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FTW Master mode, first night. I was trying to find jungle, but found corruption, teleported home, but night just started. I hid underground, and decided to create a zombie trap, but i got bored, and made a really cool zombie trap. It's perfect, i can kill zombies, they can't escape, they can't get me, but if they will get past, i got a escape route, i will close door and block it with block! But if zombie gets past even through door (if i too slow), there's wall with platforms! I can get through using these platforms! It's op against zombies! And it's symmetrical!
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Titanium armor with the shard carries pretty well, until some Fighter AIs decided to move in through the top ...

I barely killed the destroyer and now TWO solar eclipse in a row?

They dont even have the good stuff of post plantera ones. They just come and kill you ...

And after some time ...

This is my first lucky coin since 4 years ago playing mobile 1.2.4.
Let's just ignore that solar eruption shall we ...
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just after i start hardmode, this happens

i love this game


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I’m sorry but cooper sword is too funny

Anyways Zenith fires literally every ingredient in its tree, including terragrim. So you can find stuff like the Nights Edge despite not being directly crafted into it.
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I am a wizard.
Overhaul + Randomiser; I opened a whole load of EOC bags.

What's that Zoologist cut?

Wave 15 of the Pumpkin Moon. Help me.

That island is so close.

Weird Crimson Heart placement.

I had a zombie friend whilst farming for frost armour (not worth it).

I feel so bad.

Now onto tModLoader!


Abyss going into the dungeon (Calamity; Consolaria).

Yes. This is realistic (Overhaul).

Worst world gen ever (Calamity).

This is the weirdest bug I've ever seen (Calamity).

House on the surface (Calamity; Randomiser)?

The world drained The Abyss for me (Calamity; Overhaul; 64bit).

Rip. My world broke (Calamity).
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Where the head goin (Terraria 1.4)
Capture 2021-05-15 14_35_41.png

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce. The spider eye (Tmodloader with polarities mod)
Capture 2021-05-06 18_28_12.png

I dont think this should be possible in the slightest but here we are (Tmodloader, on the same world which I was just messing around and this happened randomly)
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Thank you worldgen, very cool
Capture 2021-04-26 23_01_54.png

The glowmask looks like his soul leaving his body, thanks to prefixes for enemies
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just beat wof in expert. next message on screen 12 seconds later was "A goblin army is approching from the east!" Me and my faithful shadow armor and space gun were not ready for that
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