PC SHARE YOUR MAP SEED [PC 1.3.4 & beyond]

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  1. Marthinus

    Marthinus Terrarian

    Seed; Painis (Crimson/Normal/Small)
    Spawn relatively close to some surface tungsten
    Dungeon to the left, jungle to the right.
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  2. ForumZap

    ForumZap Terrarian

    I'm really picky about getting that perfect world, and I'd like an Expert, Corruption or Crimson, Small/Medium world where the Evil is opposite to the Jungle. (If Possible, having an untainted Snow biome, some Pyramids, living trees, untainted Desert biome or untainted Ocean would be nice).
  3. Brewerdude2020

    Brewerdude2020 Terrarian

    large crimson expert
    free waterbolt
    dungeon on the right
    somewhat flat spawn area
  4. Marthinus

    Marthinus Terrarian

    how do you find the seed of a world you already created?
  5. Rubiksmaster02

    Rubiksmaster02 Skeletron Prime

    192837465 is a seed with majorly huge mountains 3 crimson "fingers" areas if you are really good at the game but cant find any hard maps this one is extremely hard to survive in
  6. CinamonPizza

    CinamonPizza Retinazer

    Hnggn;lads More seeds for more playthroughs

    [Medium, Normal, Crimson,]
    [Seed: HipH0pL0fi]

    Seed Has:
    • Two Pyramids on the left side of the world
    • A weird :red: living tree on the left side of the world
    • A pink dungeon with both the hallowed chest relatively close to the entrance and a Sparky painting
    • Two beehives decently close to each other
    • Random Underwater chest on the surface jungle
    • A one-sided Crimson
    • Probably a whole lot more that im not aware of
  7. The1024GB

    The1024GB Terrarian

    Very amazing seed i just generated :red2:

    Seed: 1211188813
    (Large, Expert, Corruption)

    World includes:
    1. 5(maybe more) Giant Trees(4 of them have underground room, and they're very close; in one of them 4 demon altars lower underground room)
    2. Jungle and Ice biome very close to spawn
    3. Have Transition between Underground Jungle and Underground Ice biomes
    4. Fully clean Ice, Desert, Jungle Biome and Oceans(no corruption)
    5. Corruption far from spawn and only on right side
    6. Desert Biome have a Pyramid with Menacing Flying Carpet
    7. A gray dungeon
    8. And a lot more things, that i wasn't found
    Screenshots: IMGUR
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  8. Nariofan101

    Nariofan101 Terrarian

    There are lots of seeds where the spawn is flat, but can someone find a seed where the spawn is not? I remember a while ago having a world where the spawn was a canyon that was difficult to escape, and I want to see some of that again.
  9. i made a world for killing the dungeon guardian and i found a sky island close to spawn, head 30 to 50 blocks to the right of spawn and go up
    Seed: MysticMegaCharizardY
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  10. Ethereal Leek

    Ethereal Leek Terrarian

    Not sure if it's of any great interest, but here's mine:

    Terraria v1.3.5.2

    915231579 - Large world - Crimson - 1 Pyramid - Dungeon on left side

    It's an almost totally flat spawn with a lot of large trees, easily netting you 500 wood and a large house before nightfall.

    The cool thing about this world is that the dungeon has two "Trio Super Heroes" paintings (1/1000 spawn rate I think), as well as one "Impact" painting, which is also quite rare (1/120-something). Both paintings are 6x4 (large), so they look quite nice.

    I did have Calamity mod active when I generated the world, but I'm not sure if this will invalidate the seed for anyone not using the mod.

    Edit: http://prntscr.com/ftfxh5

    Edit: Just looked on the wiki and found that as of version 1.3.5, "rare" paintings have likely become more common.
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  11. Crysyn

    Crysyn Terrarian

    Not the world I was looking for but others might find it interesting

    Terraria: v1.3.5.3
    Seed: 1355039842
    World Size: Large

    4 Crimsons, 1 to the left 3 to the right which have their chambers connected (you will have to widen the gaps between the last two to fit through them though)
    Pyramid w/ flying carpet to the right
    Very close Jungle biome to the right
    2-3 'small' living wood trees, 2 large ones, one to the left with a chamber
    Very low sky lake island right over the start of the jungle (can see a waterfall just walking to the right)
    1 enchanted sword chamber, was a fake for me if that matters

    Did not look any further than that as I am hunting biome layouts.
  12. Crysyn

    Crysyn Terrarian

    My current world, very interesting and proving hard to top

    Terraria: v1.3.5.3
    Seed: 1486978588
    World Size: Large
    Difficulty: Expert
    Evil: Crimson

    2 Sword Shrines, both gave me an Enchanted Sword - Left Shaft is in a small circular pocket after second Crimson. Right shaft is after a the dungeon to the right of the first large pool of water.

    Spawn Notes - Fairly flat with some small pockets/tunnels between two Living Wood Trees. Left side tree has a Chamber. Ice Biome is close by and a Helevator at spawn will go through it underground. Living Wood Tree on the Left has 2 Altars by it for convenient crafting.

    Desert Biome Notes - Underground Desert is to the Right and also has a Pyramid in it. To the Left are two more Pyramids with the Farthest being in the Ocean's Beach. I have not yet explored the Underground Dessert and cannot comment on its contents. One Desert to the Left is Corrupted for Red Sand. Down side is all 3 pyramids are Pharaoh Outfits.

    Crimson Biome Notes - 4 Instances all to the Left. 4 Crimsons only to the Left. 3rd and 4th are on top of each other and contain a large number of altars. Large pool of water at the start of the First biome. You can stand in the Crimson and get the Biome effect while fishing.

    Sky Island Notes - 6 total, 3 Lakes + 3 Lands - 2 Lands and 2 Lakes to the Right. 1 of each to the Left. I believe I found one of each item but will confirm this.

    Ice Biome Notes - Its fairly large, clean of Crimson and Immediately after the Living Wood Tree to the Right at Spawn. There is a large fishable lake right at its start . Also contains a very expansive underground I hunted through for Blizzards and came up with just under 30 Ice Chests so far.

    Jungle Notes
    - On the Left between the First and Second Crimson Hills. I have not explored the underground pretty much at all as of yet.... I hate the jungle :D .. The surface however has a large but shallow lake perfect for a little fishing hut.

    Dungeon Notes
    - Pink and is fairly large on the Right side of the map. I feel like I have only been through about a 2/3rds of it however. Some open chambers but also just some long winding corridors.

    Hell Notes
    - I was surprised at the lack of buildings down there and my Helevator at spawn dropped me into Lava. Numerous Shadow chests immediately to the Left. Was able to set up a Wall of Flesh rail about 3000 blocks with out too much digging.

    Hard Mode Notes ** -When you go to Hard Mode the stripe is a bit random but because of all the crimson on the left and the jungle, if that stripe is Hallow it is very small and minimal surface Hallow... This is what lead me to get the seed and regenerate the world in hopes of getting Hallow on the Right.
  13. WingedOracle

    WingedOracle Eye of Cthulhu

    Seed: 1270213868
    Small, Normal, Crimson.

    While traveling a world with the seed, along with looking at it via TEdit, here are the features that I find to be remarkable:
    • Three Pyramids (And it's a small world, what the :red:?)
    • Water Chest somewhat near spawning area
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  14. Crysyn

    Crysyn Terrarian

    This world is actually quite amazing.. The dungeon is raised way above the surrounding ground level and has an easily accessible Water Bolt. I have seen a Sword Shrine near by. The jungle is thankfully not covered in water (might just be me who keeps finding jungles with water all over them). Living Wood Trees w/ Room... A very nice seed all crammed into a Small World.
  15. Toshio

    Toshio Terrarian

    Seed: 54343143142
    Small, Normal, Crimson
    I typed some random numbers, made this weird :red: world.

    - A grassy dungeon entrance
    - Dungeon goes diagonally downwards for a very long time
    - Dungeon almost extends to hell
    - A random Living Rich Mahogany Tree in the underground snow biome (bottom right)
    - Random patches of sand
    - Left side jungle, spawned near Crimson
    - 2 Lihzahrd chests outside of door to temple
    - A very bad Lihzahrd altar placement
    - Granite biome that extends to hell

    i probably missed some things but ohwell
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  16. Turjan

    Turjan Terrarian

    Wow, that one is weird. That shrub wall in the dungeon entrance goes down slightly below zero altitude. There's dungeon brick wall behind the bricks though. There are five entrances to the shaft down to -222 feet. That Living Mahogany (with ivy chest) in the underground snow biome is on the other side of the map from the jungle. Something got confused.

    The fused Crimson is a nice touch, even if the placement between ocean and jungle is a bit bad. I like the many spacious caverns.
  17. WingedOracle

    WingedOracle Eye of Cthulhu

    Seed: 19972094
    Small, Normal, Corruption.

    Features observed on TEdit include:

    • Living Mahogany Tree present in the Underground Snow Biome
    • Two Granite Biomes pretty close to the surface
    • Chest on the surface level, in the Dungeon
    • Underground Cabin close to spawn point
  18. Mike Alfers

    Mike Alfers Terrarian

    Can someone give me a good world seed with a very big living tree? I love tree houses but i never found a living tree big enough for me. :(
  19. MBCollector672

    MBCollector672 Terrarian

    Seed: 1036394715
    Large, Expert (important believe it or not), Corruption.

    Found two weird things in this world: Near the dungeon, two enchanted sword shrines spawn on top of each other.
    Also, the corruption looks stupid.
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  20. Ultragamer564

    Ultragamer564 Terrarian

    Here's a weird seed.

    Seed: Tremor
    Small World
    Normal Mode

    It includes a snow biome spawn area, which is honestly really cool.
    I was trying to play with the Tremor mod, and I decided to use the name of the mod as the seed. It's honestly really cool.