PC SHARE YOUR MAP SEED [PC 1.3.4 & beyond]

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  1. TheKruk666

    TheKruk666 Steampunker

    I love new world seed feature. And I want to know all your awesome seeds. Can you share it with a little description? (size and the reason are they cool) Maybe there is something unusual in them? I think this would be nice for people who want to start new game on an amazing and proven map :D

    [Moderator edit - The thread title has been changed to cover all versions beginning with 1.3.4, when the experimental seed feature was introduced.

    Each new official version of Terraria (including hotfixes) will change the world generation to some degree. Therefore, please indicate which version of Terraria that was used to generate your posted seeds.

    Modded Terraria may greatly affect world generation (especially mods like TerraCustom that directly change the world-gen process), and the seeds generated by modded Terraria may well not result in any reproducible results.]
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  2. ManaUser

    ManaUser Brain of Cthulhu

    Alright, here's one.

    251442365 Large Crimson Normal*

    Has an unusually large jungle that goes all the way to the eastern ocean.

    *Leinfors said you also need to keep track of evil type and dificulty. Makes sense that the evil choice matters, I'm a little skeptical that it matters whether the world is expert or not, but I'm including it anyway.

    Oh, and here's a link the the post about the seed feature, in case people don't know how to turn it on.
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  3. Auranim

    Auranim Terrarian

    875611108 (Large, Expert, Corruption)

    Has three Living Trees in relative proximity to each other by the spawn point, which is exactly what I'm looking for.

    If anyone finds any (prefferably small or medium) worlds with at least 2 Living Trees next to each other, please let me know.
  4. Parpul

    Parpul Terrarian

    unfortunately a small world in normal

    also unfortunately the seed is weird.

    here's the seed

    i wnt a bner

    exactly what you see in the spoiler.

    has two water bolts above 0. tested twice and always in the same spots.

    one water bolt doesn't even require you to walk into the dungeon

    regarding the... name of the seed

    i needed to get bones, so i made a new world and went to the dungeon. that's about it.


    oh right, forgot to mention

    the dungeon is to the right of the world

    you'll pass a snow biome on the way

    if world is corruption, you'll also pass the corruption after the snow biome

    if world is crimson, you won't see it at all.
  5. ManaUser

    ManaUser Brain of Cthulhu

    936616411 (medium, expert-mode, corruption)

    Posted as a bug report by @MClark

    You start on a sky lake. 'Nuff said.
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  6. Tunnel King

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  7. rubeszilla

    rubeszilla Terrarian

    Still experimenting but...

    ..courtesy of Pedguin for a MASSIVE above ground pyramid:
    large: 1414650378

    Tripping out on world seeds hehehe..
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  8. tallsloguy

    tallsloguy Terrarian

    Chippygaming raced python to see who could beat eater of worlds first. Used same seed map. Was a pretty cool idea.

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  9. LuminaryEm

    LuminaryEm Steampunker

    Here is an amazing seed
    seed: Peetaco, Medium world, Normal Mode, Corruption

    Reason, A really HUGE Dungeon [​IMG]
  10. rubeszilla

    rubeszilla Terrarian

    Ever wanted to spawn in the jungle? No? Me either...

    small/corruption/expert: sydney
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  11. tallsloguy

    tallsloguy Terrarian

    Actually, when I do a teleport play (50 torches 50 platforms and a teleport potion) I like spawning in the underground jungle. Preferably near lava. If you play safely you can get some powerful weapons (amazon, thorn chakram, ect ) and the jungle armour.
  12. rubeszilla

    rubeszilla Terrarian

    Yeah, it's doable.

    I think the seed gen is a lot more glitchy than the usual world gen. So far we have seen some radical world gen. In the 2000 hours I've played I've never spawned in the jungle until now. They might want to change the algorithms for seeding.

    In the meantime it is giving us some good opportunities - like a jungle spawn if you want it :)
  13. Unftf

    Unftf Terrarian

    Someone got a world with copper, iron,silver, gold, cobalt, mythril, adamite??
    if I use copperironsilvergold (small corup expert) as a seed I only get a gold chest near spawn
  14. Parpul

    Parpul Terrarian

    i decided to explore the world and found the following

    the corruption spawns after the dungeon

    there is an easy to reach enchanted sword shrine

    there is no free waterbolt above 0"

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  15. rubeszilla

    rubeszilla Terrarian

    If you want an easy Arkhalis. Head right, past the goofy pink dungeon, you'll see an exposed cave with Arkhalis within.

    small/expert/corruption: 584101758

    Both the dungeon and Arkhlais cave are a bit weird in worldgen. Bug report.
  16. Unftf

    Unftf Terrarian

    only got an enchanted sword :(
    The only one? You would be safe for getting a corrupted world

    checked it, It only has a corrupted part between dungeon and ocean.
    And it has a water bolt! (last book you can get :) )
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  17. Ambitions

    Ambitions Skeletron Prime

    If I'm correct, which I'm probably not considering my very limited knowledge of Terraria and RNG, whether or not you get an Arkhalis to drop isn't based on the seed, but rather just whatever the game feels like doing at the time.
  18. Kazzymodus

    Kazzymodus Lunatic Cultist

    You are correct. Whether or not an Enchanted Sword/Arkhalis drops is determined on breaking the shrine. Shrines are not flagged to drop anything on World Gen, so the seed doesn't influence it.
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  19. rubeszilla

    rubeszilla Terrarian

    Aha. I see. Well at least you are guaranteed one or the other as the shrine is not a fake one.
  20. ManaUser

    ManaUser Brain of Cthulhu

    Here's one with a few little oddities:
    652395005 (Small, Crimson, Expert)

    Most notably, the world's most evil trap can be found near the surface in the ice caves west of spawn. (Not going to spoil it.)

    Also worth a mention:
    Pyramid right by the eastern sea, never seen that before. Sadly it suffers the Pharaoh's Curse.

    The Crimson Cavern nearest the dungeon collides with it (as well as some ice caves). As a result you can could bomb your way into the dungeon if you wanted... Of course you'd still get the Dungeon Guardian on your case, so it's no practical value. I guess there's a painting you could swipe if you're fast.
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