Official Terraria's 8th Anniversary - Ask Redigit and Cenx!

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Why do you hate Epic Games so much
How did you get so friendly with well known Terraria content creators like Pedguin and ChippyGaming?
As every company needs a team of its own, where did you find the other officials and how did they first react to Terraria?

Also I heard that Red's gonna make Moon Lord's lower body a boss and the Broken Hero Sword an actual weapon, when are they coming?
What is one thing you wish you could have put into the game that you either haven't gotten around to, or just couldn't make work properly?
First question, are you planning on unifying all versions of Terraria into one similarly to what MoJang did with the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft?

Second question, if the answer is yes, will Pipeworks and the the others still work on Terraria or will Re-Logic take over development across all platforms?
Did you implement any items as a joke at first but then decide to keep them?
Also how many times have you played through the entire game? :dryadhappy:
Which update was the most fun to work on?
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Hmm.. just how different does 1.3.6 make the game feel? It already seems like there's a crazy amount of polishing from just the spoilers alone, which I'm assuming is only a small glimpse of what's to come in the future!
One of the many good impressions I got from Terraria was thanks to the impressive abundance of content with references to popular culture! :dryadgrin:
How would you feel about having Terraria referenced in other games or franchises?
What are some features you think would be cool to add, but might never be added? (maybe because it doesnt fit the game or would break it in some way?)
I've heard that it's going to be assimilated into the ranger class again in the new update, but why was the throwing class created in the first place if you knew you weren't going to do anything else with it from the get-go?
I am really dying to know who created the bosses in Terraria like I'm meaning. Who in the game Assembled Golem or built the Destroyer. Also how is Terraria 2 going.
There a thing that i want to ask,how long is terraria planned?what its challenge to make this game came alive? What are first member/group that helping this game?
I have several questions at the moment so here it goes :naughty:
  1. Redigit, back in the day (before Terraria) You made Super Mario Bros X (then Nintendo came). After that the Terraria were born. Some time ago someone mention that it is possible for SMBX to get a "sequel" (with less Mario-oriented theme). I would love to know if this project (possibly called "Super X") is still a thing.
  2. Terraria 1.2 re-added some cool "ancient" stuff back into the game. It is possible that the good old Starfury will be back as "Ancient Starfury" in the future (maybe more items will be back)?
  3. Corruption biome got an alternative in form of Crimson biome. My question is that it is possible that Hallow at some time will also have an alternative?
  4. At the moment the strongest spear in the game is North Pole while other melee weapons goes beyond that point in progression. Do you plan adding some endgame spears (like polearm made of Luminite) to Terraria?
  5. Oh boy this one. I apologise but I must write it. Why Fishing Pole modifiers were abandoned? What really happened?
5. Are there any plans to finish the throwing class?
From what I heard the throwing class is going to merge into ranger class.
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