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Terrævents | From Pong to Anarchy Styled Events



Greetings to all fellow Terrarians: Terraevents is a server that is dedicated to hosting functional and successful events for our community to enjoy. We have an active and cohesive staff team of moderators and admins that work on setting up these events and ensuring that they function properly. We hold our community in very high regard, and greatly value what they have to say. In the Discord server, we have both a channel for suggestions, along with individual feedback channels for ongoing events. As staff members, we understand that not all of our events are going to be perfect, so we take into account and consider the suggestions and feedback that our community gives us, as we are constantly looking for ways to improve our events. We want nothing more than to provide the best possible experience for our community in these events.

Recent Events said:
Musket Madness
A CTF styled event in which the players battled the lines with muskets and minisharks, also inviting killing slimes for coins to buy grenades.

Throughout several weeks, teams were pitted against each other to collect as many of the opposing team's gems which were gained from PvP, and often PvE, deaths. The gems were the large CtG items and plugins would automatically give each player a gem upon respawn so they would always have on with them. This event used a Custom Difficulty tShock plugin where, although the players were softcore, about 25% of the items in the player's inventory would drop upon death.

Banner Run
Also a several-week long FFA (free for all) event based on the banners NPCs drop when 50 of them are killed. In this, in centered around a plugin that would tally points per banner turned in to a specific location, each banner being worth points based on NPC difficulty, so that hard mode NPCs would grant more than pre-hard mode.

Current Event: Anarchy
Brief Description
In a permanently pre-HM server FFA server, players battle amongst themselves for dominance. PvP is forced and characters must be set on Mediumcore difficulty.

There is no real objective. The event does not use a gems or points system. With that said, it is likely that the goal for most players will be for them to become the dictator/dominant player on the server.

Event Details
  • Griefing is permitted. Chaos is encouraged.
  • NPC’s can freely be moved across the server. There will not be protected NPC housing at spawn.
  • Natural spawning Life Crystals and underground cabins will be increased.
  • The shop plug-in will be utilized.
  • The Dungeon will NOT be protected.
  • The server will be permanently locked in pre-HM.
Banned Items
- Trap Door
- Item Frame
- Target Dummy
- Mannequin
- Womannequin

While much lighter on rules than most events, there are some basic rules that are still expected to be followed.
  • Using in-game cheats or hacks of any sort will result in a permanent disqualification from the event and an indefinite ban from future events.
  • We do not condone racist, homophobic, sexist, or otherwise disrespectful messages in the chat.

How to Join: Discord Invite
Then look for the #event-signups channel under INFORMATION, and use a reaction for the latest event.
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