Terraria Bad Ideas

Master Mode:
Harder than Expert Mode, enemies have 10x boosted stats, increased Corruption spread (3x the pre-plantera Hardmode spread), the Corruption will kill the Hallow, Deltarune's King and Undertale's Sans become the Penultimate and Final Bosses respectively (only destructible with a feature phone [burnt, causing a very violent explosion that is 50x more powerful than an explosive block]), permafrostburn in frozen water, snow biomes make you chilled, Volcanoes appear after digging hellevators, and NPCs become evil in corrupt locations. Unlocked by KILLING THE MOON LORD IN EXPERT MODE WITH VERY WEAK WEAPONS AT A QUARTER TO FIVE A.M. (Terrarian Time) AT SEPTEMBER 11 (IRL) WITH A WEAK COMPUTER.
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  • Skeletron Prime's chainsaw will cut down trees and destroy wood blocks. His lasers will set things on fire, and the bombs destroy blocks.
  • When enraged, Duke Fishron will leave a trail of water wherever he attacks, and will cause the ocean to slowly flood the rest of the world.
  • If not killed within 5 Terraria days of their spawn, the cultists outside the dungeon will successfully summon the Moon Lord, regardless of the player's progression in the game.
  • Bananarangs give enemies struck Well Fed, and enemies struck have a chance to eat one of your Bananarangs, removing it from the player's inventory.
  • When the Player is inflicted with On Fire!, Frostburn, or Cursed Flames, bombs and dynamite in their hotbar will go off with a short delay, dealing armor penetrating damage.
  • You can take damage from your own ricocheting Water Bolts.
  • When the player falls too high of a distance, if they survived, they will gain the Crippled debuff, which halves movement speed. A random side will be selected, and as long as the player has the Crippled debuff, they will always take critical damage from enemies on that side. This debuff applies regardless of fall damage negation.
  • Reverted all Enemy nerfs
  • When the player dies in mediumcore, their items can be picked up by zombies and other enemies and worn, granting them weapons and armor, complete with set bonuses and whatever ammunition the player had on them at the time.
  • Fireflies and butterflies will suicide into torches.
  • When NPCs are killed by zombies, they turn into a zombie.
  • NPCs do not respawn when killed.
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Half this thread: literally just REALLY BIG NUMBERS
Other Half of this thread: Semi-legitimate super hardcore suggestions that might look good in amod


Teamplay mode; work to keep each other alive!
In other words, if one character on that world dies, so do all the others on the server! Absolutely no possibility of griefing with this!

Oh, and also give back the clown's tile destruction capabilities. And increase them. Also, make enemies that go through walls disintegrate them too.


Torch God
Merry Christmas, Terrarians!
Update 1.5 will send shivers down your spine!

Riding Rudolph on Christmas with Santa in your town and a minimal of 4 Christmas trees placed with full decoration will allow the player to fly to Santa's Workshop, full of magnificent enemies and wonderful loot! However, you must play in a sneaky fashion and hide in the darkness or else the elves will turn you into dust. You must always be near a heat source/use a Warmth Potion/wear a Hand Warmer/Eskimo set or you will have a permanent Chilled debuff.

You will start off in an igloo with Santa Claus and your Guide, a Tinkerer's Workshop, a Titanium/Adamantite Forge, a Boreal Wood Workbench, a Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil, a Campfire and a Heart Lantern. A Boreal Wood Chest (Labeled as "Starter Kit") contains 10 Warmth Potions and an Eskimo armor set.

None. They kill you right away if you make too much noise or stay in the light for too long.

New Features:
  • A permanent Chilled debuff if you don't fulfill at least one of these:
    • Has the Warmth buff active
    • Has the Hand Warmer equipped
    • Has the full Eskimo armor set equipped
    • Is near a heat source
  • A noise meter that fills up whenever you:
    • Walk too fast (>30 mph) (Fills the meter by 2 bars)
    • Mine blocks too fast (>10 blocks in 10 seconds) (Fills the meter by 3 bars)
    • The noise meter fills up at 10 bars
  • A brightness meter that fills up whenever you stay in a brightness level of 7 for >10 seconds. Has 10 bars and fills up by 1 bar every 2 seconds
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(Man that's a lot for a bad idea)


added a radioactive biome. you need certain armor to survive in this biome. otherwise, your character will burn away into ashes.
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