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We've been receiving reports of crashes as well as other issues that weren't seen during our testing. Sending us a copy of your saved data helps us reproduce these issues and can help us pinpoint the differences that may be causing these issues. If you’re encountering issues please use the instructions below to send us your save data.

User Instructions:

1. Insert a formatted USB stick into any open USB port on your console. For each console, follow these instructions, where ‘save data’ means your Terraria saves:

2. Once your save data is copied to the USB drive, insert the drive into your PC. Take the ‘PS4’ folder and compress it using your favorite file compression program.

3. Go to your file (we encourage using a .zip file) Once it has successfully uploaded click “Share By Email” Enter [email protected] as the “TO” address.

4. One last thing before you hit “Send”. Please include your email address in the note field as well as an overview of the issue you’re encountering. This will allow us to tie it to specific bugs that are being reported through our bug support form. Please be as specific as you can, and also include your PSN name so we can match it up with any bugs that have been reported in other channels. We may reach out to you for additional details.
Will it work if it only affects one character? Because I have only noticed a few of these bugs with my main character.
[doublepost=1513875568,1513875529][/doublepost]Wait. Never mind. I understood.
If my issue is a world missing after the update, what would i send? Pre-update char, pre-update world?
Does this include the issue, (which I thought I had put significant testing into), where the world would just crash when you died, regardless of Whether your character/world was legacy or not?
When I was battling the Wall of Flesh the on Dec. 14(coincidentally the same day as the PS4 release) on my Xbox One, it just glitched our and it said it was slain even though I didn’t kill it. I got all the treasure and stuff. But the victory wasn’t satisfactory, the day after that. It worked completely fine.
Hi everyone, with @DragoFireheart and @ShpongledMind helping out, it's been discovered that if you have an ad blocker you may not be seeing the "Share by Email" button. Try removing your ad blocker, or use a browser that does not have one, and then send in your file. Here is a screenshot of what you should be seeing:

This is how my screen looks when I attempt to send them a file.

Then after I click on the "Share by Email" I get this:
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