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    icon.png The Terraria Seed Project, your seed search engine.
    This mod allows you to search for a world with specific properties you are looking for. You want 5 Pyramids or no evil biome in jungle? With this mod you can have both of it and many more. The seeds you found can be used in vanilla Terraria as well. So you can play and share those with everyone.

    (375051857 medium expert random(corruption))

    Besides that you can also search for many more rare conditions. Some examples:
    A dungeon in snow biome: 1337358905_small_expert.png (1337358905, small, expert, random)
    Or below ground?: 652015549_small_expert.png (652015549, small, expert, random)
    You want to spawn on top of a cloud?: 400484363_small_expert.png (400484363, small, expert, random)
    In Snow biome? In Jungle? or in both?: 84037316_small_expert.png (84037316, small, expert, random)
    A Enchanted Sword near Spawn: 1168568809_small_expert.png (1168568809, small, expert, random)

    If I got your interest you might know more about it. This mod splits world generation in 3 phases. After each phase it checks if the world fulfills the conditions you set up. If not it just skips the other world generation steps and continue searching with next seed. So if you search for very rare stuff it might take some time until it found a seed which fulfills your conditions. It can search over 100 seeds in each minute.
    Depending on phase you can insert different options you want. You can also store the configuration you made for later usage.

    To enter the modified world generation: start you world name or seed with "?", e.g. ?MyWorld or just write ? there.
    Default settings always allow the generation of worlds with rare content. You can disable this at "Omit All" at omit rare section).
    (it may not work together with UI changing mod's like WorldGen Previewer or Overhaul)

    How it look like:
    20180511142206_1.jpg 20180511142447_1.jpg 20180511142347_1.jpg

    If this is your first mod:
    You need to download the t-mod-loader. This is needed for nearly any Terraria mod. Here some info page: (download section)

    1. Phase is generated early in world gen. With this you can do a quick filter like which ores you want to have or which moon type. As some funny fact the chance to get something very rare named Pyramid is determined in early World Generation. You can't say how many you actually get in later world gen but how many will not get. With this (if you search for many pyramids) you can skip many seeds and save time. The intentional purpose of this mod was to find a map with many pyramids
    2. Phase is in mid of world generation. Not all generated yet but many important. Here you can check how many Pyramids you actually have, Living Trees, Floating Islands. The location of the Dungeon, its color, if dungeon items missing, if you can get a Water Bolt or a Golden Chest before defeating Skeletron. If evil biome is located in Jungle or Snow biome, how the beach looks and many more.
    3. Phase is at the end of world generation. All is created now. Here you can look for Jungle chest items, Enchanted sword (shrines), how many traps, paintings, statues. How far away from spawn is the Temple, Dungeon, Hermes Boots, Tree, Cloud, Pyramid and more.
    In phase 2 and 3 you can insert a combination of positive conditions. E.g. You want at least 2 Pyramids and a Living Tree and 3 Clouds and Flower Boots but you are also ok if the map has 3 Pyramids and at least 2 Clouds. So you can search for more than one at the same time.
    But even a world with 2 Pyramids isn't that nice if the Jungle and an evil biome completely overlap. For this Phase 2 and 3 also have a negative list. If any aspects of that list is true the seed won't pass to the next phase. Only exception is if it fulfills multiple positive lists you made. More details at ingame description.

    As some special features it can also compute a penalty for the world beaches. It his high if the beach has some gaps in ground or a high straight cliff.
    Furthermore it also computes a total score of a map. It tries to be objective and counts rare circumstances. Neither mathematical correct nor always true but the chance you get a nice map is higher with a high score.

    This mod does not change world generation itself (at least it should not). In most cases vanilla Terraria can generate the same map with the same seed as in this mod or at least very similar. It might not work sometimes because the current vanilla version has a bugged world generation. This mod did not fixed that bug. One seed can lead to slightly different maps in vanilla Terraria and so also in the modded version. Most affected by this are Enchanted Sword (Shrines), Giant Trees in Jungle UG and minecart tracks (which can destroy other stuff). Also the dungeon has sometimes an alternative form. If you want to publish a seed somewhere you doing best if you try to generate the seed with vanilla version first and check if equal. If first trial isn't equal generated a 2nd in vanilla, before doing anything else. Most times the map is stable or cycles in between 2 variations. Another vanilla bug is that the world gen can freeze and if you create smaller world after a larger floating islands have a very high chance to miss their chest houses.

    Thanks t-mod team for doing that nice mod loader especially jopojelly answered many questions. Credits to him for text input field and reflection code which replaced my vanilla code usage. If you don't care that vanilla can't generate the same world try his tool TerraCustom.
    To use this seed search mod you need to download the t-mod-loader, here some info page: (download section)

    If you found some bugs, have some ideas for new features, want to help coding or found some nice seeds do not hesitate writing here. This mod can work with other mods active but they can also break it if they change world generations (e.g. world previewer does not work). It won't score not-vanilla content.
    Here also some other place for nice seeds:

    There are over 25 billion possible maps in vanilla Terraria (with bugs mentioned above even more :) ), difficulty and evil biome don't change that much. If we omit this there are still over 6 billion or 2 billion for each world size (2^31=2147483648 to be correct). Alone you can't search them all. But together we can do this! I found small worlds with 4 pyramids, medium with 5 and large with 6. Can you find more? Or some other rare structures? Does a all item map exists? (ok, lets omit all pictures :)). If you plan to do some bigger search (1 million seeds+) I can insert you in a list below this post if you want, so others don't need to search there anymore.

    Good luck in finding the seed of your dreams!

    (list below outdated, more added)

    Phase 1:
    • Ores
    • Moon style
    • Pyramids possible
      It means how many pyramids this seed is able to have in later part of world gen. World gen set up some pyramid spots in early world gen. In later world gen each of those spots may become a pyramid. So if the world has only 3 possible spots at start there is no chance to get a world with 4 pyramids. You can only get a world with 0,1,2 or 3 pyramids. If you select 4 here it skips all world seeds which can only have 3 or less pyramids.
    • Evil biome side after entering hardmode (jungle side or not)
    • dungeon wall color
    • left or right. Be careful setting this together with dungeon color and hardmode evil spread side. In current version hardmode evil spread is always at the left side on worlds with blue dungeons and always to the right on worlds with pink dungeon

    Phase 2:
    • Number of Pyramids
    • Number of Clouds
    • Number of Living Trees
    • Pyramid Bottle
    • Pyramid Carpet
    • Pyramid Mask
    • Max open air pyramid surface
    • Max pyramid height
    • Max pyramid tunnel height
    • Max pyramid total height
    • Max pyr. exit cav.-entr. distance
    • Ocean Pyramid
    • Tree Chest
    • Tree Chest Loom
    • Max Living Tree Size
    • Min Living Tree Size
    • Max Living Tree root Size
    • Max Living Tree total Size
    • Max Tree exit cav.-entr. distance
    • Trees near mid
    • Tree chests near mid
    • Tree to cavern layer near mid
    • Tree close to cavern layer
    • Tree close to cavern layer near mid
    • Lake near mid (guess)
    • Dungeon has good Pos
    • Dungeon has strange Pos
    • Dungeon in Snow Biome
    • Dungeon tiles above surface
    • Pre Skeletron Dungeon Chest Risky
    • Pre Skeletron Dungeon Chest Grab
    • Pre Skeletron Dungeon Chest Any
    • Pre Skeletron Muramasa Chest reachable
    • Pre Skeletron Cobalt Shield Chest reachable
    • Pre Skeletron Shadow Key Chest reachable
    • Pre Skeletron Golden Key Grab
    • Pre Skeletron Golden Key Risky
    • Pre Skeletron Golden Key Any
    • Water Bolt before Skeletron
    • Water Bolt
    • Muramasa
    • Cobalt Shield
    • Valor
    • Bone Welder
    • Alchemy Table
    • Dungeon Wall count
    • All Dungeon Walls
    • Dungeon farm spot
    • Dungeon farm spot 3Wall inters.
    • Dungeon farm spot 3Wall in line
    • All Dungeon Items
    • Beach penalty mean
    • Beach penalty max
    • Nearest Evil left Ocean
    • Nearest Evil right Ocean
    • Evil only one side
    • Evil Tiles for Jungle Grass
    • Evil Tiles for Sand
    • Evil Tiles for Ice
    • No Ocean
    • Snow biome surface overlap mid
    • Jungle biome surface overlap mid
    • Jungle biome distance to mid
    • Ice surface evil
    • Ice surface more than half evil
    • Distance Tree to mid
    • Distance Tree Chest to mid
    • Distance Cloud to mid
    • Distance Pyramid to mid
    • Distance Dungeon to mid
    • Distance ShadowOrb/Heart to mid
    • Distance Lake to mid (guess)
    • Has evil Ocean
    • Has evil Dungeon Ocean
    • Has evil Jungle Ocean
    • Surface average height (aprox.)
    • Surface max-min height
    • Surface height (sqrt) variance
    • Underground layer height
    Phase 3:
    • Enchanted Sword Shrine
    • Enchanted Sword
    • Near Enchanted Sword
    • Enchanted Sword near Pyramid or Tree
    • Very Near Enchanted Sword
    • Near Sunflower
    • Near Altar
    • Near Spider Web count
    • Near Mushroom Biome count
    • Near Chest
    • Near Tree
    • Near Tree Chest
    • Near Cloud
    • Cloud Chest
    • Cloud Ballon
    • Cloud Starfury
    • Cloud Horseshoe
    • Cloud Sky Mill
    • All Cloud Items
    • High Hive
    • Sharpening Station
    • Flower Boots
    • Staff of Regrowth
    • Anklet of the Wind
    • Feral Claws
    • Fiberglass Fishing Pole
    • Seaweed Pet
    • Living Mahogany Wand
    • Honey Dispenser
    • Flurry Boots
    • Blizzard in a Bottle
    • Ice Machine
    • Snowball Cannon
    • Ice Boomerang
    • Ice Blade
    • Ice Skates
    • Fish Pet
    • Ice Mirror
    • Magic Mirror
    • Band of Regeneration
    • Shoe Spikes
    • Lava Charm
    • Water Walking Boots
    • All chest items you can't craft or fish
    • Aglet
    • Dart Trap
    • Super Dart Trap
    • Flame Trap
    • Spiky Ball Trap
    • Spear Trap
    • Geyser
    • Detonator
    • Detonator at surface
    • Dungeon Distance
    • Ground Distance
    • Rock Distance
    • Meteorite Bar unlocked
    • Number different Paintings
    • Number Paintings
    • Different functional noncraf. Statues
    • Number functional noncraf. Statues
    • Different noncraf. Statues
    • Number noncraf. Statues
    • Floating Island without chest
    • Temple Distance
    • Temple Tile horizontal distance
    • Temple Tile vertical distance
    • neg. Temple Distance
    • neg. Temple Tile horizontal distance
    • neg. Temple horizontal distance
    • neg. Temple Tile vertical distance
    • Hermes Flurry Boots Distance
    • Nearest Teleportation Potion count
    • Free ShadowOrb/Heart
    • Free cavern to mid Jungle
    • Free cavern to deep Jungle
    • Jungle cavern not blocked by structure
    • Open Temple
    • Mushroom Biome above surface count
    • Pathlength to Temple Door
    • Pathlength to Boots
    • Pathlength to Iron/Lead Bar
    • Pathlength to 10 Iron/Lead Bar Chest
    • Pathlength to Gold/Platinum Bar
    • Pathlength to Bomb
    • Pathlength to Dynamite
    • Pathlength to Teleport Potion
    • Pathlength to 2 Teleport Potion Chest
    • Pathlength to Meteorite Bar
    • Pathlength to Enchanted Sword
    • Pathlength to Bee Hive
    • Pathlength to Boomstick
    • Pathlength to Slime Staute
    • Pathlength to Shark Staute
    • Pathlength to Anvil
    • Pathlength to Ruby
    • Pathlength to Cloud in a Bottle
    • Pathlength to Extractinator
    • Pathlength to Detonator
    • Pathlength to 2 Herb Bag Chest
    • Pathlength to Magic/Ice Mirror
    • Pathlength to Chest
    • Pathlength to Tree Chest
    • Pathlength to free ShadowOrb/Heart
    • Pathlength into cavern layer
    • Pathlength into 40% cavern layer
    • Pathlength to 40% cavern entrance
    • Tiles to mine for 40% cavern
    • Pathlength to cavern entrance to mid of Jungle
    • Tiles to mine for mid Jungle cavern
    • Pathlength to cavern entrance to deep Jungle
    • Tiles to mine for deep Jungle cavern
    • Pathlength to Temple Door
    • neg. Pathlength to Boots
    • neg. Pathlength to Iron/Lead Bar
    • neg. Pathlength to 10 Iron/Lead Bar Chest
    • neg. Pathlength to Teleport Potion
    • neg. Pathlength to 2 Teleport Potion Chest
    • neg. Pathlength to Meteorite Bar
    • neg. Pathlength to Enchanted Sword
    • neg. Pathlength to Bee Hive
    • neg. Pathlength to Boomstick
    • neg. Pathlength to Slime Staute
    • neg. Pathlength to Shark Staute
    • neg. Pathlength to Anvil
    • neg. Pathlength to Ruby
    • neg. Pathlength to Cloud in a Bottle
    • neg. Pathlength to 2 Herb Bag Chest
    • neg. Pathlength to Extractinator
    • neg. Pathlength to Detonator
    • neg. Pathlength to 2 Herb Bag Chest
    • neg. Pathlength to Magic/Ice Mirror
    • neg. Pathlength to Chest
    • neg. Pathlength to Tree Chest
    • neg. Pathlength to free ShadowOrb/Heart
    • neg. Pathlength into cavern layer
    • neg. Pathlength into 40% cavern layer
    • neg. Pathlength to 40% cavern entrance
    • neg. Tiles to mine for 40% cavern
    • neg. Pathlength to cavern entrance to mid of Jungle
    • neg. Tiles to mine for mid Jungle cavern
    • neg. Pathlength to cavern entrance to deep Jungle
    • neg. iles to mine for deep Jungle cavern
    • neg. Pathlength to Temple Door
    • Temple Distance
    • Temple horizontal distance
    • Temple at player side of jungle (%)
    • Temple at ocean side of jungle (%)
    • Temple at height (%)
    • Temple at depth (%)
    • Nearest Altar Dungeon beach
    • Nearest Altar Jungle beach
    • Spawn in Snow biome
    • Spawn in Jungle biome
    • Spawn in Snow biome
    • Spawn in Sky
    • Spawn in Evil biome
    • Wooden Chest
    • Wooden Chest Dungeon
    • Gold Chest
    • Gold Chest locked
    • Ice Chest
    • Ivy Chest
    • Water Chest
    • Skyware Chest
    • Web Covered Chest
    • Shadow Chest
    • Lihzahrd Chest
    • Living Wood Chest
    • Spawn in Marble or Granite biome
    • Mushroom Biome above surface
    • All Paintings
    • Score
    • If added to positive list this positive list will increase the phase points by the selected amount if all other conditions in that positive list are true (or if zero in there). Can be used e.g. if you phase only has some conditions in negative part, lets say 10. If you add this with value of e.g. 7 to positive list means that out of those 10 negative 6 can be true (7-6=1 => next phase)
    • Can be used if you have e.g. multiple positive lists, lets say 6. If you add this to negative list with value of e.g. 4 then a world need fulfill at least 5 positive lists (5-4=1 => next phase)
    • -Tool- Condition Connector
    • -Tool- Condition Connector 1(to 5) is false
    • -Tool- below reduce by

    • map info items miss their icons, #reason unkown, #still the case? #yes, can happen if you minimize the game
    • "use experimental features" needed else "?" dont lead to mod seed search UI #COULD NOT REPRODUCE, can you? "?" did not work together with overhaul mod, did some fix but some have still problems with. Afaik overhaul does not generate anything in world gen. So disable it, search world, enable it again and play
    • 1897555183, small expert not open temple

    fixed in last update:
    • with calamaty index out of range in analyse can happen
    • combined with calamaty mod: dup chest, quick dungeon item chest for missing/delted chest, todo check if tile a chest pos is active or something like that # does it work without 2nd check up?
    • out of memory [email protected], if you still have start Terraria with -x64 flag
    • fixed: print minimap image wont work at linux/mac
    • fixed: option print minimap image alway in stage 3 only works without info
    • fixed: negative phase points in phase 3 generate world again
    • fixed *hope so*: cant change starting seed anymore

    Bugs from vanilla Terraria which effect this mod as well:
    • one seed can lead to different worlds
    • world gen freeze
    • if small world generated after larger the floating islands miss their chest houses in most cases - rare minecart track clos spawn + pathlength to mct, bugfix: spawn hight in phase 2 - much better pyramid prediction, close marble biome, bugfix, spawn height pred - shadow chest in normal item is now more common rare, some fix with statue count for normal worlds - some more fixes (wwb sw fish), rare: frozen pyramid, neg. jungle/snow distance - hotfix: renamed option, old version support - some more hover, option icon for last stats, path to lava charm, pets, wwb, 2nd tp if more close, some bug - help, hover text, granite/marble spawn, random value booster, random inverse - fix again, Temple tile horizontal distance, renamed Temple distance to Temple door distance - fix again, + Mushroom Biome above surface count - only quick fix a error in last, +Detonator icon at map image - 3 new rares: Ocean/Green Pyramid and Surface Detonator, new way to omit them, chest type count, cavern layer trees, you start with omit all now, Fixed: some missing chest only items - added: Near tree Chest, Temple Tile hor/ver distance, cavern layer pathlength bugfix: for no temple door - closed update, to increase overhaul compatibility. For some it still don't work - added: magic mirror, extractinator; fixed: mod compatibility bug - added: near lake to mid, pathl to cloudbottle, 10ironChest, herb bag, 2TP, some bugfix - added pathlenght to chest - bugfix: too short name - bugfix: no cloudssave, check existing world: enter worldname.wld as world name and "?" in seed (early beta) - bugfix:dynamite not in list, added heart crystal pathlength, some score tweaks - tree, pyramid size, dynamite, grav, noIcon, UgDungTree, ruby, Ug height - new internal structure, speedup, transparency icons, spawn J/S/E,.. - bugfix supp old conf - bugfix 2->3 miss, step size - some more speedrun options like pre skel gold key/reachable Muramasa,.. - bugfix: memory usage linux, sunflower detection, speedrun/flat +profile, speedrun options: neg. path, slime/shark statue, anvil - bugfix: memory usage linux, edit: still dont work - added: average surface height and sqrt variance, altar-search for beach houses, surface altar at minimap, dungeon farm spot detection with all 3 wall types close by (shown on minimap) - bug fix: normal world gen didn't work anymore - bug fixes (last seed display, minimap icon color), 2nd type of doub chest - bug fixes, added more path finding, search dummies, allow to save score for each stored seed, more map icon, predict hardmode evil biome spread - bug fixes, added path finding, exposed orb, sunflower - bug fix, crimnson -> crimson thanks @Eggmasstree - add the option to store a mini map image - icon to mod browser - fixed: if you found a world without storing a config first games crashed (no folder existed to save to, sorry for lost seeds!) - shorten description to fit limited mod browser space

    • (empty, ideas?)
    • seed start with string ( --> after 1.3.6 update, so each string generate same world on all system)
    • improve pathfinding time for large world
    • speedrun score points, check all done? score large tree, pyramid
    • close life crystals
    • add rare green pyramid, fix not working pyramid stats for that case
    • tool dummy reduce points if any of negative true
    • rename temple (horiz.) distance to Temple door distance (next major update, because it may break some configs)
    • rename Pyramids possible to Pyramids spots possible >= (next major update, bimbsc)

    maybe, maybe not:
    • 2nd surface level iteration to come closer, use existing height, instead of straight. Smooth it and do differential for hill detection, dist to mid, ocean
    • highest surface cliff (no smothing? (3) at average surface? while top while down?)(only in x range of 1? ,5 ,10?)
    • change name of pyramid chance in phase 1 to be more clear what it does
    • pre skeltron dungeon entrance (time intensive!?)
    • add 1 point if no positive but negative list added (only if not take over from phase 2)

    should not be possible:
    • check if plantera bulbs spawn at predefined position (checked: has some conditions but still many points possible)
    • avoid freezing world gen (vanilla also freeze) -> wait for vanilla fixes
    Done in last updates (only wip list):
    • done: Magic Mirror
    • done: Extractinator
    • done: add ore information to stats
    • done: check for water near spawn
    • done: tree in dungeon
    • done: gravity potion
    • done: dynamite
    • done: high tree, pyramid
    • done: excluded unwished icons option
    • done: nearest ruby
    • done: remove dungeon from pathfinding
    • done: higher snowtiles value, too small for large
    • done: snow/evil/jungle distance start less than 100
    • done: add spawn in jungle/snow/evil to normal search
    • done: metroite pathlength
    • done: golden key (risky + grab) + chest any
    • before v0.3
    • (done beta) is temple in the way of the jungle path
    • (done beta) Distance from spawn to jungle entry
    • (done beta) Distance from spawn to nearest cavern
    • done: dummy
    • done: size,evil,diff in name
    • done: chest marker
    • done: path length part of score
    • done: add option to store seed information file (like picture but with numbers)
    • done: reduce path length mining cost
    • done: more than one icon per chest
    • done: boomstick distance
    • done: predict if hardmode evil biome spread will be on jungel side
    • done: distance from spawn to nearest TP pots
    • done: path distance to temple door
    • done: sunflower near spawn
    • done: nearest bee hive.
    • done: Exposed orbs
    -in current version path analyzing in step 3 for large worlds take some time and a lot of mermory. I suggest you searching for small/normal worlds or don't use step 3 stuff for large worlds.

    Due to request I made some
    There you can share your seeds, ask questions about the mod, do some feature request or just do some common seed talking.

    Server is still under construction.
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  2. Unftf

    Unftf Terrarian

    seeds already searched for 4 pyramids or more
    small, expert:
    • 0-2,400,000
    • 100,000,000-101,500,000
    • 200,000,000-202,000,000
    • 300,000,000-300,600,000
    • 400,000,000-400,600,000
    • 500,000,000-500,500,000
    • 133,700,000-133,800,000
    • 1,337,000,000-1,338,000,000
    large, expert, chance for 9 pyramids, searched for 6 or more:
    • 0-420,000
    • 100,000,000-100,420,000
    • 200,000,000-200,420,000
    • 300,000,000-300,420,000
    • 400,000,000-400,420,000
    @Plaxorite :
    normal, expert, crimson (limited to some ores, and moon color)
    • 0-2,000,000

    so best chances to find something awesome is to search at different seed numbers



    • 'Pyramids spots possible' is much more accurate now. No need to go much higher as wished pyramid count.
    • 'pred. Pyramid count': adds some additional world gen cycle to predict the pyramid count even better.
    • 'pred. spawn height min/max' number of blocks until underground layer start
    • 'underground layer height min/max' if you like high or small underground layers
    • phase 1 should be about 20% faster now for some cases
    • 'Underground Distance to spawn (guess)' same as phase 1 but a little better
    • some conditions to spot marble and granite biomes close to spawn: MarbleGranite at surf dist. to mid, Top MarbleGranite dist. to spawn (guess), UG MarbleGranite dist. to spawn (guess)
    • 'Nearest Evil Dungeon Ocean', 'Nearest Evil Jungle Ocean' instead of left/right
    • Pathlength to underground MarbleGranite
    • bugfix: 'Distance Tree Chest to mid' did not work before

    • now with a much more description! and hover texts for advanced search conditions
    • also some help icon for first steps of new seed searcher
    • 2 new rares which are possible: shadwo chest items in normal, Spawn in Marble or Granite biome,
    • 2 new rares which might be possible: all paintings, mushroom biome above surface
    • new tools: Condition connector which allows you to conect condition lists from phase 2 and 3. That allows you multiple search conditon at once
    • Another tool allows you to change the point amount of negative list elements
    • random inverse evil biome - does opposite of random
    • some new search booster, which allows you to check out over 500 seeds in one second for some conditions. It has influence at the number of living trees, marble/granite biome, bee hives and higher the chance of getting pyramids.
    Let me know if I forgot some description for a search condition or if some need some more words.
    Also welcome if you find some logical or very bad grammer mistakes.


    • Living Tree max/min/root/total size
    • Living Tree exit height difference to cavern layer entrance (means how deep the root goes beyond underground cavern layer intersection)
    • Pyramid max/tunnel/total size
    • How many Pyramid surface tiles aren't buried, good to find pyramids you don't need to dig for
    • Pyramid exit exit height difference to cavern layer entrance
    • Pathlength to gravity potion
    • Pathlength to closest dynamite, Pathlength to 2nd closest dynamite (each, not combined)
    • Pathlength nearest ruby
    • Bee hive count
    • Underground layer height
    • added some seed score points for speedrun stuff
    • rare world gen: a living tree to dungeon, which is below surface condition
    • exclude icons from stored minimap:
    If you don't need some of the minimap icons you now can create a "modconfig.txt" file in subfolder "...\Terraria\ModLoader\TheTerrariaSeedProject\modconfig.txt" . There write "#dontShowItemIDs:" followed by Item ids you don't want in the image. E.g.
    "#dontShowItemIDs: 212, 213, 964, 753, 2292, 3017"
    Will remove all jungle items (all without quotes). Item ID's you can look up in terraria wiki. (There might be a more user friendly version in future. )


    • introduced new internal structure, depending on your configuration a speed up to 30% is possible
    instead of adding many new things this updates removed unwanted stuff
    • removed: partly double generation (time)
    • removed: binary seed issues (phase 2 but not phase 3 without content)
    • removed: error message at exit of the map, normal exit possible now
    • removed: waiting time after hitting stop until seed fully generated
    • removed: vanished mapicons, added some transparency
    • removed: wait to filter dungeon color until phase 2, you can no do in phase 1
    some new stuff
    • Spawn in Jungle/Snow/Evil biome directly selectable
    • pathlength to meteorite bar chest
    • dungeon side option in phase 1 (and color)
    • dungeon wall count, instead of split up to colors
    • added some lower distances values and negative for jungle/snow distance to mid to search for mid overlapping biomes in phase 2. (High chance spawning there)
    • added "pre skeletron golden key any" same with chest. Those combine risky and grabable in one
    • Distance to shadow orb/heart to mid in phase 2
    • bugfix: now prints the total runtime and seed number
    Be careful with the options dungeon side, hallow side, and dungeon color. Blue dungeon means also hallow at the right side. Pink means hallow at the left side.
    There is a correlation between those.


    • added some +profiles for speedrun and flat map and nearly impossible perfect search
    • pathlength also available as negative pathlength, so you can also use it in positive part of phase 3.
    • added nearest slime statue, shark statue, anvil
    • minimap shows also slime statue (king slime icon), shark statue (minishark icon), anvil (anvil icon) and ruby gem (red with magenta surrounding)
    • bugfix: out of memory at linux large world search. Should work now at least without minimap picture generation
    • bugfix: sunflower, not all variations worked so far


    • average surface height (due caves and holes it's only a very close approximation)
    • surface height (sqrt) variation (sqrt( E( (X - mean)^2 )))
    • surface, max difference between min and max height
    • altar detection for your beach house "Nearest Altar Dungeon/Jungle beach"
    • shows altar at surface which don't stay on evil biome (blue circle at map)
    • you can also search for a specific ocean not being evil now "Has evil Dungeon/Jungle Ocean"
    • "Dungeon farm spot" detection (beta). Searches for good location with all 3 wall types near by
      • Search for 3 Wall intersection points (cyan circle at minimap)
      • Search for a line containing all 3 Wall with at least 16 block size each (dark cyan circle at minimap)


    • mini map storage should work on all OS now, also added some more icons, e.g. for chests (yellow circle) and crystal hearts (magenta)
    (small expert random 799721119)
    • predict evil biome side at entering hardmode
    • dummy tool which allows you to search, something like:
    In case all conditions are true in positive list you can add multiple points. In example image above means if you have 9 near sunflower in phase 3 you are granted 4 points. But there are also 6 negative items which might reduce the points by 6 again. To successfully pass that phase you need at least one point. 4 you got in positive so there can be 3 items in negative list true to still successfully pass that phase.
    • you can check how far it is to nearest cave entrance which reaches down to cavern layer (40% into it) (beta version)
    • you can also check if the jungle main cavern is blocked by any structure (e.g. the temple) or if you can go down to mid of cavern layer or even close to hell without mining (beta)
    • you can check path length to cavern entrance which leads you the shortest way to mid of jungle or to bottom of jungle.
    • you can also check the location of the temple inside the jungle, e.g. if you like the jungle in mid of jungle or at player side, on top or whatever you like
    • added option to stop search if you found the selected number of worlds

    v0.1.2.0: included path finding (beta)
    996334339_paths.png (only example image, mod won't create those)
    with this you can search now also for:
    Path length to Boots, Iron/Lead Bar, Teleport Potion, Enchanted Sword, Bee Hive, Temple Door and to exposed ShadowOrb/Heart,

    v0.1.1.0: Added option to store a mini map image:
    (currently only works at windows OS )
    And if you like add some item location information.
    some example:
    (small expert random 0996334339)

    Finally found a map with 6 pyramids!
    (large expert corruption 400416290 )
    Can you find 7 or more? Should be possible.
    Edit: Found some!
    7 Pyramids are possible but rare as hell. Also found 6 for medium and 5 for small.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2019 at 12:27 PM
  3. Terra Nova

    Terra Nova Skeletron Prime

    I have to admit, I’ve never seen anything like this mod before. Well, except maybe Jopojelly’s Terracustom (and world gen-previewer, to an extent). But props for making a mod that lets people actually find the seeds! If these forums had a :polite clap: or :hats off to you: emoticon, I’d be using both of them right now.
  4. Hidden Tetrahedron

    Hidden Tetrahedron Steampunker

    This is amazing!
    I am surely going to use it in the future.
  5. Unftf

    Unftf Terrarian

    Mod is published now! Good luck & have fun! Don't forget to start your world name or seed with '?' to enter the search mode

    @Terra Nova To be clear this mod does not pop out a seed with the properties you want, you need to find it first (after this it displays the seed). But that can be done very fast with this mod. But if you want e.g. 100 pyramids on your map it will never find a seed holding this. Very rare stuff can take a while but stuff like Sandstorm in a bottle and no evil biome in Jungle can be done in less than 5 min, or if lucky in less than 1 min.
    So don't be too harsh with your conditions.
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
    Terra Nova likes this.
  6. Shanerator

    Shanerator Terrarian

    This is amazing! Made an account just to say this!
  7. Unftf

    Unftf Terrarian

    hehe, thanks,
    I hope you find the seed you are looking for.

    There might be some bugs in it. If you think it should find something but it does not write me here please.
  8. Moon_Man

    Moon_Man Terrarian

    not sure if it's a bug
    but when i tried to use this mod, it shut all of my other mods off
  9. Unftf

    Unftf Terrarian

    oh, that should not happen. Which mods you are using?. It wont work together with world previewer but nearly all other should work. And also together with world previewer it should not shut down other mods.
    Do you use Mac or linux?
    Last edited: May 22, 2018
  10. benkai3

    benkai3 Terrarian

    I have been using the seed search for my modded play through, with good results! My main concern with Terraria is that no matter how cautious a person is, there is no way of stopping corruption from spreading to Jungle via WoF Hardmode corruption generation, unless the person gets lucky. Are you able to determine the direction of the Hardmode biome generation in the Terraria Seed Project? I would like to create a world simply with no corruption in the jungle + won't get destroyed the moment i enter Hardmode.
  11. Unftf

    Unftf Terrarian

    It's at my Todo list. Not checked yet but i think its predefined. Holy and evil biome spread in hardmode are always V shaped, so one is \ other /. But direction alone won't work to prohibit an evil jungle. It can meet the Jungle on top if evil spread at same side at jungle or at bottom if at other side of the jungle. But both sides can also work without meeting the jungle.
  12. benkai3

    benkai3 Terrarian

    hey just want to say that the medium corruption seed you posted does not have hard mode corruption generated at the jungles side. I tried many seed and 0658320973 seems good. It has a tiny corruption on the west beach, quarantined by a pyramid. Also it has 2 sword shrine breaking into the surface (the tunnels specifically). It also has a desert dungeon. The seed is for a medium corrupted expert world
  13. Unftf

    Unftf Terrarian

    EDIT: IT DOES WORK (false statements will follow in original post)

    Thanks for checking but have some bad news for you :(. Did some quick look in the code. Sadly the spread is not bound to the world seed. It's sort of random depending at the time you enter hardmode.
    You can test yourself with entering hardmode multiple times at the same world. (disable autosave and quit game with alt+F4, or run Terraria multiple times or do some backup copy of your world file)
    The position can vary each time.
    Somehow the tested trials had their evil always at the same side. But that should not be true for all cases. It's also random in code. But it could be that the random function is not that sensitive. So e.g. could be same side today but if you enter 10hours later could be different.

    So only thing which may be possible is to compute all possible ways which can spread and check if it's close to jungle. This check would include holly biome as well.
    Including all cases the jungle can only be safe if far outside and maybe for big maps if jungle is very small and located close to mid.

    An alternative could be doing a backup of the world before entering hardmode and try it multiple times until good
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2018
  14. benkai3

    benkai3 Terrarian

    oh wow. I did test on one of my worlds and just like you said, 9/10 times they generate relatively the same, bu there are always some variables. Thanks so much for looking in to it though, I guess that I have to just get lucky :) !
  15. thevideogamebadger

    thevideogamebadger Terrarian

    This is really awesome! Thanks for taking the time to make something like this. Currently finding new seeds is all about getting lucky, but with this tool you have at least some level of customization that you can do even before you generate.
  16. Eggmasstree

    Eggmasstree Terrarian

    Oh damn, that's a really nice mod !

    I found a bug you might want to fix : When first creating a world, if you chose crimson, on the mod UI it will display "Crimnson" (instead of "Crimson") and will generate as "Corruption"

    I have some questions too, if you dont mind :)

    I'm focusing on finding very near enchanted sword spots right now. But some worlds are saved even when they don't match what I need, Can you explain me why ?

    Here's my current setup :
    Phase 1 : Possible pyramids to 10, pyramids are not my priority there. So I take 10 to be sure it passes this phase everytime. Random for everything else
    Phase 2 : Empty conditions, I don't need anything in that
    Phase 3 : There, I choose "Very Near Enchanted Sword" at 1 in the "positive if >="
    So I thought it would passes this phase only if this condition is actually true.

    But somehow, most of time it tells me the world was stored with one condition not fullfilled. Why would it passes when my only condition is actually not fullfilled ?
    I think it saved everytime it finds a pyramid, could you please tweak the phase 3 system ? Or give us a way to not skip any conditions.
    (If x conditions are not fullfilled > dont save the world) That would be great !

    But again, that's an insane mod ! Thanks a lot for your work !
  17. Unftf

    Unftf Terrarian

    Write me if you have some new conditions that could be added, which can be helpful for speedrun.

    Thanks Eggmasstree for the bug report. Will upload update soon.

    By default it stores all rare world generations. E.g. if it generates a dungeon is in Snow biome or if you spawn in Sky or a very near enchanted sword or many more. All of them are quite rare but many rare together become common. If it found a rare it overwrite the other conditions and always takes and generates that seed. So if you don't like some rares you can insert it in the omit rare list on top. If it should not search for any rares you can insert "Omit All" there. Then it will only take your conditions into account. I may change the default setting to "omit all".

    Possible pyramids >= 10 is quite rare, only 1 out of over 3000 seed for large worlds has this. If all seeds should pass phase 1, Possible pyramids should be = 0.

    Phase 3 also detect some rare world gen structures. If it found one it overwrites those phase conditions and always pass that phase.

    Please write if it still not working as it should be.
  18. Eggmasstree

    Eggmasstree Terrarian

    I've managed to make it work, thanks.

    It's very kind of you to offer your help to the speedrunning community ! There are tons of things we could gladly use ! I'll make a full list and you'll add whatever you can, whenever you have the time. (cavern pos from spawn, jungle entrance from spawn, teleportation potions, ...)
    But <hat you've done so far is already incredible.

    Actually... When running the same seeds, poeple have noticed that plantera have consistent spawn location, do you think you can find those positions for us ? Sometimes they change, sometimes they don't. We're not sure yet what causes those variations but if you could give us some hint, that would be great.

    Anyway, Here are more things for you :)

    In the UI it, it says "Gold or platin" instead of Platine :)

    In your first post you say "In Snow biome? In Jungle? or in both?" How can we search for this ?
    You can omit "Snow biome spawn" but you can't add it anywhere. I also tried to use the "Snow biome surface overlap mid" condition in phase 2 at its minimum of 10, but it does not save the world with that particular seed (84037316). What am I doing wrong there ?

    And, what's that "Moon type" thingy ? White ? Orange ? Green ? I know the moon can have different versions during events but I've never seen a green moon yet.

    Thanks a lot !
  19. Unftf

    Unftf Terrarian

    I'm also interested in a good speed run world but don't know all criteria which can be useful. So its win win :)

    You mean distance from spawn to cavern layer? That should be "Rock distance" (its called that way in code, may change the name). If you are looking for a map which has less than e.g. 200 distance from spawn to cavern layer you can insert this in the "negative if >" list. If a map then has a higher distance one point gets subtracted. So even if one list of positive conditions is true it won't generate the world.
    Or did you mean a near cavern you can enter?
    "temple distance" is the distance from spawn to temple door, planned to change it to the first place you can enter with temple wall as background (there were you enter the room in front of the door).
    Teleportation potions not added yet.
    Or did you mean to show an icon at the world file image?

    That would be very nice to have such a list.

    That's a good idea will have a look.

    Thanks, but Platine? not Platinum?

    (Edit: Oh,... I should read the whole post first before answering, this part maybe not needed).
    It's classified as rare. If not selected to omit it it will always generate such world (spawn in snow or jungle). But spawn location is only know in phase 3. If phase 1 or 2 is not fulfilled it still can get ignored. Generating phase 3 all the time can take some time. Furthermore it can also happen, that you spawn e.g. on top of a cloud above the jungel/snow biome (veeeery rare). To speed up such a search I added "Snow biome surface overlap mid" and "Jungle biome surface overlap mid" in phase 2. You always spawn very close to mid of the world (horizontally). This options counts the biome tiles which are at the 'wrong' side of the map above surface level. Usually snow and jungle are only at one side each.
    There can be cases where your spawn is not in jungle/snow but so far didn't found any seed which is invalid.
    There is also an example in the mod UI. If you press the green plus (+) icon 3 times the config file name will be "ManyPyramid_JungleSnow". This example searches for world seed with many pyramids or where you spawn between snow and jungle.
    Are there any cases where spawn in jungle/snow still needed in phase 3?

    (Oh,... I should read the whole post first before answering.)
    Did some test. It works for me. hmm
    It's a small, (expert) map was well? Did you enter a high value at pyramids possible? or a specific ore/moon type? Or did you enter something in a negative list?
    Also careful about the entered seed. It counts up the "starting seed search at" you might started from 84037317 or 84037318 instead of 84037316.

    Each world also has a moon type:
    White, Orange, Green, (pumpkin moon), (frost moon)
    image from
    "There are three different styles of the moon, normal, mars-like, and with rings. When a world is generated, one permanent, random moon style is assigned to it."

    Added some ToDo list in main post.

    Thanks for feedback.

    Edit: Looked at Planterra bulb code. There are some conditions but it won't explain always the same spot. It tests if at a random position a bulb can be placed and if so it does.
    some restrictions:
    • on top of 2 jungle grass tiles
    • not in water
    • no other bulb in 150 distance
    • can't spawn on top of big plants/stones only on small stuff like jungle flowers/grass, thorns, vine with wide 1, and some small stuff with wide 2 (tileID 185 (lesser chance)). On top of trees, pots should also not work
    • slightly higher chance if such small jungle plants are present (about 11% higher)
    maybe there is some code outside which also has impact. Those random numbers also no real random numbers. There might be some correlation with valid spots and those numbers. Need more research. You know a map with a stable planterra bulb spot?
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2018
  20. lanfear

    lanfear Terrarian

    Am I blind, or is there no download link?