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*a guard was also confused, as they had taken 999 away from her* “uhhhhhhh, that’s a first. Has she ever been that happy before?”


Brain of Cthulhu
“we should have someone record the data. Since we’ve never used this on an SCP. This could fix the new one.”
(Correction: SCP-999 has been in many, many, MANY cross-tests. In fact, there was one where he managed to make SCP-682 (the Hard-to-Destroy Reptile) happy. So he has been used on an SCP before, numerous times.)


Torch God
*Clears throat*
"So uh...In order to equip a new glove, I need to die so I can go back to spawn and pick a new glove...And I can't seem to be able to reset in this place. So if I want to be more useful than being some kind of spy, I'm gonna have to find a way to get killed, without alerting the guards, preferably."


Wall of Flesh
Vaalden would just look at SB rather like Syttian did.
"*Definitely needs some kind of proper mental check.*"


Torch God
"Okay then, "
and so he explains the entirety of slap battles, which essentially boils down to 'have glove, hit people, get better glove, do tasks, get more gloves with cooler abillities, repeat.' Along with explaining some basic stuff like respawning.
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