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tModLoader Server Sided Characters

The save data is only synced to the server every few minutes and when they open their main menu and only if it has changed since the last sync.

I'll see if I can add checks for kick and disconnect too assuming the player's data isn't removed before the events are used.

Else I can change the sync to every second, but that shouldn't be the way to fix this.


I hope you can fix this because this is causing some issues such as my friend losing inventory items (e.g, they pick up items and it disappears from their inventory). Really need this mod :(
This mod only alters inventories on connect and not during normal play. If they are losing items, make sure no other mod is causing it first.



So was the save feature for the SSC increased too every second?

If not, is there a way to do this?

Sorry, not right now. I am unable to run tModLoader let alone vanilla Terraria to be able to update my mods.
This will have to wait until I find a way to deal with that first.



Have you found a way to deal with your issue of not being able to run terraria? Was looking to see if there was a fix for the fishing quests. People have been doing them, but they reset back to zero when they leave the server.


stupid cat

Ok, an update on the fishing bug.

SSC does not track fishing quest counts at all server-side. It's simply not a saved metric. If the "KeepCharacterData" config value is set to true, SSC sends the client the player's character file, which has a fishing count. If multiple SSC servers are played on with "KeepCharacterData" set to true, the client-sided character file's fishing count is used for all servers, as it's not tracked server-side and thus gets overwritten by the client-side file. Setting "KeepCharacterData" to false, however, means that the fishing count is reset to the client-side's file every time the player logs in. If it's a character that has only ever been on said server, the count gets reset to 0.

For example, there are two servers with SSC that I play on: one is on a remote server that I do not own, and own is hosted locally for testing. Both servers have "KeepCharacterData" set to true. On the test server, I used cheats to pass time, spawn items, etc. to complete 19 quests quickly. Then, I hopped onto the remote server, did a single quest, and got the fishing pants (20 quest reward). Then I switched back to the test server and completed 9 more quests, switched over to the remote server one last time, completed a quest, and got the golden rod (30 quest reward).


Update v1.0.1 Released
Hey excellent, looks like this one's still active. Hope it works with the newest tModLoader!

Edit: well maybe it saves the chars serverside, but considering a new character is starting with 0 tools, it's not very useful....the only other mods activated were calamity and thorium which I'd imagine this is supposed to work with.
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When a player is reset, I call the function to give the default inventory.
Think you could test this more just to make sure it's not some one off thing?


Hey is there a way to change default starting inventory? SSC works but the mod make character start without anything in the inventory...


Yeah, I experience the same problem with no inventory upon character start, using no other mods. Doesn't seem to be a one-off thing.
It's not a problem for mediumcore characters because after their first death, upon respawning, the game gives them the default inventory of a Copper Shortsword, Copper Axe and Copper Pickaxe. As a softcore character, however, nothing is lost or gained upon respawning, so acquiring starter tools becomes impossible.

Love your mods, by the way, Dark-Assassin. Thanks for your efforts.
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