Terraria Bad Ideas


The Destroyer
There's a new item: Shaver! This allows you to shave your hair/beard off and it will never grow back!
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Eater of Worlds
bad idea = when duke fishron gets to low hp the screen turns black and the ocean and all of its creatures come flying at you and duke rams over and over at speeds that cannot be surpassed


The Destroyer
Upon creating a character, you will start at 1 block tall and will grow to 2 blocks minimum or 5 blocks maximum in a couple of in game years.
The Day/Night cycle now works in real time, like Animal Crossing.

Due to the general idea of night bosses being that it's a race against time in addition to surviving the boss, and that aspect is lost with how long real world night is, the bosses health have been scaled accordingly. For example, before this update the EoC has 2,800 health in Normal mode and night lasts nine minutes. That would be approximately 5.2 damage per second to kill the EoC at the moment night ends. Keeping that value in mind, the EoC would now have 168,480 in normal mode. That's more than normal mode Moon Lord!

This scaling only applies to night bosses, for reasons listed above.
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