evil seed the dryad will sell in a graveyard, and what mimic is spawned with a key of night. This could also determine whether it is spazmatism or sclerepugnant spawns in the twins fight.
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