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  1. Al do Rah

    Al do Rah Skeletron Prime

    This is a... parody(?) of a Metal Gear Solid character known as Tretij Rebenok, or Psycho Mantis. I'll still be using the name, hopefully there isn't any copyright as I am technically not publishing this, because "Psycho Mantis" sounds really cool.

    Anyway, we are going to follow Psycho Mantis in his ventures of finding suitable companions.

    The Chinook helicopter slammed into the ground, opening it's cargo bay. The soldiers rushed forward into it as comm chatter made their ears ring. "GET IN!" The field sergeant screamed. The helicopter took off just as the last person's foot was inside and headed East. Various other helicopters were doing the same, as there was a great danger they were evacuating from. Suddenly a bright light filled their vision, and a mushroom cloud lifted high in the sky. Screams filled the air as a blast wave hit the helicopters, spinning them out of control and into the ground.

    Two days later, a memorial was set up in Washington D.C. for the deaths that happened two days ago. The families of the fallen attended, mourning their losses from Operation Fallen. A father in the front row was comforting his weeping wife as the President addressed the nation. As the father stared forward at the air, feeling extreme anger, his vision was filled with a black cloak that floated up and down. The father looked up and showed a red haired boy with a large gas mask on his face. The boy's arms were floating apart from his body at his sides and he was wearing tactical pants. Large wires stuck out of his arms.

    The boy stared down at the father, who was feeling so much anger he felt no fear to the floating boy. Behind the boy, Secret Service pulled the President away from the scene, and other Service members aimed machine guns at the boy, yelling at him to go away. A loud, distorted voice rang out in the air, causing everyone to go silent.

    "We will get them. Just say the words." The boy said, and the father stood up. The Service members screamed at the floating boy, whose focus was the father.

    "Let's go." The father said, whose mind was clouded with the thought of vengeance. The boy and the father floated up slightly, so the Service members started firing. The boy and the father both dissipated in a heat wave.

    Psycho Mantis floated invisibly around the President of the United States, offering protection from assassins. The President was addressing the country about Operation Recluse, a failed invasion of North Korea in the year 2018.

    "My fellow Americans," the President was saying, "three days ago we initiated Operation Recluse. An operation to invade North Korea and prevent them from sending Hye Dong missiles into China. The operation failed, our bomb specialists being killed in and explosion when their cargo plane was shot down into the Pacific Ocean. 50 soldiers died. North Korea, as of yesterday, declared war on the United States. The very soil, under your feet, is in danger of contamination. I ask of all of you to get somewhere low. Please. I failed America."

    The tornado sirens went off when he was finished., and a cargo plane flew over them, with Air Force jets in tow. The jets fired at the plane as the cargo plane spun back around, lowering in altitude.

    Psycho Mantis detected the pilots of the cargo plane's feeling, and felt extreme anger. Psycho went visible, and took control of the cargo plane on a collision course with the White House. He pulled the cargo plane up, barely missing the roof of the White House, and sent the plane crashing into the South Lawn.
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