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Usually these houses that are missing a wall are on the surface oO
So, I sadly don’t have a screenshot, but once In the corruption, I found 2 shadow orbs right next to each other, but that’s not all. So, the turned out to have generated in a way that, when I blew them up, there was more below them, as in, they generated going through a chasm, because after I blew them up, I fell, and guess what, there’s 2 more shadow orbs in the ground. It was like 2 of the orbs were protecting the 2 others
I'm in
Also remember how I was literally cut in half when two world feeders dug through me in X letter shape (sadly no shot)


  • almost doom gameplay.png
    almost doom gameplay.png
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  • drunk man after burly party.png
    drunk man after burly party.png
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  • gnome gang  ~you picked the wrong underground fool~.png
    gnome gang ~you picked the wrong underground fool~.png
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  • living tree generated in junge.png
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  • meteorite in living trees.png
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  • multiple goblin scouts.png
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  • multiple living trees with collective leaf.png
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  • multiple naturally spawned biome mimics.png
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  • nice world generation no.2.png
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  • nice world generation.png
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  • you shall not pass.png
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On the next map, I was looking for a hive for a long time, what was my surprise when I opened the card in Tedit and found it ..:eek:

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These are wrong bees, they make the wrong honey! %:sigh:
Hi @DDR3 I moved your post into this existing thread for screenshots (and out of the Introductions section since the Intro section is for well... introducing yourself :) ).
I got considerable amount of these moments so far:

Capture 2022-02-07 15_21_39.png

Found two Life Crystals close to each other, with one being adjacent to a worm statue...
Not enough?

Capture 2021-06-13 15_23_03.png

Earlier, I also found two adjacent Life Crystals coupled together with a drippler statue. This has got to be pretty rare.

Capture 2022-03-04 21_56_34.png

I got more. Here's two adjacent Water Bolts on a single dungeon shelf. This is the only time I've seen this happen.

Capture 2021-07-08 21_10_38.png

If you pay attention real close, you can see that there are actually two depth meters. I don't remember how I got this to work. What most likely happened was that I killed two bat-type enemies and they both dropped a depth meter.

Capture 2022-03-06 11_19_16.png

I was preparing a Skeletron farm during one of my playthroughs. One time when I was building it, I had a personal close-up encounter with a gang of vultures.

Capture 2022-02-12 10_20_04.png

Here's a funny one: My player was standing nearby a chest when a fairy spawned, and guest what happened next?

Capture 2022-01-15 00_03_36.png

The workbench is not limited to the confines of gravity like the rest of Terraria. It's a free spirit living the high life.
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