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Eater of Worlds
Name/Nickname/Alias: Malith
Species: Undead (specifically skeleton.) Used to be an Eastern Kobold.
Appearance: (Images, descriptions, or both)
Sex & Gender: Uneeded. But He/Him pronouns.
Height & Weight: 2'2, 25 lbs
Alignment: The Dark, technically.
Personality: A very kind soul who enjoys flowers, all living things, peace, and specifically roses.
Known Languages: Common, Draconic, and Aquatic
Backstory: Will work on when I have the time. Something to do with a lich working for The Dark, but dislikes it and often goes on his own adventures when running "errands" for his master.
HP: 13
Strength: 6
Agility: 16
Endurance: 7
Intelligence: 10
Charisma: 9
Abilities: Able to replace parts of himself with bones of equal size. Doesn't change any real stats and is purely ornamental, but can heal any old wounds.
Is an accomplished botanist and zoologist, particularly in the field of entomology. Gains a bonus equal to 2 + (intelligence/2) when making checks in these fields.
Understands basic weapon training and can make some primitive weapons out of bones. Trained in throwing weapons such as daggers and javelins.
Understands the basics of magic, but can not preform it. Gains a bonus of +2 when identifying magic.

Passive Traits: Is very sneaky for being so small and can surprise people quite easily. +2 to Stealth and an extra 1d6 for damage rolls when surprising an enemy.
While he does understand the languages, he can not speak them without a took, so Malith resorts to signing, gestures, and pictures. Unfortunately, he's a bad artist.

-------Anything below this is for me to remember specifically-------
+1 to Agility.
+ Immune to Poison and Disease.
+10% Resistance to Frost.
+Undead don't need any kind of food, water, or rest.
-/+ Healing magic harms you, however Necrotic damage heals you.
-10% Resistance to Fire.
-1 to either Strength or Endurance, as well as -1 Charisma.
-Most citizens will fear you, and guards will attack on sight, unless you can hide that you are undead, or join certain groups and carry their symbol.
Items/Inventory: (Add here starting items your characters have. Limited to 3 starting items.)
-Eastern Kobolds are based off Eastern Dragons, also known as Lung Dragons, or noodles. They rely mostly on greater agility over endurance, and have advantage on dodging attacks.
Also, do you have it decided who his master is?


Eater of Worlds
Apologies to anyone who still had an interest in participating here, but I am currently putting this RP on hold indefinitely. It shall resume once it has reached a more finished state and we once again have enough active participants.

The RP will remain unlocked to allow OOC discussion, or any response to the most recent updates in the IC.

Sorry for any inconvenience this decision may cause.


Eater of Worlds
So, a bit of an update for anyone watching this. Namely, I doubt this will be returned to for a while, possibly either around Christmas, or maybe as late as summer, by which point this project may just be abandoned and its concepts repurposed. This is due to how I doubt many people who were in this will actually see this message, as I haven't seen a number of prominent members of this RP on the forums for quite some time. If you were still holding out hope, I'm sorry to say it may end up being in vain, especially considering that @Champion Greninjoid was originally helping with the development of this RP, and losing their input has definitely had a negative impact on this.

I will say that a good note of this is that I have learned several lessons that I will apply should I do something like this again in the future, and will also attempt to apply to any future updates to this RP, hopefully increasing the quality dramatically.

And thank you to everyone who did join, I am sorry this did not go on long enough to make many memories here, though I am glad so many people tried.
Honestly, it's probably not best to start a long-term rp on a forum that isn't mainly directed at roleplay, Discord or a (somewhat) roleplay-oriented forum would be better, although we would end up losing members if we moved this.

And this RP was good ;)


Eater of Worlds
Honestly, it's probably not best to start a long-term rp on a forum that isn't mainly directed at roleplay, Discord or a (somewhat) roleplay-oriented forum would be better, although we would end up losing members if we moved this.

And this RP was good ;)
Issue is I don't know of many forums dedicated to roleplay, and I both don't have Discord and disagree with it being a tool to use for anything like this.
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