• Fantastic news Terrarians! All platforms have officially been submitted! Barring any issues our tentative release date is September 28th!

Terraria Bad Ideas

The Day/Night cycle now works in real time, like Animal Crossing.

Due to the general idea of night bosses being that it's a race against time in addition to surviving the boss, and that aspect is lost with how long real world night is, the bosses health have been scaled accordingly. For example, before this update the EoC has 2,800 health in Normal mode and night lasts nine minutes. That would be approximately 5.2 damage per second to kill the EoC at the moment night ends. Keeping that value in mind, the EoC would now have 168,480 in normal mode. That's more than normal mode Moon Lord!

This scaling only applies to night bosses, for reasons listed above.

Mollusk Man

Instead of the Wall of Flesh spawning when you throw a Guide Voodoo Doll into lava in the Underworld. The Guide will come out of your devices screen and break every bone in your body.


Every in-game week the Tax Collected shows up, even if he has not been saved yet, and collects one gold from every NPC. If an NPC has not got one gold they will be evicted due to debt. So you have to use every NPC or they leave
The Mungus has been added to Terraria.

Beware of their extreme speed and high damage. (Miniboss)
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