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Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment

Capture 2021-02-19 15_14_21.png

Just 5 minutes ago, the vortex pillar spawned perfectly centered over my rebuilt dungeon entrance.
(Or at least as centered as an even-width entity can be over an odd-width spawn point. Shhh)


FTW Master mode, first night. I was trying to find jungle, but found corruption, teleported home, but night just started. I hid underground, and decided to create a zombie trap, but i got bored, and made a really cool zombie trap. It's perfect, i can kill zombies, they can't escape, they can't get me, but if they will get past, i got a escape route, i will close door and block it with block! But if zombie gets past even through door (if i too slow), there's wall with platforms! I can get through using these platforms! It's op against zombies! And it's symmetrical!
Capture 2021-02-25 17_55_05.png
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