Official Terraria's 8th Anniversary - Ask Redigit and Cenx!

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    Submit your questions in this thread​
    • Have you ever wondered something about Terraria... how Redigit came up with the idea, what Cenx thought about the game the first time she played it... now is your chance to ask, and if you are lucky enough your question may be answered
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    • UPDATE: Redigit and Cenx have answered TONS of questions •

    You can read Cenx's post within this thread HERE or read her answers in the spoiler below:
    There was concern with the Plumber and Hero's set would trigger potential copyright issues in Japan so our publisher suggested this as an alternative.

    We have always said that we would like to attempt some variation of Creative Mode prior to being done with Terraria, and I think that is still very much on the table. The team is a bit torn on a post Moon Lord boss and post Moon Lord content, but it is something that we talk about quite often. I wouldn't be surprised to see something added post Moon Lord - just not entirely sure what that will look like yet.

    There are three that come to mind immediately- Rain accumulation, Weapon Dyes, and being able to grapple to trees.

    Rain accumulation was actually really fun to test on the servers, and it was in for a few beta builds - basically, the rain would fall, it would cause holes/bunkers/etc. to flood with water - and you would have to build little systems to get rid of the water.

    The ability to dye weapons was always something we wanted to try and this was definitely a highly requested feature. Unfortunately, the way our dye and particle systems work does not play nicely with this, and we ended up having to scrap the system entirely.

    Grappling to trees is still a feature I am very upset about losing! Basically, for a few builds, Redigit made it so you could grapple to trees. However, he later found that it interfered with gameplay in an annoying way, so it had to be scrapped.

    My favorite part of Terraria is probably the exploration aspects. Pre-hardmode is still my favorite part of the game for this reason: so much to see and do - so many surprises to be found!

    My favorite boss is definitely Plantera; I love her design, and absolutely love her boss theme. Fun fact in case you didn't know - when we sent the request to Scott for her music we sent along a clip to a Pantera song, and her dropping the axe is a nod to their late guitarist "Dimebag" Darrel Abbott.

    1. One of the biggest reasons we decided to not monetize our updates is we did not want to splinter our community. Terraria to us has always been about multiplayer, and the thought of not being able to play with a friend because they could not afford an update did not sit well with us. I think in making this decision, it actually strengthened how we and the game appear to our community, and that led to far more success.

    2. I have not used any mods to-date, but from the outside, I am very impressed with Super Terraria World, Calamity, Thorium, and of course Tmodloader. I am sure I am forgetting all sorts of great mods, and this is not meant to be a slight to them in anyway! <3

    3. I do not think anyone loves working with XNA/.Net. Initially, Terraria was meant to be a little pet project for one man - the fact that we are still updating and have such a large team is a bit mind blowing! I can say without a doubt that our next game will be done with a different engine for sure!

    4. One of the biggest things we have improved upon recently is how we organize and track things - getting Jira has been a lifesaver! Crazy to think that just a few years ago, we did all of our tracking for everything on Google spreadsheets. I also think something we have learned a lot about is preparing for features in advance - Terraria was not developed to do a lot of what it does now, and a lot of brute force and frustration is put behind making some of these new things work. If you want a good example ask Yoraiz0r how he feels about controller support! :p

    The first time I met Red, I was working at Gamestop and he had flown out to meet with his best friend who just happened to be my best friend that he had met while in the Airforce. He came in bragging about Terraria being in beta and I was bragging about having beta access to Diablo 3. A year later we met again and hit it off immediately. He showed me Terraria and I didn't really get it and didn't fully understand that he was the man behind everything that made it work.

    Thanks for your continued support! Unfortunately I do not see us adding new hook mechanics in this update, but I would definitely expect to see many new hook mechanics in Terraria 2 (or whatever we end up calling it) :p. I feel like while that peak was higher- we can do better with 1.3.6! :D

    Terraria 1 will definitely be done in the next 5 years. :p

    I am so beyond excited for the work that DR Studios has done on the new 1.3 update for Mobile. I cannot wait to see how everyone reacts, the wait is definitely worth it!

    For Yoraiz0r's sanity and our creativity I would have to say adding controller support to PC. Our game was never really designed with controller support in mind and it has caused a lot of headaches for our programmers. Doing it did serve a purpose though, and it has taught us so much for our next game.

    No- this is Terraria! The goofier the better! :p

    Pedguin and ChippyGaming were just starting out when I was just starting out as our Community Manager. While Redigit was programming, I would join random Twitch streams and interact with the viewers. Pedguin was always friendly, silly, and had a good community - so I started sharing his streams on social media. Chippy was a similar situation, only I found him through Youtube. After sharing many videos and interacting over time our relationship grew. He is my favorite annoying little brit. ;)

    When I met Red it was shortly after he announced that he would no longer be working on Terraria. When we decided to reboot the game, we reached out to artists in the community via our forums and went from there. Crowno, Jimmarn, AaronC, Phlebus, and Waffles all contributed to art. Shortly after 1.2 we stumbled upon Yoraiz0r who would go on to be the second official programmer for the game and now lead programmer. Our other programmers Skiphs, Grox, and Leinfors were also pulled from the community. Our Business team is a group of friends and family - Loki went from community to part of the Hydra that is our business team. Basically as you can see we built our team from the community once the game was already established and their reaction to it was positive. :p

    I would absolutely be all about it! We have been referenced in an anime as well as a few games and it is always so exciting and humbling to see.

    It is always likely that we will add a few. ;)

    Finishing it and moving on! While it has been a crazy amazing ride, we are all definitely ready to move on to the next project. :)

    We have actually buffed him quite a bit for the next update, and are in the process of balance-testing his changes.

    I think it is absolutely amazing that so many people have the passion and drive to mod our game - I am all about it. We have always talked about ways to try and hack in mod support but in all honestly at this point to do it properly it would likely take an entire rewrite of the game. We will always keep the door open for possibility but it isn't looking good.

    Leaps of faith and freaking boulder traps! Red laughs so hard anytime I die to a trap. >.<

    The final sword isn't something we have discussed a lot in terms of design or acquisition, so I cannot yet say if it will be an upgrade to the Terra Blade. Crowno was the one who designed the Terra Blade, it is one of my favorites as well! Moon Lord is not Cthulhu and he is also not his brother- that was me being a troll. :p Unfortunately due to terms of service, mods will not likely be a thing you can expect on PS4/Xbone anytime soon.

    Thanks for your questions and passion for our game, love the sword! Color combinations and design are fun. :)

    I think they are nice fun things for people to play with that have completed the game. I do not ever seeing these be things we add in any official capacity.

    We had several biomes we started designing that were scrapped as we changed direction. Before the Jungle became the massive beast it is today Jimmarn had started designing sprites for a Swamp Alternative. We also had concepts for a Candyland version of the Hallow and ideas for a Hell alternative based on the color schemes from the Hell in Disney's Hercules.

    My favorite song in Terraria or outside of Terraria? For Terraria definitely Plantera Boss theme. Outside of Terraria it is a toss up between Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd and Nutshell by Alice in Chains.

    You can read Redigit's post in this thread HERE or read his answers in the spoiler below
    I never really thought about having defined classes in the game early on. It's something that just evolved as we added more armor sets and accessories. I'm pretty happy with how they all turned out, because there is something unique about each one of them. Ranged uses different types of ammo to modify the base projectile, magic has mana management and a bunch of crazy weapons, and melee is more basic for people who don't want to bother with any of that. On top of those three you have summoner that I consider a sub class of all the others, except you are supported by creatures that do all the work for you.

    I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out, and don't really see a need to add more classes just for the sake of adding more classes. It's cool that some mods do for the people that would like to experiment with that kind of thing.

    Lore always took a backseat to gameplay in Terraria. There are some things I always envisioned being a certain way, but the game never really talks about it. Terraria is the kind of game where you make your own stories, and I don't think that will change. If we make a sequel we will definitely plan things ahead of time so the story will make more sense.

    I like being able to share adventures with my friends, there aren't nearly enough games like that.

    I want there to be more Terraria games in the future. After 1.1 came out and I decided to quit Terraria, I planned on having a sequel out by now, but I didn't happen that way. I am very happy with how far Terraria has come, though.

    My favorite boss is the Wall of Flesh. You are fighting for you life and are constantly being pushed back. It's an interesting style of boss fight that was influenced by Demon Walls from Final Fantasy. My favorite armor is probably Shroomite. I like the way it looks and think the stealth mechanic turned out really well.

    I've always been a big fan of 2D platformers where you use the mouse to aim and shoot. As a kid, I was heavily influenced by games like Worms, Liero, and Soldat. I've always wanted to make a big RPG game in that style, but how does one guy go about designing a world large enough? Well, everyone's favorite feature of SMBX(another game I made) was the level editor, so I realized that leaving it up to the player to make their own world was the best way to go about it. Then Minecraft came along and showed me how to put it all together.

    Updates are a ton of work, but they are very satisfying. I am always a nervous wreck anytime I have to click the button to make Terraria go live, but it's all worth it to see so many people play the game and to read their comments about it.

    Well one of them, and Yoraiz0r will agree with me, is using hard coded numbers for everything in the code. For example if you want to see if an item is a torch you would put if (item.type == 7). This wasn't too big of a problem in the beginning when you had less than 100 items in game. However, this is terrible when you have over 4000 items and don't know what all the numbers mean. It was a huge rookie mistake. Now we had IDs that we use to reference all items, so the above statement would be if (item.type == ItemID.Torch). We have replaced most of these magic numbers, but there are still a few in game that cause complications from time to time.

    It's been great to work with so many different programmers, because I have learned a lot from each of them.

    I don't think I've let anything being too ridiculous stop me. We have Golden Showers, Master Bait, Mourning Wood, and a Nurse that doesn't give happy endings. I added the ability to strap dynamite to bunnies and let them chase after monsters this update, too. Had to fight tooth and nail with Cenx for that one, but I usually get my way.

    Pretty much everyone on the team were fans of the game and came from the community.

    Inventory management can be a pain in this game. I think my favorite QOL features were increased inventory and chest space and the ability to quick stack to nearby chests. Once you get the initial organization done it's super easy to drop stuff off and go back to what you were doing.

    1. We actually experimented with Super X a few years ago. We split off part of the team to work on it as a side project, but it didn't pan out. I think it was a mistake to split the team up instead of keeping everyone focused on the same project.
    2. I don't think we'll add many more ancient items. That old Starfury sprite was terrible anyway
    3. We thought about making a Hallow alternate multiple times, but it didn't pan out. It seems too late to justify doing it now because of how much work it would be.
    4. I'm not gonna give out any spoilers about new weapons just yet.
    5. Fishing pole modifiers were never planned. It didn't seem like something that was needed.

    I made some changes to him recently that make him more difficult in multiplayer expert mode. He is also going to be a lot harder to cheese now. I've been waiting to fight him again on a legit playthrough to see if that's enough yet. I do agree that he can sometimes be way too easy to defeat.

    Fico feliz que Terraria lhe dê a oportunidade de passar tempo com suas filhas! A idéia por trás do evento da lua de abóbora é tornar cada onda mais difícil até que, eventualmente, fique difícil de continuar. Concordo que 12 chefes na tela ao mesmo tempo podem ser um pouco demais. Vou tentar ver se consigo sentir mais equilibrado. Desculpe pela má tradução, usei o Google.

    I think mods are great. They add a lot of new things to the game that you will probably never see in vanilla. At some point we are going to be done updating Terraria, so the mods are going to be what keeps the game alive with fresh content.

    There are already a bunch of new items in this update, with more planned before release.

    I love the normal underground track. The mood it sets feels perfect to me. I also really like the jungle and rain tracks as well. Scott Lloyd Shelly is an incredible composer and I am always excited to hear the new tracks when he sends them over.

    I get asked this a lot. It's made in C# using XNA. I went with it at the time because Microsoft was pushing XNA as the next great gaming framework. They dropped support for it a few years after Terraria came out, so we are now stuck with a dead framework. If you are looking for something to make games in, Unity looks better to me the more I learn about it.

    You'll just have to wait and see. :)

    I joined the US Air Force when I was old enough. I learned a lot about networking and maintaining computers from that, but didn't get any programming experience. I am mostly self taught when it comes to programming. As I mentioned earlier, Unity is looking real good right now. There are a lot of tutorials on the internet that will get you started with it. You just need to accept that it's going to be hard at first and push through the frustration of learning something new and difficult.


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  2. SnoopDuck

    SnoopDuck Terrarian

    With mods such as Thorium and Calamity building on or creating their own classes in Terraria, do you have any plans to do the same or do you believe it best to leave already developed content like that on its own?
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  3. SpectreFKD

    SpectreFKD Headless Horseman

    Is there a plan for an embedded storyline / lore? If so, will it be coherent (very direct to follow), or more fragmented, as in "bits" of lore scattered about, leaving it to the player to figure out for themself?
  4. Lord Garak

    Lord Garak Retinazer

    I'll start off with a smaller question:

    Are you guys aware of how disgustingly strong Palladium (and by extension Valhalla) armor is? Palladium alone is incredibly easy to get and provides the equivalent of an extra Super Healing Potion every minute on top of the potion you are already entitled to drink- and that regeneration is not affected by damage taken. For all I know this has already been patched in 1.3.6, but it's been in the game so long now that I'd just really like to point it out as a generally accepted truth in case it flew under the radar the good folks at Re-Logic in their balancing quest.

    And for a deeper question:

    With this being the game's 8th anniversary, Terraria is now up there with the likes of Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft as being one of those 2005-2015 releases that still dominate the scene with a gigantic playerbase and occasional content injections. The game has a history of inconsistency with whether it will continue to be updated or not, so if this is even answered I would of course not expect it to count as some kind of obligation or promise. However, I think we're all wondering: would it be possible to have updated information on the status of Terraria 2 and in turn the status of Terraria post-1.3.6? Everybody always parrots around ancient statements about things being "in-development" and it's been a very long time since any sort of official statement was made. Will Re-Logic continue to hoist around Terraria as its flagship for more years to come, or is there a definite plan to move on to new projects (such as the supposed 2 which may or may not exist)?

    Sorry for putting my questions in paragraph form; I have trouble condensing my thoughts...
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  5. orian34

    orian34 Golem

    How did the Danganronpa crossover happen?
    I'm interested and curious to know how that came to be. :D
  6. Ash4lyfe

    Ash4lyfe Terrarian

    Are you planning to do another crossover event?
  7. Laiser Fish

    Laiser Fish Skeletron Prime

    Are you planning on ever adding a creative mode or making any bosses after the Moon Lord? or are you just going to make more bosses in between and possibly raise his difficulty? You could make all sorts of celestial bosses after said Moon Lord, which would be kinda cool!
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  8. Cjjedik

    Cjjedik Steampunker

    What was the original vision or inspiration that eventually lead to you creating terraria? At what point did you know you wanted this vision to be a video game?
  9. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian

    Why did you base the name of your game off of a fish tank terrarium thingydingy? If that IS the thing that the name is based on

    And why [Ter-rare-e-ya] instead of [Ter-rar-e-ya]?
  10. GiveUpBeatch

    GiveUpBeatch Terrarian

    Today is my birthday, so as a gift can you tell me if at least if the Nintendo switch/mobile versions are going to come out this month(sorry, you must be bored of hearing that question by now)
  11. Nehemiah

    Nehemiah Terrarian

    What were some interesting features that were close to making it into the game but got cut?
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  12. ThatRandomBuilderGuy

    ThatRandomBuilderGuy Eye of Cthulhu

    What’s your favorite part about terraria?
    If there gonna be a terraria 2 or another terraria game?
    Also what’s your favorite boss/armor?
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  13. Paypamations

    Paypamations Terrarian

    Who is the lunatic cultist based off and who is the cultist identity I’ve been wondering and speculating for the longest time and I really want to know who is the lunatic cultist
  14. ThaChillera

    ThaChillera Terrarian

    What were your initial reasons/inpiration for seperating character and world save files? Since this is quite an uncommon thing to do!

    Have you ever considered adding the forced 'linking' of character and world file, where a character can only be played on a specific world/server?
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  15. Bubby Aurora

    Bubby Aurora The Destroyer

    Is making such a gigantic fighting sandbox explorer fun? The game's so huge that even a full dev team HAS to be exhausted!
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  16. luis angel

    luis angel Terrarian

    Hello! (Sorry to use the translator) questions:
    -Will they include mini-heads in the spider or granite biomes?
    -Why did they choose the work they have now?

    Here i idea leave an idea and question.

    Idea: I thought that since it was said that Moon Lord is brother Cthulhu it could be done that after defeating Moon Lord Cthulhu was automatically invoked after a day; Cthulhu will come to the world to avenge his brother, so he will plunge the world into darkness and in that moment the eternal night will fall and there will be more enemies and bosses; The bosses will give you two fragments, one of light and one of darkness, with those fragments you can make an armor and weapons only to then invoke the Pillar of Eternal Night and face it and save the night world. After this a fight could be made against Cthulhu or against his most powerful worshipers. I leave the rest to you. Q
    What do you think of my idea?
  17. greatweelo

    greatweelo Terrarian

    Are there any plans to add native support for mods that don't rely on 3rd party programs to set up?
  18. GamingMaster✌

    GamingMaster✌ Terrarian

    Have you ever expected to make Terraria this big and popular as it is now?
  19. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    One thing that I've really wondered is what was inspired to create Terraria. And how they've keep updating and pushing the game to the limits of the engine while it also could have been a new sequel or DLC instead. I'm really impressed with the amount of love and effort been put into it.
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  20. Murphmario

    Murphmario Retinazer

    What was one thing you wanted to add to Terraria in the past, but nowadays want to avoid adding? Features that were in the game in the past but have been removed do not count.
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