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Tales of the Terrarian


From the creators of The Legend of Zelda - Two Worlds and Echoes of the Lost World we present Tales of the Terrarian, an adventure map made within 1.3.1 beta which utilizes brand new mechanics introduced in the 1.3.1 update.

Travel through 7 unique and intricately designed levels and collect the 7 gems to advance through the grand entrance where the true danger awaits...

The map should be friendly for anyone with moderate experience with Terraria, designed to be creative, enjoyable and slightly challenging, nothing too hard or frustrating for experienced players. Estimated time to complete this map is 3-5 hours.

Check out a handful of selected screenshots below to pique your interest further!


Tales of the Terrarian Button (2).png

How to Download:
- Download the map from the link given above
- Place the world file in your Terraria worlds folder (found from User -> Documents -> My Games -> Terraria -> Worlds)
- Create a new softcore character
- Join the world, it is called "Beta Adventure" (Until TEdit updates so we can change the world name)

- Use a new softcore character
- Destroy your starting items when you enter the map
- Do not use any items obtained/dropped from any mobs/NPCs
- Do not build or mine in the map

- 7 large, highly detailed levels
- Strong and creative use of new 1.3.1 mechanics
- Finely tuned and balanced challenges, puzzles and platforming
- Hidden Life Crystal in each level
- Doesn't require any 3rd party programs

How It's Made:
Thread explaining the mechanisms used in the map:

- Noel
- Baih
- Unfortunately mbran was not able to help us this time :(
- Everyone who helped test this map
- Yoraiz0r, Arkhalis, Cenx and the whole Re-Logic team who helped support and promote this map, and created awesome new content for us to use


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Well, time to try this out. This is the first time i'm going to play an adventure map, and i've seen positive reviews, sonI have high expectations for this!


I think that this whas a great move by the relogic team because it gives players more oppertunity's to make greater adventure maps as this will make the community of terraria more creative and a nicer place.


Skeletron Prime
Can someone tell me how to do the Emerald level in this specific part? I've been trying for a long time now with keyboard and mouse.
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