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Terraria 1.3 PS4 Hotfixes Released + Plan Moving Forward

Discussion in 'Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio' started by ClearConscious, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. TeelikesTea

    TeelikesTea Terrarian

    Yeah, well I think you might need to at least wait until 2018.
  2. Adam Nowak

    Adam Nowak Terrarian

    Indeed, if it hasn't happened, it won't until my best guess, wednesday. Reasoning is that there won't be any support for the bugs and crashes and the much needed hot fixes. Let's face it, we are looking at another week, but at least there might be fixes to go along with it. I'm cool with that.:pinky:
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  3. TeelikesTea

    TeelikesTea Terrarian

    I do get where your coming from, but as of now, it is out of pipework’s hands. And ok with you on the fact that it’s that late. Me and my friends were ready for it and exited end of Q3. But hey, at least we’ve nearly got it now, right?
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 22, 2017, Original Post Date: Dec 22, 2017 ---
    Looks like 2017 for us Xbox players, guys. I won’t lie; I am disappointed but at least it’s on it’s way. And hey, maybe our version can be less buggy than the PS4 version! But at least it’s in it’s way. Thanks @ClearConscious and everyone at pipeworks for finally getting this update out to us! Merry Christmas everyone, and have a happy New Year!
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  4. Drez

    Drez Terrarian

    There’s still five and a half hours left for them to start, finish, certify, and release the Switch version today. All you naysayers are being unreasonable.
  5. EliteWafflecat

    EliteWafflecat Spazmatism

    Yea I can wait for it as long as it ain't months so hopefully its sooner than that.
  6. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona The Destroyer

    5 hours isn't long enough to fix more than a single incredibly simple bug. Coding and releasing an entire version for Switch will take months.
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  7. TheSaucySosig

    TheSaucySosig Terrarian

    All hope is lost for 1.3 Xbox 2017. 2018 is when it will happen because it's been 9 FRICKIN DAYS!!!
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  8. Datfreshsavage

    Datfreshsavage Terrarian

    Now this is a man willing for sacrifice and I stand by you my brother it WOULD be an honour
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  9. Drez

    Drez Terrarian

    Well, it’s after midnight but I’m still holding out hope that the Switch version comes out yesterday.
  10. Same I fell your pain
  11. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona The Destroyer

  12. TeelikesTea

    TeelikesTea Terrarian

    *9 hours later* I’m sorry, what was that? What were you saying?
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 23, 2017, Original Post Date: Dec 23, 2017 ---
    At this point it might be months...
  13. LightLors

    LightLors Terrarian

    dont worry so much they've finished the game its just the certification
  14. Drez

    Drez Terrarian

    I mean, you guys didn’t think I was being serious, right? Come on.
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  15. Itzhuskyy

    Itzhuskyy Skeletron Prime

    Dude they haven't actually started working on the switch, the switch version won't come out for another couple of months maybe even a year. If you Xbox one update doesn't come out (which is already finished) this week or this year then I seriously doubt that the switch version (that they haven't even started working on) will come out today.
  16. figaro198

    figaro198 Terrarian

    i know it isn't about console but is 1.3 mobile update on way ?? there are few developer announcements and latest one is about amazon :(
  17. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Pipeworks has said that there will be more info on the mobile update in 2018.
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  18. KatrinaKat04

    KatrinaKat04 Terrarian

    I wanted to share some of the bugs I've been having playing 1.3 on my PS4.
    • If I have a Stardust Dragon out and I die, the game crashes.
    • The Monoliths for the Lunar Pillars gave my sister an epileptic seizure when I turned them on while in multiplayer. The monoliths actually work on single player though.
    • I am randomly losing items as 1st player on a multiplayer game ( 2 Nebula Blazes, 2 Nebula Arcanums, 1 Drax, 1 Picksaw and 3 Celestial Sigils)
    • The game just randomly crashes when 2nd player joins.
    • The game crashes sometimes when I beat the Lunatic Cultist
    • The Star Cells (from the Stardust Cell Staff) don't let me spawn any other summon.
    • The game just stops for a good 2 min. and then it starts again.
    • All of my NPC's don't have names. They just come up as "Mechanic the Mechanic"
    • Goblin Armies don't spawn naturally
    • Meteorites don't spawn naturally
    • The Influx Waver (from Martian Madness) crashes when I use it sometimes.
    Thanks for reading! I love Terraria and I hope to see that these get fixed soon!!! :)
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 23, 2017, Original Post Date: Dec 23, 2017 ---
    When is Terraria coming out for the Nintendo Switch? Maybe because its a Nintendo console, it won't crash as much ( I'm looking at you Sony)
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  19. Itzhuskyy

    Itzhuskyy Skeletron Prime

    No offence, but your sister having an epileptic seizure isn't a bug that pipe works can fix. Also The NPC's don't have names in 1.3, your mechanic doesn't show up as "Mechanic the Mechanic" it's just "Mechanic" the same with any other NPC
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  20. Nayo

    Nayo Terrarian

    So Pipeworks has said Xbox before Christmas is not possible..... well i give up on Pipeworks! All of us have waited almost a year and a half in suspense with multiple delays and only one platform gets it during a good time. Yes i know it's not within their hands but they could have fixed the suspension thing veeerrryyy early on but no! Lets wait till the a few days before we submit Ps4! Oh? Xbox can't get it before Christmas noe? Oh well! Should have picked Ps4!

    And you might say "Well Ps4 players are not enjoying it" or "Most pepole are not enjoying it" but a update is better than no update now isn't!? And we will probally get it during school time while Ps4 got it during a nice break! Pipeworks could have really planed this much better... and for those who say "You can't blame Pipeworks" Yes we can they! They did a stupid thing were they decided to work on the suspension bug basically just after they submitted Ps4 when they could have done this before or very early on!

    Ok I'm good now the anger has been building up and well this has just broke me... I wanted to enjoy the update... but now I'm going to be doing homework. So thanks Pipeworks for the update but.... you really could have planed it better.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2017
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