Terraria State of the Game - August 2022

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I used Eastern Standard Time – EST Time Zone which points out that most places in the EST time zone are currently on summer/daylight saving time and therefore using EDT instead of EST. If it's 10 AM EST, there's still about one hour as of this post. If it's actually 10 AM EDT, then it's just a few minutes remaining...
I just looked up on the internet of mst to est and it was like it’s 9 am when it’s 7 for me, so odd


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I checked last night 10am est time is 3PM UK time sinc ei generally 5 to 6 hours ahead of you depending on what part of the us timezone you live in, luckily ive been out the past couple of hours walking and shopping so I could pace myself out.


Probably the last episode in this thread of "Terraria devs can't stop thinking about stuff to add to their game":

Can't wait for the State of the Game September 2022 that will talk about the LoL release and how, for once, it wasn't called a final update because there's actually already a next update planned. And make no mistake, a next update is planned.

So that's at least two items that have been confirmed to be planned: crossplay and gender-neutral character options.
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