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Terraria Bad Ideas


Here are a few new features in the latest update of Terraria. Trees now quickly spin and turn you into a tree on contact. All worms are now truffle worms and spread The Hallow. The Corruption now corrupts your game. Meteors now make you start drowning on contact and touch down whenever any enemies are defeated. The Dryad and the Eye Of Cthulhu are now switched. All fish caught are now an upside-down Queen Slime and have Worm AI. All music is now backward. Honey now instakills. The Crimson is now green and the Forest Biome is now red. Sky islands are now sideways. Slimes now have Brain Of Cthulhu AI. All enemies in Hell are now the Moon Lord. The Dungeon is now made completely of sand and collapses immediately. Anything Skeletron touches now becomes the Jungle Biome.
Every second, there is a 5% chance that you get a "Vertigo" status effect, which turns your screen upside-down. Not just your Terraria screen, it turns your monitor/TV upside-down. On Mobile, it makes the "bottom" of the screen on the top of whatever your phone rotation is. There is a 10% chance every 10 seconds that the effect is removed.


I made a similar post to this on Terraria Online, but figured I'd make it here too. The idea is humorously terrible ideas for Terraria, or ideas that make an amount of sense but would never work in practice.

I'll get us started...

* The "beginning of the end "actually IS potentially the end of the world. Fail to defeat the celestial towers in a short enough time, or get defeated by Moon Lord? Your world is deleted.

* Three silver bullets kills werewolves, regardless of actual damage dealt. Also applies to players in werewolf form.

* If you play on your birthday, the Clown will come to party... and blow you up.
Using blocks turns it 3-d and causes your game to be replaced by Minecraft
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