Official Terraria's 8th Anniversary - Ask Redigit and Cenx!

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  1. EmeraldHam178

    EmeraldHam178 Plantera

    Here's a nice question!
    What inspired you to make Terraria back in 2011 or before? And describe how it felt when you had released every update after tons of hard work!
    Also Happy Anniversary! I've been a fan for 4 years now. The times keep changing!
  2. Grumpy Squid

    Grumpy Squid Plantera

    1. Games as a service typically have DLC or some other form of providing income to help fund the continued development and support of a product. Why did you guys choose not to go this route? Have there been any challenges or major consequences as a result of not doing this or has default sales and merchandise been enough to sustain development?

    2. Have you guys ever used any mods? Any favorites? There have been a couple of mods I used that ruined me and now I can't play without them. Magic Storage being one and Gotest's RPG Mods being another.

    3. What's the general feeling of using XNA and .Net amongst the developers? Do you guys plan on switching to a different engine in future products or do you feel XNA and .Net serves your purposes rather well?

    4. Eight years... What an incredible amount of time. What lessons in particular did you learn over these eight years that you feel provided you with valuable knowledge for future and current development?
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  3. chucho020

    chucho020 Terrarian

    In the very distant future, the game could have the same code on all platforms and be crossplay?
  4. squidswithtails

    squidswithtails Terrarian

    Are you planning to add in more fishing and critters?
  5. HLF themax

    HLF themax Terrarian

    Will you add more traps to the base game ?

    Today, Terraria is by far one of my favorite games , with insane possibilities, but what annoyed me there was the lack of a big variety of traps . I came out with several Ideas if interested but also with a question to know if you were planning to add traps .

    1. Gas/smoke trap ; a trap that fill a whole room with gas or smoke and darken your visibility or poison you

    2. Electric trap ; a trap that zap and stun the player , dealing critic damages

    3. Saw trap ; a trap that when activated make a saw appears through the block

    4. False statues ; similar to mimics, false statues when activated would have their eyes blinking and would start to attack the nearest player .

    5. Blade traps ; with giant blades swinging to kill the player .
  6. Sky High

    Sky High Ice Queen

    When - if ever - did this switch from a passion project to a full production?
  7. Sychosythe

    Sychosythe Terrarian

    Will you ever add dropable bags for the lunatic cultist and some of the other ''Minibosses''?
  8. ridley217

    ridley217 Terrarian

    Whenever you started developing Terraria, did you ever in your mind think it was going to be as big of a success as it is today? I can imagine how awestruck you would still be with that thought alone.
  9. What features have you wanted to add that couldn’t be added due to technological limits?
  10. SpiderboyX03

    SpiderboyX03 Plantera

    To Redigit: I know you and Nintendo haven't had the best relationship. If you could say 1 thing to Nintendo without getting In trouble or anything, what would it be
    To Cenx: Did you meet Red before or after he became "famous". Also, did you meet him IRL or online?
  11. Cmon dude

    Cmon dude Terrarian

    Hi cenx i've been a fan for 5 years my question is "will there be a new hook mechanic such as swings" and how did you feel when 1.3.4 was released and terraria reached its HIGHEST peak? :)
  12. boros

    boros Terrarian

    Have you considered adding foreground blocks, which fade away when you walk behind them?
    This way we'd have more details to builds and hide the interiors. If it's not possible with the current engine would you consider it for the next terraria?

    Talking about engine limitations, what additional liquid (or gasses) would you guys like to see added?

    Also, have you seen gameplay of Noita, it has so-called simulated pixels, destructible environments, flammable gasses etc. I would love to see those elements added to terraria (2?) , imagine tunneling into a cavern filled with natural gas and getting your torch out, it would be a glorious end to a hardcore character!

    thank you redigit, cenx and everybody at relogic for an amazing game with countless updates, happy anniversary!
    love this game!
  13. spectrum1605

    spectrum1605 Terrarian

    Short Question:

    What is/are the reason/s you made this amazing game? Was there an inspiration?
  14. Zacharie Cameron

    Zacharie Cameron Terrarian

    Do you have plans to add new bosses and can we have more informations about Terraria 2 ?
  15. mukdamukda00

    mukdamukda00 Terrarian

    Will Terraria finished the development in future? (I mean next 10-20 years)
  16. Fudjijama

    Fudjijama Golem

    What where your thoughts when you designed Duke Fishron? I'm pretty interested, since the mix of a boar and a fish that shoots tornados which shoot sharks is quite... special.

    Another question: Is the demolitionist a dwarf or simply a small bearded man? If he is a dwarf, is he the only one? And if so, what happened to the rest?
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  17. LinkSans2000

    LinkSans2000 Steampunker

    To Both: Do you guys have any more crossover or even reference ideas? For example, indie game references like Undertale/Deltarune:happy: A Hat In Time:cool: etc. Or are you leaving that up to modders:confused: Thanks;)

    Sorry about the emoji overload. They’re too fun to not use!
  18. jagriel

    jagriel Terrarian

    Do you guys have plans for a third possible world evil, or maybe even another "good" biome that can replace the hollow?
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  19. Kakashi YT

    Kakashi YT Terrarian

    I have played on mobile for about 2 months now and I have fell in love with this game, and I am really hoping for you to at least give us a release date for mobile. I really do want to see this game grow and 1.3 on mobile will definitely bring more players to this game.:happy:
  20. Looking back, were there any decisions made during Terraria's development that you've come to regret? Perhaps something you feel you could've handled better, or a game design choice you've grown against over time?
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