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Vote for your favorite contest entry! (listed in order of appearance)

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  1. Bubby Aurora

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  2. Sky High

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  3. Holographic Dragonite

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  4. Yello_X

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  5. Starwatcherx99

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  6. Animus Viral

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  7. _hitsuji418

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  8. altermaven

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  9. Zacharie Cameron

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  10. LegitMakesAGame

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  11. Will_Willson05

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  12. wolfplaysgames24

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  13. darkmega5

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  14. TheWith3r129

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  15. Alpha The Wolf

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  16. UltiDaniel

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  17. StipulateV

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  18. Mr. Glitch

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  19. Official_AMBestGT

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  20. InstaFiz

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  21. NightWeaver

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  22. ilysha130

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  23. BUNCE

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  24. ppowersteef

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  25. Sprywisp

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  26. Charlimon

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  27. Phantasmental

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  28. Skeltinon

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  29. Kazzymodus

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  30. Skeletron Prime MK2

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  31. Huzbubber Tim

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  32. neoselket

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  33. Criddle

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  34. Snickerbobble

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  35. TerraBeast

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  36. Valira

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  1. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator



    Submit your contest entries for Terraria's 8th Anniversary here​
    • Enter the contest with your birthday-themed creation using any creative medium (traditional/digital art, in-game build, poetry, story, music, sewing, live-action play, etc)
      • As long as your entry is Terraria related and birthday-themed you're good
    • One entry per member. No placeholder posts.
    • Entries will close Tuesday, May 21 at 11:59 PM EDT
    • Polling will open Wednesday, May 22 at 7:00 AM EDT and will close Wednesday, May 22 at 11:59 PM EDT (play nice, no duplicate accounts - any additional accounts made in order to vote more than once will face consequences)
    • One winner will be chosen by member poll who will receive prizes of:
      • $50 Steam money
      • The chance to ask Redigit and Cenx 8 questions (for the 8th anniversary). Please keep them reasonable. Some or all of your questions may be answered. If Redigit and Cenx don't/can't answer, they won't, and there won't be any "do-overs".
      • A special forum title

    • WINNER: @Snickerbobble
    Congratulations Snickebobble and thanks to everyone that entered!

    Quick Links:
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  2. Bubby Aurora

    Bubby Aurora The Destroyer

    Here's my latest masterpiece! I call it...

    "Your hat's on fire!"

    And with good reason.
    Dark Green=Alias
    I walk in, wearing a flaming party hat.

    I open my eyes in shock.

    "Hey Bubby, your hat's kind of on fire."

    "Wait waht?"

    I throw my hat on the floor, spreading the Shadowflame.

    "AAAH!" *cricket*

    I rush behind Friend.

    "Bubby! Why'd you do that! SOMEONE, GET THE EXTINGUISHER!!!"

    I start to panic.

    I teleport away, then teleport back in with an extinguisher. I then try to use it, but because I'm literally pint sized, I can't control it.


    I just stare at all the chaos and panic I just causing my making a small fire. I then stomp the fire out with a bored look on my face.
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  3. Sky High

    Sky High Ice Queen

    A poem:

    The Party Girl woke up in the morn,
    For t'was a brand new party to be born,
    The Player rose up from deep in the mine,
    Both of them knew it was her chance to shine!

    The tables were laid out with balloons and cake
    (The best in the land, make no mistake)
    The Merchant and Guide came down from their rooms
    Only to be greeted by subwoofer booms!

    "It's party time!" The Party Girl said,
    At first, they both thought she was daft in the head.
    But then they realized - with hardly a wait -
    Today was the day that Terraria turned eight!

    The day was a joy, there was plenty to do,
    They even let in the Eye of Cthulhu.
    And when they had feasted, the entire mass,
    The Player stood up, and raised up their glass.

    "I'd like to make one wondrous toast," they said,
    "To all of us here that do keep us well fed."
    "To the Player," said the Dryad, "For all they have done."
    "Thank you!" said the Player. "It's all been quite fun."

    "But now, I believe, it's time that it's said,"
    "A toast to the reason we even have bread."
    "A toast to the creators, and on this good day,"
    "Happy 8th Anniversary of Terraria!"

  4. *When you don't want to stretch the image*

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  5. Yello_X

    Yello_X Plantera

    Dunno if this is b-day themed or not but hey, at least some lore for Terraria :)
    This is the story of Terraria

    At first, the world was hollow, a barren and desolate wasteland. It seems like it was just another planet, inhabitable and lifeless. But then, two opposing forces, the Great Light and the Night Ravens (Or maybe the Hemoglobin Abomination, depends on world-gen) clashed together for countless decades.

    After researching and developing, the Ravens found a way to destroy their enemies once and for all and claim victory; A mechanical vaporizer. However, as they executed their plan, it all went wrong and instead it amplified both of their power and the Terraria world was a result of said calamity. A brave hero sealed both forces inside the reign of the Demons with his sword, which left his sword broken and his mortal shell cursed. (Yay! Skeletron and the Broken Hero Sword in one go!)

    Fast forward to the future...

    After some big idiot decided to kill the guardian of both forces (Despite countless warnings), he unknowingly unleashed the Light and Night, stronger than ever. Both immediately made their base and armed forces, not before signing a peace treaty to celebrate their freedom every year together. (Basically your character killing the Wall of Flesh)

    It is May 16th, the day they were all released from their prison. As promised, the Great Light (Now named the Hallowed) and the Night Ravens (Now the Corruption) march together towards the place what used to be their battlefield in the past, now turned into a metropolis. That big idiot hero who killed the guardian also lives there and sends a Dryad to talk to them. It seems like they come in peace, unlike aliens. They prepared a huge party together, and for a whole day, they shared stories, techniques and had contests, like writing stories, painting pictures, and so on.

    The day ended sooner than everyone expected, though. However, as a result of this meeting, the Hallowed and the Corruption forgot their age-long fight and embraced their differences. But they had nothing to do, so they tested the hero's strength (With gradually evolving strength, or "game updates" as the Ancients call it) as a sign of thanks (So that's why those Unicorns and Corruptors attack you). Before leaving, they chose a successor to inherit the knowledge of parties so that the memories of this first meeting won't be forgotten, the Party Girl!

    And they kept on doing that again and again, forever and ever. It has been eight years since their freedom today, too! So go ahead and spam Party Centers to celebrate Terraria, people!

    The end?
    Alright that's it my hands are tired.
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  6. Starwatcherx99

    Starwatcherx99 Terrarian

    Yharim sat down in the dungeon waiting....... the clock reached 12:00. "YES! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRARIA!" he shouted. Meanwhile in tower town the party girl was throwing a huge party with confetti cannons and balloons everyone shouted "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" all the bosses, NPCs and players were having a great time. Terraria's birthday was always a great time to be alive. Especially for the devs, the wonderful game they made for all bosses King slime to the Moonlord. NPCs from the guide to the wizard. Thank you Redigit you are awesome for making Terraria.
  7. Animus Viral

    Animus Viral The Destroyer

    (Based off of the Stanley Parable to an extent)


    This is the story of a man named Redigit.

    This man created a game named Terraria.

    He also created a Super Mario fangame named Super Mario X, but unfortunately, it was shut down by a company named Nintendo.

    Anyways, back to Terraria. Redigit started to make Terraria because he kept pushing buttons.

    The buttons did something meaningful. The meaningful thing they did was add small bits of code to a program.

    It might have not seemed much at the time, but the code built up into a game after an amount of time, like puzzle pieces being placed together to reveal a picture. Redigit named it "Terraria".

    Realizing the amount of button pressing he needed to update and improve the game, he called upon some friends.

    They were then considered the "Developers" of Terraria.

    They constantly pushed buttons to keep adding to the project. Allowing Redigit to not overwork himself, and make some friends he probably didn't expect he'd make.

    Sometimes, some of the Developers left, and other Developers joined after time.

    Then came the idea to involve other projects and games into the project.

    There was space weirdness, pirates made of pixels, and purple crystals that also brought lots of defenses that came into the game.

    Time passed. The game known as "Terraria" grew significantly during this time.

    After a long time, the time has come where eight years has passed.

    Lots of people have been playing the game ever since, made additions they called mods, and built their imagination into a world of creativity.

    It was quite something. So extraordinary that not even this narrator could describe it.

    When the community realized what time it was, the community that followed this game in excitement and happiness for what's going to come...

    ...and they all said:


    (Congrats on getting to the eighth anniversary, Terraria!)
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  8. _hitsuji418

    _hitsuji418 Official Terrarian

    It's a bar
  9. altermaven

    altermaven Steampunker

    This is not a real thing. This is a 'diary entry' from one of my fantasy world's characters (whom I've used in Terraria) that has been placed in Terraria, hoping to eventually find a means out. But where did this diary come from? And did she live? Hmm... :dryadsad:
    (Materials used:, Commodore 64 font a.k.a. "Pet Me 64" can be found along with the rest of the CBM stuff here. Check it out.)
    She did make it out, but one thing she asks if you say if she did go to Terraria is, "What is Terraria?"

    Has it really been 8 years? Wow, I can't believe it's been 8 years.

    Happy Birthday, Terraria!
  10. Zacharie Cameron

    Zacharie Cameron Terrarian

    96B2A5EA-B5D0-40F8-B7FD-6B113F4DF1A2.jpeg Terraria cartoon logo (beautiful masterpiece)
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  11. LegitMakesAGame

    LegitMakesAGame Plantera

    It was a simpler time. A time when flash games still dominated my gaming experience; a time when our hulking, beige machine in the living room woke me up every morning with the sound of the windows 7 logon effect. A time when my steam library had more free-to-play titles than paid ones, and a time when the screaming fan of a radeon HD 4890 and an i3 was drowned out only by the sound of my feeble attempts to play Skyrim on such modest hardware, railguns firing in the distance on the off-day where I would play Quake Live, and... the fast paced, pounding Boss 1 music.
    It had been my obsession for the last few days. One of the few games that had actually been gifted to me on Steam. And a gift it was. I cleaved through Cthulu's eye, vilethorn'd the Eater of Worlds with ease, and cracked Skeletron's skull like an egg. All that was left was to develop my world, and mine out everything I could. This was all there was, and for the time being, there was nothing left for me to do. And there I sat, waiting for something new to do. The intermittent period between release and 1.1 felt like forever.
    And then, one day in 2012, I logged in to steam only to see something strange: a download. I investigated, only to notice that Terraria had began auto-updating. I was shocked -- I hadn't expected the game to progress any further than I had got. I checked the wiki, and was astounded to see an entire new mode. The new mode was supposedly extremely difficult, with a whole host of new weapons and armor, with new, more difficult bosses. It was a sort of... hard-mode. I started a new character, and, using the lessons from my previous run, made it all the way to hell with ease.
    But the massive, eldritch horror I had found in hell was giving me quite a bit of trouble. No matter how much I crawled the wiki, farmed jellyfish, assembled arenas, and bought grenades, the Wall of Flesh truly was an enemy my character wasn't strong enough to face. The bridge felt like thousands of blocks long, my buff count could have been in the double digits -- and it wasn't enough. Until one day, when I had been pumping myself up for ages, buffing as much as I could, filled out my hellstone armor, and reforged all my accessories, it happened.
    In a rush of adrenaline and shock, I finally saw an explosion of gibs. It had been enough. The spirits of light and dark had been released, and there was no going back. Had I tried any harder, I would have broken my poor computer. But the important part was that I had won, and could finally call myself good at this game. I had conquered Normal Mode, and it was time to go big or go home. I was coming for the mechanical bosses, and I wasn't going to stop until I was walking on top of the heaping, metal carcasses, souls in hand. It was time to not only behold, but to conquer the mechanized beasts of terror.
    The twins were first. A clockwork assault rifle, adamantite armor, and cursed bullets. Weaved through the lasers and cursed flames with no problem, and I didn't let up until retinazer was dead, and I could focus on Spazmatism. And finally, with enough dodging and patience, He went down, too. With a newfound hallowed repeater and some stocked up Jester arrows, the Destroyer was a joke. My DPS was beyond ridiculous, and he must have went down in under a minute. The megashark was easily the most fun I could possibly have with a gun. The very same night, I crafted a mechanical skull. Skeletron Prime's arms were of little challenge, and dodging the head was trivial. No match for cursed bullets. Morning arose, and I emerged from the house, flamethrower in-hand.
    And then, the waiting happened again. Sure, on and off, I would play, if not just to erect some more buildings, invent new challenges, and wire up new useless crab engines. But the wait was on. I was certain that Terraria would be dead forever, and sink to the bottom of the Steam store, never to be heard from again. "Oh, well..." I thought to myself. 5th grade was over, and it was time for me to get serious with my schoolwork. Middle school was upon me, and I figured I wouldn't have anything to do anyways. I had fun with the seasonal updates, but for the most part, I was just minding my time for two years.
    And then, one friday in 2013, I decided to log on to Steam with my parents' new (!) desktop computer, and, once again, noticed something downloading. Overjoyed, I waited for the loading bar to finish, made sure "begin playing when finished downloading" was checked, and sat, giddy, waiting to see what 1.2 had in store. And soon, much to my disbelief, I discovered, that everything --- everything -- had been more than worth the wait.
    Slanted blocks. New mobs. New bosses. New armor. New NPCs. Too many new weapons to count. It was like Christmas in September. I must have sank another month into Terraria. I decided to switch from my usual ranger play to something more mage-oriented, just to change things up. I created a new world, and, using my developed character, blazed through pre-hardmode and crushed the mechanical bosses. I went jungle delving, and upgraded my armor to chlorophyte. With minimal setup and a stack of mana potions at the ready, I used cursed flames to char Plantera's leaves -- and emerged victorious. The ominous pop-up about the dungeon was interesting, but I was far more interested in the temple. Lihzahrd were easy at this point, and Golem was a fun fight, but left something to be desired. I made my way to the other end of the world, and braced myself.
    The dungeon became a hotspot for absurdly powerful mobs, but I had a very specific set and weapon in mind: the Shadowbeam Staff, and a Spectre set. After days of being crushed by Paladin's hammers, shot in the dark by snipers, and roundhouse kicked by Bone Lees, I finally got a Shadowbeam staff, and I had ground so much ectoplasm that I had enough for a Spectre set. My determination had paid off, and I had my new, perfect loadout. It was fun, but I had no more goals in mind at the time. Unfortunately all great things must come to an end.
    Lucky for me, this end was temporary. Another long two years, another bountiful update full of content and color. The Moon Lord gave me trouble, but eventually, I had once again beaten Terraria. I turned to the modding scene, and had fun with Calamity et. al. I enjoyed plenty of servers. I made some interesting circuits with the new logic gates. And up to this point, the rest is history. I had fun. I want to keep having fun. I appreciate Re-Logic for such an incredible piece of work, and I appreciate Resonance Array for the wonderful soundtrack they composed to it.

    tl;dr All ~1600 hours I have put into Terraria I enjoyed. It's been a fun 8 years. I hope this universe keeps going, and I hope Re-Logic keeps breathing new life into this wonderful game.
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  12. Will_Willson05

    Will_Willson05 Terrarian

    Tada! Retinazer & Spazmatism
    (First pixel art :naughty:)

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  13. wolfplaysgames24

    wolfplaysgames24 Terrarian

  14. darkmega5

    darkmega5 Skeletron Prime

    The Terrarian’s gift:

    It was the night before the player’s birthday, and the NPC’s were planning. It was on discord, they were chatting.
    The guide recommended a guide book
    The merchant recommended money
    The party girl, the main party planner, said “no way, too basic”
    The arms dealer recommended a weapon
    The demolitionist recommended explosives
    The party girl, the main party planner, said “no way, too violent”
    The stylist recommended a shirt
    And the clothier agreed
    But The party girl, the main party planner, said “no way, they won’t use it”
    The mechanic suggested an arena for the party, with every mob there is
    The goblin tinkerer started to work on this,
    But The party girl, the main party planner, said “no way, it’ll take too long”
    The nurse offered free healing
    The dryad offered herbs
    But The party girl, the main party planner, said “no way, It’ll ruin the fun”
    Then the wizard offered enchanted party stuff
    The dye trader offered to dye it
    But The party girl, the main party planner, said “no way, too subtle”
    The witch doctor and truffle offered to make a new friend
    The truffle promised he would be a fungi!
    But The party girl, the main party planner, said “no way, that’s impossible
    The tax collector offered a day without complaining
    The painter, his neighbor loved the idea
    But The party girl, the main party planner, said “no way, too lame”
    The pirate came in on his ship
    The angler and him offered many rare fish!
    But The party girl, the main party planner, said “no way, too smelly”
    The tavern keep offered drink and crystals
    But The party girl, the main party planner, said “no way, those crystals are evil”
    The steampunker made a party mode for the cyborg
    The cyborg didn’t care
    But The party girl, the main party planner, said “no way, It’s too strange”
    the traveling merchant, who arrived just in time, baked a cake so much better than fine
    The party girl approved, and dawn was upon them.
    They surprised the player and wished him happy birthday.
    And then he finished the cake, in less than a day.

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  15. TheWith3r129

    TheWith3r129 Terrarian

    5A325F83-211B-444E-A575-1B89AAB7A635.jpeg F6D0562D-5457-417C-BB50-3115ED5D31CD.jpeg My submission is art. I drew the greatest blades of Terraria (melee all the way) as well as a throwback to the OG best sword and shield, the Fiery Greatsword and the Cobalt Shield. Thank you Andrew and Whitney, this game has inspired me so much and I can’t believe it’s already 8 years old. Happy birthday, Terraria!

    I drew all of this, so credit me if used.
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  16. Alpha The Wolf

    Alpha The Wolf Terrarian

    Happy Birthday of 8Th to my favorite game!
  17. UltiDaniel

    UltiDaniel Retinazer

    Since it was Terraria's birthday yesterday, I decided to make this somewhat late drawing that includes most, if not all of the Terraria-based stuff that I have made up to this point, ever since I got Terraria. So, if there's something I would say right now, it would be:

    Happy Birthday Terraria!.png
  18. StipulateV

    StipulateV Steampunker

    Here is my entry:

    Terraria 8th Anniversary Special.png

    It contains all the NPCs partying in a nice little village.
    I'm pretty proud of it, actually. Hope you guys enjoy!! :D

    (PS: Please inform me if the entry is for some reason invalid or low resolution, you should be able to see it high resolution.)
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  19. Mr. Glitch

    Mr. Glitch Terrarian

    Terraria anniversary .png My entry. I'm late to say this but, Happy 8th birthday/anniversary Terraria!
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  20. Official_AMBestGT

    Official_AMBestGT Terrarian

    Capture 2019-05-19 13_55_43.png
    --- Double Post Merged, May 19, 2019, Original Post Date: May 19, 2019 ---
    Here is my work, I spend 2 days working on it :| Hopefully it will win!
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