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Terraria Bad Ideas

Mollusk Man

The Moon Lord now has an attack where he throws the Moon at you. This attack cannot be avoided and it will kill you in one hit no matter how high your defence and hp is.
Among Us Crossover
-Terraria is now 2.5 D, much like Among Us
-Terraria no longer has any of its unique mechanics
-Terraria has been changed into the game, you guessed it, Fallout 76.

Changing Flask

Everyone is now a pony of them. No exceptions. Even bizzare entities like Wall of Flesh, Plantera, Golem, Flying Dutchman, The Pillars and the Martian Saucer are ponies.

Admiral Lazuli'

Torch God
Making it so the Flying Dutchman can land, drop off all of it’s crew and stay landed, and then if your fast enough, you could get on it and fly it around
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