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Tales of the Terrarian

Discussion in 'Released' started by Baih, May 20, 2016.

  1. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    Okay there is a v1.1 update to the map now. It should fix bunch of issues people are having. If you were in the middle of a playthrough, you can always pick up the gems and take them to this map with your character and do the later areas in this version.
  2. Baih

    Baih Terrarian

    Here is a rough "changelog", basically notes used to keep track of stuff to do:

    -calming potions XX
    -typo at rules sign XX
    -make starting chest even clearer XX
    -shoot the pressure to advance text XX
    -change day/night sensor thing XX
    -make gate at graveyard clearer XX
    -make bow puzzle in bottle room before bridge slightly smoother XX
    -block off life crystal route first area until later XX
    -2 pads on bridge power generator XX
    -wire over monolith in haunted house XX
    -make plate at start of desert clearer XX
    -make announcement explaining ropes in desert XX
    -single ropes not clear XX
    -first minecart parkour needs a bit more smoothness XX
    -make checkpoint to cultist hideout activate earlier XX
    -make starting ice bow challenge slightly easier XX
    -easy to break torches in wire bulb challenge XX
    -shark room and jump clearer XX
    -make it harder to fail jump to final lever in ice cave XX
    -make bonus ice chest slightly easier to get XX
    -move green area XX
    -make green maze easier XX
    -projectile plate in grass maze XX
    -make it more obvious where and what to do with waterbolt XX
    -make water bolts easier XX
    -can get stuck underneath tree in green area XX
    -use pressure plate in shadow teleporters in green area XX
    -combine switch and switch once you get out of waterfall room XX
    -exit of waterfall room broken XX
    -banners in hell/jungle XX
    -make some things more obvious when they're activated in hell XX
    -wire in shoot a plate goes over campfire XX
    -target shooting more obvious you can't get last place XX
    -change prizes XX
    -look over fire of flower puzzle XX
    -look over dunk a penguin - maybe lighting XX
    -look over circus XX
    -changle layout of hell a bit XX
    -signal with trap chests in jungle town XX
    -change checkpoint halfway through jungle temple XX
    -lighting on pressure plate at top of climbing claws place XX
    -make shoot and jump easier XX
    -make things a bit clearer in jungle XX
    -light in spear trap corridor XX
    -remove lava in arrow/cross room XX
    -maths wiring a little off XX
    -make it impossible to lose companion cube item in incinerator XX
    -more clarity in flower of fire/water bolt room in last area XX
    -make timers in rotating spikes work after world reset XX
    -potions in chest at end of white area XX
  3. Lergeronimus

    Lergeronimus Terrarian

    This is a real neat mod and all but I'm having two irritating problems- 1) crashes. If the game crashes, I have to start whatever I was doing over from scratch, and it's crashing with painful regularity.. 2) if I quit the game after completing a level, it.. Makes me go all the way back to the start of the game, I just finished the Amethyst gem level, save-quit, and then it started me all over again.

    e: just discovered that even trying to quit the game it will always crash too :/
    Last edited: May 31, 2016
  4. Darthkitten

    Darthkitten Paladin

    Alright, finally finished.

    A very impressive adventure map, but a bit frustrating to play through. If I had to summarize my biggest complaint with the map in one sentence, it would be:
    "I want to play Terraria, not do trigonometry homework."

    Sorry, but those water bolt puzzles can, ironically, die in a fire.

    Besides water bolts, there were a LOT of shooting puzzles in general. When I played through the purple zone, I thought "Okay, there's a lot of shooting here. This must be the gimmick of this area."

    By the time I finished the blue area, I was a bit sick of it.

    The other big complaint I have is with the parkour. Some parts of it are fun, but a lot if it feels very finicky. You have to jump at just the right time, at the very edge of the block, you need to use your double jump again at just the right instance, and on some jumps you could smack your head on a wall, or miss your timing by millisecond. Also, the double jump was also very finicky and about a fourth of the time, would go off prematurely and cause your jump to fail.

    Thank GOD you guys were generous with your checkpoints, but still...

    Anyway, here's what I have to say about each of the areas themselves:

    - VERY purple. A little TOO purple. Why is everything so purple?! Really though, aesthetically speaking, the nebula monolith might have been a bit overkill.
    - That power generator part was very cool.
    - Again, lots of shooting.

    Land of Sand
    - Appearance wise, probably my favorite area.
    - So, who are these guys who've taken up residence here?
    - That minecart jumping area was the first of the notably annoying jumps.

    Blue Area
    - Very blue. Offset somewhat by the white blocks, but still very blue.
    - Lots of clicking sounds here. Can't be helped, I suppose.
    - The ice tower where you need to stay within the specified area was fantastic.
    - So who's the guy with the sharks? Where did he come from? Why are sharks in an arctic climate? What do I do with this treasure?
    - You know that jump right above the shark pit? That jump can burn with the water bolt puzzles.
    - It's come to my attention that the statue spawned enemies aren't really a threat...

    Green with Unquenchable, Never-Ending Rage
    - Liked the colored door puzzle, too bad the green overlay made it so that I failed to noticed color was a factor.
    - First Water bolt puzzle: Evil. Second water bolt puzzle: You guys are Satan himself. Third water bolt puzzle: Not as bad as #2 or #1, but still very evil.
    - Pretty waterfalls.

    Carnival of the Damned
    - Not sure how to feel about the look of this place. Carnival itself is okay, but the underground tunnels look like they could use some work.
    - Timer based traps stop working if you exit the map.
    - Fireball puzzle is where I first thought of trigonometry. I had to literally, and I mean literally, move my character two pixels to the left in order to make it work.
    - Aside from that one thing though, I found the carnival games to be very enjoyable.
    - Really like what you did with the cannon puzzle in the circus, but it was a bit confusing as to what the buttons did.

    Green Level Mk. II

    - Visually very impressive. However, very dark.
    - Got stuck at the beginning, Wasn't aware of the water bubbles.
    - I can't even begin to count the number of times the cloud in a bottle messed me up on those wall jumps for seemingly no reason.
    - Okay, I don't know what you were supposed to do on that rooftop barrier puzzle? I ended up firing a water bolt a the button and outrunning it and jumping before it hit.
    - The jumps right after that were almost just as frustrating.
    - NANANANANANANANANA BATS, MAN! Seriously, they were INSANELY annoying. Potion of calming plz. Peace candles plz. Anything, really.

    Bootleg Aperture
    - Probably the most fun level to play.
    - Really wish you guys did more with portals though. The switch based puzzles were alright, but a bit boring.
    - Was there supposed to be a GLaDOS-type character talking? It felt like someone delivered about two lines throughout the entire thing, and then stopped.
    - Companion cube in the vent puzzle was great, if a a bit glitchy.

    The Fourth Mechanical Boss
    - If this counts as a level, I take it back. THIS is the most fun level to play.
    - Really no complaints other than it's a bit dark.
    - TOO WEAK
    - UNLESS...
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  5. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    It seems like our v1.1 wasn't just in time for you, as we made the first 2 waterbolt thing way easier, and bunch of other small changes to things that were too difficult or weren't very clear.

    We definitely did use the projectile pressule plates quite a bit, but we didn't really reuse the same challenge multiple times. Could've had less of them tho, I suppose.

    It makes me wonder when people complain about parkour in our maps. It is in no way pixel perfect. Usually people complain about cloud going off by itself, or climbing claw jumps not working half the time, but these are literally just not being on the ground/wall when jumping. Like literally every single time. Could've made bunch of things easier tho, I suppose.

    The lunar pillars were kinda an afterthought after we had already made the visuals for areas and they looked cool, but they do kinda remove some of the color scheming we had.

    Quite a bit of the announce box things were us testing what works and what doesn't, and aren't necessarily used afterwards (desert area has warnings for stop! and <--run, green castle has "it doesnt seem possible currently" etc) Everyone can kinda look at them and see which uses they like, and then implement announcement boxes in that way in their maps (our future maps won't have this random announcement boxes)

    The 2nd waterbolt puzzle used to be harder when I originally made it but for some reason Baih complained it was too difficult.. I wonder.

    Quite a bit of the pressure plate shooting is probably a bit too accuracy demanding (at least the bouncy ones). Gonna take notes for future.

    I think v1.1 added some calming potions.

    We definitely would've done some more portal gun station things if I had realized that you could automate them with wire to make cool puzzles. Without wiring them at all they are kinda dull imo.

    Expect to see more wired boss battles on our maps in the future. Thanks for long list of complains* ;)

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  6. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    There is a projectile pressure plate on one of the squares over the bridge. You have to hit that to open the door.
  7. Shoggoththe12

    Shoggoththe12 Terrarian

    Really like that castle with the iron bars for allowance of light and the whole pillar feel that made it so good. Man, I'd kill for a map involving more of that kind of aesthetic, but sadly I am inept with building stuff...
  8. WiredRawdy

    WiredRawdy Plantera

    you see the section with a projectile button you use a water bolt there and stand on the buttons on the top part over the doors before the bolt hits the door
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 4, 2016, Original Post Date: Jun 4, 2016 ---
    best map ever great custom boss at the end. #MinorSpoiler
  9. Nopezal

    Nopezal Skeletron Prime

    Solved it quite a bit ago. Thanks for the help anyways, though!
  10. ToC

    ToC Terrarian

    Nice map, really enjoyed it.

    The finale was really cool and makes me very excited for what else could be possible.

    I am left wondering, when will the tabi get some love? Seems like it could make some new movement puzzles, especially with wall-jump.
  11. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    We gave the player a tabi in our previous map, Echoes of the Lost World, but there were mainly complaints about it due to it being awkward to use, accidental uses and caused us to have a combination of items for the player that people weren't experienced on, making parkour very difficult.
  12. 00Banshee00

    00Banshee00 Skeletron

    Um... I think you misunderstood me (my fault though, should have mentioned it clearer in the post). What I was trying to say was that the jumping part (wood lever platform to the cloud after deactivating wood and leaves) was difficult for me, not the puzzle itself.
  13. Kieda

    Kieda Terrarian

    The jumps on that part are a bit silly indeed, could've tried making those easier probably but already had some issues with making sure the jumps that are supposed to be impossible were in fact impossible. Will try to avoid making jumps that are that difficult in future ;)
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  14. welp pretty good actually
    exept i still don't know if it will fun or it's just :red:ty map anyway continue story
    i have terraria for a long time agos but actaully unfortunly i didn't expect there was actually map that has done a well game play and creaitive what ever happend i still love this game even i know i didn't have money to buy the game just well i still able to download map or still keep the game to play forever it's dosen't matter
    i happy with everyone and re-logic / yrimir / everyone who is staff in this game/
    for what ever happend everyone i hope you care the game we'll alway stay to help the newbie this map is best map for now don't worry about it
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 11, 2016, Original Post Date: Jun 11, 2016 ---
    and yes leave this comment alone
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2016
  15. Serpot

    Serpot Terrarian

    Really, really great adventure!
    Thank you very much for such a masterpiece =)
    Btw I got funny stuck at 4th world.
    I went to underground part before waterball chest, so I had bow only.
    I decide that I need to drop from platform, shoot to button and double-jump back.
    After 15 minutes I was trained enough to succesfully do it in 1 of ~15-20 tries =D (red)
    I decide that I need to do the same thing on 3rd wall, but shoot to another button (blue)
    I thought that I will need to do this trick near 3rd wall twice:
    1. To open 3rd wall.
    2. Do the same thing and run behind 3rd wall before arrow will hit button to open 4th wall)
    After another 40 minutes of trying I decide that this is TOO difficult.
    So I return to surface and found waterball chest :p
  16. raphoo12

    raphoo12 Terrarian

    I finished it in 2:30 hours so if anyone got questions just ask!
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 14, 2016, Original Post Date: Jun 14, 2016 ---
    you need to hold up
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 14, 2016 ---
    you gotta shoot the button with a waterbolt from far so you have time to get to the exit
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 14, 2016 ---
    You gotta stand on the pressure plate and shoot the button on the post outside but you wont see it cause of the minimap.
  17. I think I broke the final boss...
    The door to it won't open anymore.

    (I'm on the first version of the map, that may be part of the problem)

    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 15, 2016, Original Post Date: Jun 15, 2016 ---
    I feel like you replied to the wrong people...
  18. raphoo12

    raphoo12 Terrarian

    I'm pretty sure it's that but I'm not sure.
  19. theoneandonlyDOGG

    theoneandonlyDOGG Terrarian

    Thanks, I'll do that.
  20. shobiwan77

    shobiwan77 King Slime

    This map is amazing! It is almost good enough to be a stand alone quick adventure game. There are very few places where I could actually see the mechanics for it, and that's only because I was on the lookout for that.

    Very well made indeed.