Terraria Bad Ideas


Pressing the "start" button instantly crashes your game and replaces all files with the medusa head png.

you can only use yoyos if you own them in real life from one drop.

Old ones army is blocked unless you have dungeon defenders.

Dirt now sells for 9 gold.

Whole circles are added into the game

The game becomes minecraft


a bug caused a trillion moon lords to spawn and red takes an oath to never patch it

What if you die? Wouldn't they all just despawn?
Also, Slap Hand no longer does damage. It only makes enemies want to break up with you and never look back.

Implemented a feature in which Spazmatism says big boy words.

How can he/she* do that? Spazmatism is an eyeball.

*I don't know how to tell the gender of eyeballs, and I didn't want to offend anybody*

Reimplemented all bugs from previous versions. Removed all 1.3 and 1.2.4 content. Terraria development has ceased. Goodbye!

Hooray, Red's wings have infinite flight again and cost nothing to reforge!! And we can buy explosive bunnies from the Pirate!!

Storm Dragonica

The least HP Moon Lord can get is 1, when it's at 1 HP. It will deal an undodgeable attack consisting of the moon crashing down on your world. Destroying it (deleting the world) and destroying your character (your character is deleted too!).

To defeat it, you must utilize a glitch where Doge will fly to Moon Lord and explodes, destroying Moon Lord to pieces.


Second form.

This looks like an eyeball to me.


Skeletron Prime
Martian Saucer now uses Chaos Elemental AI while in second form.

All bosses are now reflect projectiles like biome mimics at under half health.

Softcore, Mediumcore, and Hardcore now decided randomly on character creation.

Blocks and coins no longer stack.

Rune Wizard now spawns in any area of the map and does so frequently.

If you open a dev set from a treasure bag, you are reported for cheating.

All full moons in the game are replaced by Frost Moons.

Removed jumping from the game; cloud in a bottle and like accessories now give you one jump.


Skeletron Prime
-Getting killed by a green slime triggers lunar event.
-fixed bug causing life crystals to raise HP.
-upon entering the jungle/desert, 8 Tortoises/Dunesplicers will fly from the edge of the screen.
-fixed bug where dungeon guardian only spawns in dungeon.
-all minions are now minions like from despicable me

The Grand Finale
-Moonlord and Medusa switch places.

I absolutely lost it with the Dune Splicers :D:D:D
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