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WIP The Discovery of True Corruption (+pictures in later chapters.)

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Duke Fishron
Finally, here we go, gonna post something extra so you understand what they are talking about next chapter.
Calder was flying around, only to run into a sky island, it was composed of normal grass, no hollow or corruption around unless you counted the ground below. He landed on the building on the island, eyes examining the golden, and blue building. It looked like it had been built onto, perhaps by a terrarian, but no one was around. He felt a little mentally exhausted after Relo explained that terrible event, that made him fearful of humans, despite their small size, they were able to harm such a big creature. He felt bad, but at the same time, Relo seemed happier this way, and it was evident not many terrarians were afraid of the big guy, he was smaller than most of his kind, and lacked the vicious tendencies.
"Heh, he's nice, so much unlike the rest of us at times, but you can't blame us we are only doing what we can to keep ourselves alive. However, it's clear his destiny perhaps wants something else, after all, one of us would not be that nice without some drawback. They didn't put tubes in him for no reason, perhaps something was special about the process, he has so much untapped power other than his own soul, how has he not caught on yet?" Calder asked himself, unsure about Relo.
He sighed, he was alone again with only his own voice to comfort him until he heard a voice above him. "Hello?" It asked, a swooping noise above him.
He looked up to see a wyvern, except it, was gray instead of white, normally all wyverns here were white, so something must have happened to this one. "Hello there!" He responded, smiling at the fluffy creature.
"Oh, you must be that Duke Fishron Relo has been talking about, strange how excited he seems, perhaps he has hope for you. Anyways, I'm Aero, another member of Relo's little friend group." He told Calder, smiling.
"Oh, nice to meet you Aero! My name's Calder if he didn't tell you that already." Calder told him, smiling at the new friend.
"Well, he did, but I preferred to meet you in person really, after all, you must be curious how a wyvern ended up gray instead of white," Aero told him, looking at him.
"Uh, yeah, how did that happen?" He asked the wyvern curiously.
"Well, as a young wyvern I had an encounter with the corruption, and as young ones, my species are quite impressionable with their fur color. My fur began to change colors, it is actually a light purple-grey if you pay attention, after that it never went back to being white, and it had been this way ever since." Aero told him, his tail wrapping around himself when he landed to sit on the island.
"So is the Corruption bad or good?" He asked, kinda confused.
"It can be good, and can be bad, it is the same with the Hallow, despite most thinking that the Hallow is better, you should see what is really wrong with creatures from there, not all of them are okay, but some of the are." He told the Duke Fishron, reminding him of how the bosses he had met so far were.
Calder frowned, but nodded, he was right. Monsters were just like people in that aspect, some were bad, some were good. Most only fought for their own protection, and out of fear because of how they are often treated. He thought back to Relo, banished from his home at such a young age he had to be terrified, and possibly even more defensive than ever. He sort of felt that way, as being younger made him feel weaker, despite his big size, and fearsome fighting style.
Perhaps if he knew more about the whole situation with Relo, he would know more about how he felt, or what happened. He was awfully curious, and really wanted to know what happened that night, so he said bye to Aero, and flew back to the town. Peeking into the destroyed building, it was late at night now, but what he saw was a set of two red eyes. It was a wraith holding a book, and staring at it with what seemed like sadness. A wraith sad?
That was a new one, perhaps they were someone who worked in the lab. It noticed him, but instead, it showed him the book, it was a journal, but he noticed a name at the bottom of the first page. 'Able' was firmly printed on it, and he looked at the wraith who pointed at it and then to itself. This was Able?! he turned into a wraith?!
He didn't seem vengeful, but he wanted him to read the journal so he did, curious to see what the researcher had written down.
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Duke Fishron
Because I'm feeling generous here's the next chapter as well, be sure to read the journals on the front page first to understand some things.
The wraith shook his head, what an awful thing, he knew what had happened now. He had been cursed by the Moon Lord, and his cult, an ancient spell that would cause those affected by it to become a wraith in death. He felt more like a ghost, though, but he was unable to move on because the curse also bound those who died to the world. He examined the cyan eye on his arm, it seemed to be glowing perhaps reminding him how he was stuck here. Maybe even that it was his fault all this happened to Relo, but he wondered, would he have anything to do with the ending to this tale of horror?
Calder watched him, reading his expressions for a response, he was trying to understand what the other was feeling right about now. He now knew he was the main scientist on the project, and he would know the most about it. "So what did that project with Relo intend?" Calder asked him, wondering if he could respond.
"Well," The wraith spoke," it had a lot to do with changing the way internals worked to allow the bypass for The Birth of the Rainbow, and if the one who it is implanted into is put into awful danger the state will activate automatically. The cultists have been leading him away from such an awful fate, but Relo won't listen. He's too stubborn, and if he dies, the state will activate immediately, and bring him back from the dead. But, if he dies in that state something worse will happen, something only the Moon Lord can fix. I never intended to go through with the project when I learned how to do, I was pushed to prove my genius, looks like all that did was get me killed."
"He was intended to be a weapon, wasn't he?" He asked, honestly worried.
"Yes, and I regret ever coming up with the idea for him, it was just a mistake, a mistake he never deserved to be a part of. Ever since the day of my death I have come to nothing but regrets, no matter where I turned in my mind it always regretted. There is no comfort in knowing what I did, such an innocent soul corrupted by a godly power, he is not even aware of what a danger he is. The kind of danger he never wanted to be, he never wanted to be the monster to wipe all of the terrarians from the face of this world. I can't say I ever wanted to create such a thing either, mainly when it would result in my own death." He explained to Calder, his red eyes closing in sorrow.
Calder looked shocked, he had never heard someone so sorrowful about something they had done. Normally because what they did only affect them or close friends, but this mistake affected everyone on the island, monster or not. Relo would slay them all if they pushed him too far, and knowing some of his kind it would only be a matter of time. "Able can you sense if he's in danger?" Calder asked him.
"Yes, I have a feeling the curse is what helps with that, and currentally he is normal, not mad or sad, just perfectly calm. It's only a matter of time before disaster strikes, though, and then I'll only be able to regret what I wasn't able to stop." He responded, eyes looking to the ground.
"Able, if it ever comes, I will try my best to help stop it, and I will die trying if I am meant to. This island means more to me than you know, I have lived here my whole life, even if it has been in the ocean. I won't let my home become a destroyed wasteland, no matter what happens, and that should be the same for you." He told him, determination glowing in his eyes.
"I understand, and I will follow behind you always in that choice, regardless if it means being trapped forever. You are a brave young duke fishron, and that is what makes people really like you, you aren't willing to give up. You are like Relo, and that is really attractive to people, it brings them together. Being brave is in your nature, but you will do anything to survive, something I wanted to be, even if I was unable to." Able told him, his eyes showing happiness, and relief, he truly wanted to right his wrongs.
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Duke Fishron
Calder crossed the nearby forest, yawning. It was awfully late, and way past the time he should have slept, but he could not stop heading forward after hearing about Able, and Relo's situation. The wraith was following him, his red eyes examining the area around them. He finally landed down in a large pond because he was so tired, it had been a while since he had slept. Able floated over and patted his head, knowing he was probably really tired, the wraith was tired all the time, but he was not of the living so it didn't matter.
Able simply floated there watching the Duke Fishron sleep, and keeping track of any nearby humans who wanted to mess around. A human passed by but didn't seem to notice the two, simply paying attention to something else. They spent the whole night like this until it was finally morning, and Calder woke up, stretching as well as moving his wings in the water. Able seemed to have been distracted thinking about something, his ghostly aura lightly flowing around him. Calder made a noise, and pulled him from his thoughts, causing the wraith to look over at him.
"So are you ready to go to the next area?" Able asked him, red eyes looking at his state.
"More ready than I'll ever be, I wonder if Relo is up ahead?" Calder responded, asking about the destroyer.
"No question about that one, I sense him close by, he is probably around here sleeping." The wraith told him, watching him fly out of the water to continue on.
Able followed him closely behind, managing to keep up with Calder with no problem. He did see the Duke Fishron stop when he ran into Relo though, who was resting on top of a mountain next to a village. Relo woke up when he heard them around, eye locking with Able's immediately, the Destroyer seemed shocked, and a tad bit afraid? Able gave a sympathetic look, his red eyes going soft, causing Relo to look down in sadness. "I forgive you, by the way." Able softly told him, eyes not expressing anything but a sad truth.
"I thought that you would hate me, I thought that you would blame me, I though it was my fault! But, you are so nice, and don't blame me for something neither of us had any control over." Relo said, his eyes getting a bit sadder each time he spoke.
"I could have done something, but unfortunately fate had other plans my dear worm friend. I can't go back, so why should it matter now, the only thing I know is that I care so much about you and if fate says one thing the other way. I won't be able to stop it, I will not be able to save you!" Able told him loudly, causing the destroyer to make a distraught sound.
"I'll try to be more careful for you Able, but just so you know, not everything that happens can be stopped like you already said. I hope everything turns out okay, I don't want to make you sad or regret anything more than you already do." Relo told him, what could be described as a sad smile crossing his robotic face.
"Calder, you have proven so much already, I wonder what more the world has in store for you? I recommend stopping by the dungeon soon, the lunar cultists are supposedly starting something, and it appears that they need someone to see it. They just told me to be there, probably because someone is going to try to stop them. While I don't normally do stuff like this, I'd much rather Rylan not get shot or something, he is pretty hardy, but I still don't trust him." Relo told him, thinking about the lunatic cultist.
"Alright, I was headed that way as it was. I'm sure Able would like to come as well, after all the only reason he is a wraith is the fault of the lunar cult." Calder told him, watching Relo give a confused look.
Able held up his arm, the bright cyan eye on it glowing when it came into view. Relo seemed entranced by it, but shook his head, as if he knew something was wrong about staring that way. Able noticed the way he was acting but simply thought it was an effect of the marking, as Calder looked at it pretty closely for a little bit. "Anyways, see you guys at the dungeon, there isn't much more to do, and the dungeon isn't too far away," Relo said to them, digging into the ground, and leaving.
The two simply shrugged, and headed towards the dungeon, having to cross through a desert on the way to it.
Here we go chapter 8 it took me a while to finish, but I'm done with it.
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Duke Fishron
Oh boy, get ready for these next few chapters, because the story is finally reaching the ending, and it is not going to be pretty. Also, there is mention of blood in this chapter, but it will get worse in the next chapter because of a certain thing. Also the first point of view switch, you'll understand when you see it.
Eventually, Calder and Able made their way through the desert and stopped at the dungeon to rest from the heat. Rylan was resting against a pillar watching the two, his yellow eyes expressing curiosity. He walked over to them, and greeted them, "Hello Calder, and Able."
Able gave him an intense stare, it was clear the wraith wasn't a fan of the Lunatic Cultist after what the last one did to him. Rylan held his gloved hands up in a sort of defensive motion, motioning he had no ill intention. The wraith huffed and held up his arm, the cyan eye glowing in response to the cultist's presence. "Do you know about that mark, Rylan?" Calder asked, trying to get the sand off of himself.
"Yes, it is inflicted very rarely by the one we worship, he only commands this done to those that are somehow important." He stated, examining it closely.

Rylan P.o.V:
'Did you really inflict this on the scientist that caused 'The Birth of the Rainbow' to be a threat?' I asked the Moon Lord in my head, who simply thought about it.
'Well, it was a good idea, he's the only one who knows how to turn it off, as he is the one who made the components for it. Able might also be useful for other things, seeing as he is a wraith now.' Moon Lord told me in my mind, making a small noise.
"Anyways, do you want to see our ritual, did Relo tell you about it?" I asked, getting a nod from the two.
Relo finally dug out of the ground resting by me, a light frown on his face. I didn't blame him for feeling like something was wrong, I had a bad feeling as well. There was a very strong person lurking around earlier, and they could have killed me easily if they had surprised me. I gathered the other cultists, and they began to chant, and the Mysterious Tablet lit up as their chanting began. I sat under the Tablet, closing my eyes as I felt power begin to move through me like I was a conduit for it.
I looked up when I heard something moving in the grass, the monsters weren't the one's doing it, and any rituals before always scared the other monsters away. I heard something with my more sensitive ears, it was like the sounds of someone preparing a sniper rifle. Calder and Relo must have heard it as well, they were paying attention to the area where the sound came from. I tried to tell Relo to back off, aware of what would happen if he didn't, but the Destroyer was stubborn, shaking his head no. I heard a rifle shot, and my eyes widened things began to go in slow motion for me.
I saw that Relo had jumped in front of me, and the bullet went straight into the metal just below his eye. A lethal shot, the Destroyer dropped to the ground after that, his blood falling out of the hole, it was powder unlike what you would think. I heard Calder roar, and it wasn't long before I heard him tearing the person to pieces. The guy had also taken care of the other cultists, and I felt the Mysterious Tablet's energy flow into me, causing me to feel a lot more powerful. I wasn't only powerful, but angry, what were we to do?!
Relo's true power would now show itself, and we would be nothing against it. The only one who has a chance is Moon Lord, and he's currently sealed by the Lunar Pillars that will rise soon. Maybe if the power allows him to kill other things he would destroy the pillars in his rage? I waved for Calder, and Able to follow me, flying off as the two followed behind me, it was only a matter of time before Relo began his slaughter that no one could stop. We landed on a sky island away from him and rested there, I had to think about what to do other than waiting, those pillars would be rising soon.
I felt the whole world shake as the pillars rose from their sealed places into the world. We were closest to the Solar Pillar, and fire rained from the sky, a large orange moon taking precedence in the sky. I didn't know what to do, this had all happened so fast, and now that I was empowered by the Moon Lord I felt like I had more responsibility.
'Rylan, you will be alright. The Pillar's have a special mechanism for things like this, it is typical to unseal me, and disappear to let me deal with this stuff. They are non-living but were made to be aware of real threats, but I don't think the rest of the Terrarians are gonna be in good shape after this.' Moon Lord explained in my head, and I sighed.
'Just concentrate your power, anything will help you with this problem right now. There was a reason I decided to talk to you, you seemed so shy, and normal compared to the rest of the people found around the cult. Your intrigue with the lunar, and celestial is what caused me to pick you, you were open to whatever, it didn't matter to you. That takes a lot of courage, especially with all the stuff I made you go through.' He told me, and I smiled under my mask.
He was right, I didn't need to be so worried unless I am actually in danger. Relo wasn't up yet, but he would be soon.
I hope Calder, Relo, Rylan, and Able make it. Especially since that is starting to seem unlikely. Well, whatever happens, happens, so I will just have to wait and see.


Duke Fishron
Oh jeez is the blood real this time or at least it's everywhere because it's our first official fight scene. Also long chapter, because of the amount of story happening in this one.
Relo's body began to lurch as the program began to take effect his powdery blood stopped falling, and the last bit of it took on a rainbow color. His eyes began to open up, glowing a bright white, and then all of the changed to different colors, flashing between them at random. He didn't speak, and a very visceral growl came from the depths of his mechanical body. He then let out a very distorted roar that shook the very world around him, a mass amount of power being released upon the world as this roar shook it. Rylan jumped, and looked terrified, he felt nothing but fear and dread, that roar was so unnatural for anything in this world.
He soon heard lasers being fired, and people crying out in horror. That distorted roar coming out again as Relo ripped the nearby village apart, those rainbow eyes showing no sense of regret or anything else even. He appeared to have lost all emotion, and the hole in his face remained, he was a moving corpse with little desire other than to destroy. So far from what he used to be like, soft, nice, and caring, even if it was far from what he would have thought to have been like. Rylan's eyes widened when Relo grabbed a man with his mouth, using the buzzsaw blades on the inside to grind him into pieces, and causing blood to stain the destroyer's face.
Relo locked eyes with the cultist soon after that, watching him jump down from the island with Calder and Able not too far behind him. Rylan summoned the power of the nearby pillar, his hands lighting up with the power of the solar pillar. Able seemed to be examining the hole on his face and thinking about the plate of metal, and other vital things around there. "Calder." Able whispered.
"What is it?" Calder whispered back, curious what he was wanting to tell him.
"If you can get a decent amount of water into that hole you will short out the connections to his vital pieces of machinery. That will kill him again, but hopefully, the form after this won't be as bad, and if we manage to do that before Moon Lord gets here we won't have issues." Rylan explained to him in a whisper, the pig dragon nodding back.
Calder taunted the aggressive corpse, causing it to roar back, and charge at him. He rushed off with Relo on his tail, avoiding the Destroyer jumping at him in an attempt to completely remove his flight capability. The corpse stopped short of the ocean, and Calder summoned a sharknado, water whipping up where he caused it to appear. Fishron began to launch from the tornado, hitting Relo directly, but they seemed to all be missing his face. Calder then saw that the Destroyer had used his tail to cover his face, making sure nothing got near that hole in his face.
Able frowned watching from a distance, he could not really do much, as compared to the other three he was just a normal monster. They all counted as bosses, a rarer type of monster with lots more durability, and might than a simple wraith like him. Rylan ran towards the beach, fire from the Solar pillar flying off of his hands, and impacting the Destroyer who was blocking his face in the back. It wasn't long before Relo turned, and side swiped with his tail, hitting Rylan directly sending him flying into the nearby palm trees. The cultist cried out, his blood spurting out of his mouth, staining the inside of his mask, and dripping out the bottom of it onto his robe.
'Rylan! Your ribs are shattered to pieces, what am I going to do with you, always so reckless.' Moon Lord called, actually worried for the cultist.
'I'll be f-fine, but for right n-now, we n-need to take ca-care of him.' He responded back, more blood dripping from his mouth.
'Rylan.... Go to the pillars, have the wraith help you. The monsters should not attack you, pray to the pillars, Calder will be fine. You have to get me to help you, there is no other way.' He told him, still quite worried the little terrarian would die from the hard hit he just took.
"Able, take me to the pillars, please....!" Rylan called out to him, sighing when the wraith picked him up despite his ghostly form.
Relo tried to charge at them, but he ended up stopped by Calder who roared out when the Destroyer's teeth stuck through his thick hide. "GO NOW!" Calder roared out, causing Able to fly faster than he ever had.
They soon arrived at the Solar Pillar, and the solar monsters simply stared, watching the cultist bow before the pillar. A crawltipede appeared next to the cultist simply watching him carefully. Able watched the bleeding cultist pray in a language quite unlike the one they used, perhaps it was lunar speak. The monsters around him seemed to join in, a loud chant starting with Rylan in the middle. The pillar's shield soon vanished, and the pillar itself disappeared into thin air, the monsters going with it.
They heard Calder roar in pain, it turned out Relo had thrown him quite a ways, but not after leaving four massive holes in his side. It didn't hit anything major, but it looked very painful, his blood pooling on the ground under him. He flew back up, and whipped up another two sharknados, blocking Relo off from getting closer to the other two. The corpse roared again, blocking with his tail to protect himself from the onslaught, he didn't seem like he was going to stop anytime soon. Rylan let Able pick him back up, and the two rushed the next pillar was the Vortex Pillar, the sky becoming greener the closer they got.
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Duke Fishron
The ascent of Rylan, and disappearance of the pillars. Also death, but I won't say who.
Rylan immediately dropped to his knees at the next pillar, the chant starting as the monsters around them joined in. Even Able found himself hooked into the chant as if he knew the words deep down but wasn't aware why. The pillar's shield vanished, and the monsters did as well when the pillar vanished into thin air. The more time when by more of his black blood fell, but he wasn't anywhere near faltering because of his injuries. Rylan felt something changing inside him the closer they got to the last pillar it was strange, but maybe it was his destiny the whole time.
They finally arrived at the Stardust Pillar, the monsters were already gathered around waiting for them. Rylan chanted even more than before, the power of the other pillars he had already been to helping him to strengthen the chant, and cause it to go faster. Able's added chanting helped considerably, and the mark on his arm glowed brightly as he helped, his eyes taking on that same cyan color on his arm. Relo roared, he knew they were getting close to the last pillar, the Nebula Pillar, but Calder was still in his way. The two ran for the last pillar as fast as they could and soon arrived, starting the chant with the monsters already there, some bosses had joined as well, making the energy gain much more significant.
It wasn't long before Relo arrived, tossing Calder to the ground next to the group. The young one was clinging desperately to life, his eyes threatening to close, but he would not let them. His blood pooled under him, and he was panting hard trying to keep himself alive. Relo had ruptured one of his lungs, and he had a large cut on his side, blood rushing out onto the ground. Relo tried to rush for Rylan but was stopped when Able jumped in front of him, the wraith simply hissed at him, and he stopped short.

Relo P.o.V:
Something is so familiar about him, something, but I can't figure out what it is. Something about his presence is so calming, I can't bring myself to hurt him. If I remain like this for much longer the world will be torn apart, but I can't stop myself! My voice tried to come out, but all that came out was a low growl, I could not let this program control me! He won't move, and I can't hold myself back much longer, I can't.
I can'.....t, I c...a....n...'t. "H-h-help........m-me........" I finally spoke, it fading off as I began to lose control again.

Rylan P.o.v:
H-he asked for help, I could not believe my ears, he had managed to break from it to tell us he needed help. I want to help him, but this is the only way! I heard the barrier on the pillar dismiss itself, and it faded away along with the monsters. I turned to see Able be wiped off the face of existence in front of me, nothing but a pile of ghostly ashes on the ground. I then felt something snap inside me, and I felt the power from all the pillars resonate around me.
The world shook around me, and the world distorted with Moon Lord's arrival now imminent. I felt the power swell around me, and enter my body without a second thought. I began to change, and I screamed, the energy forming a massive field of power around me. Relo seemed repulsed by this, a voice coming from the sky above. "Rylan, for putting up with me for so long, and doing this for me. I claim you the Lunar Presence, the living incarnation of all things Lunar other than myself!" It called, and I heard it, it was him the Moon Lord!
I felt my body change, and I knew I had ascended to the next level, a presence, that was certainly something.
Moon Lord's P.o.V:
Rylan finally reached the level I had been waiting to grant him, and by proving himself worthy of this power he will now remain in this world as a representation of me. The Lunar Presence hasn't existed since times of old before this world was very consistent. The last sacrificed himself to stabilize this very world and make sure that it always showed the truth of the Lunar Lord. The pillars were the last bits of his energy left behind, and they weren't a seal, but rather a way to set the succession for the next Presence to arrive in the world. Anyone else would not have been able to do what Rylan did, as they need express instructions from me.

No-one's P.o.V:
Rylan looked pretty different, and his robe had opened in certain spots revealing a humanoid structure with features similar to some of the monsters of the pillars. He had a strange dome-like structure on his head and a tail like a Crawltipede or a Milkway Weaver, his eyes were the same cyan color Moon Lord was most known for. He had spikes on his back, and some tentacles falling from the front of his face, he also had set of bug wings on his back and was a tan color. He was more clearly a mix of the creatures found around the pillars. His eyes and various parts lit up and slowly changed between the colors of every pillar.


Duke Fishron
Here we go, the chapter where things change. I never really had a big battle scene planned out so yeah, it could be a bit underwhelming if that's what you think at least. Moon Lord is finally here too.
Relo tried to lash at him but was stopped when the Lunar Presence tapped him with a finger. He dropped to the ground but wasn't dead, the presence had to deal with him so Moon Lord would fix these issues. The Presence stuck his finger in the hole in Relo's face and blasted it with a jet of fire from his finger tip, frying the Destroyer's insides, and forcing him into shut down. The world distorted, and in a flash, the Moon Lord had arrived, quickly grabbing the Destroyer with one hand before his second revival started.
He held out his other hand, and the Lunar Presence landed on it, his eyes scanning the larger. Eventually, the two looked over to see Relo thrashing in Moon Lord's other hand, but his pupil was red, and his sclera was a pure black. They expressed even less emotion than before, and it looked that his insides were quite damaged, as he was sparking. Moon Lord simply placed a finger over the Destroyer, and he was put to sleep instantly, it looked like it would take a bit for him to fix this. Calder appeared to be just about to give up until the newly made Presence ran over to him and rested his hands on him.
"Calder, you'll be alright, I just need to concentrate." He told the Duke Fishron, focusing his powers to heal the wounds.
Calder's wounds filled with the strange multicolored energy, and he stopped bleeding, the fires of the solar pillar cauterizing the wounds as the rest worked to rebuild him. Stopping the blood loss, and repairing the flesh, he felt his blood flow back when the flesh was replaced, giving him some sort of new energy. The Presence cleaned the blood off of the Duke Fishron, patting his head when he was in good shape again. Calder moved his head into the pat, feeling better than he had in a while, not to mention how clear his mind was. He tried to hold back the tears when he saw the pile of ghostly ashes Able was in, but he could not, water dripping from his eyes.
The Presence smiled, the scientist had done his part, he could move on now. He would be appreciated up there, after all of the stuff he had done to fix the issue, even going as far to die again for them. Calder smiled as well, tears still flowing, but he understood, this journey had taught him quite a bit about sacrifice. He had sacrificed himself so the two could get this done, and so had his wraith companion. Relo would be absolutely devastated he almost killed them, and he felt the mechanical worm would probably hide.
Moon Lord was focusing a lot of power on the Destroyer, but probably because his insides were totally destroyed from the fire jet the Presence had blasted into his vital machinery. It wasn't soon after that before the two passed out, extremely stressed, and exhausted from the long day. The Duke Fishron moved his wing over the Presence, and the smaller had cuddled into his side. Moon Lord would wake them when he was done. The large lunar creature sighed and simply left the two to sleep, carefully repairing the machinery inside the Destroyer with his powers.
He simply smiled, after all, the three had done more than expected in the situation even if it seemed hopeless. He felt bad that they could not resurrect Able, but his task was done, and it was for the best that he moved on from this realm. The Lunar Presence's job was just starting, and it would be a long time before he passed away, as he was almost unkillable now from the high concentrations of lunar power that now flowed through his veins. He hoped Rylan would be up for the task, he had trusted the young one with so many things he would not trust anyone else with. He then decided to stop thinking about it, and get back to repairing the completely destroyed Relo before him, he felt the Destroyer didn't deserve what he got, and it was the right feeling to have.
Relo had never hurt a single soul that was terrarian or anything else really. He was careful and caring, quite the departure from others of his kind, and one would expect him to be angry because of his early childhood, but the blue-eyed mechanical worm refused to let it get on his nerves. He always seemed to try his best to overlook others mistakes if they were unintentional or small. He then got to some delicate parts and began to focus putting him back together slowly as to make sure everything was right. Rylan and Calder were now in a deep sleep and seemed to be sleeping off all the stress, and exhaustion.


Duke Fishron
Heyo everybody sorry about me losing all motivation, and getting distracted for like a year, either way, I think this story is finished. Unless people want me to write a farewell chapter. It is pretty clear what the ending is, perhaps I'll write a sequel at some point. As I have gotten into modding and can find plenty of new material to work with. Maybe I'll write some more backstory for certain characters.
So if you'd like to see me possibly rewrite a really old story like this, or write some new material for it using some stuff from mods, just say so. I blame myself for losing interest for so long.


Duke Fishron
Here's the farewell chapter for the heck of it, because I feel like this story needed a closing chapter, well for now.
Rylan p.o.v:

I was woken up by Moon Lord’s voice, and stood up, shaking Calder awake. The Duke shook his head a bit, but he smiled when he looked up at Moon Lord. “So, is he okay?” I asked, curious about Relo.

“He’s fine, but he’s rather restless, then again what more do you expect from a worm like him. I managed to put everything in its proper place, but he’s still very upset he ended up killing Able for the second time.” The tentacled lord told them, getting a sigh.

“I’ll go talk to him, Rylan you have duties now, stay here with him, he’ll tell you,” Calder told me, and I sighed, but he was right.

I watched the Duke Fishron leave and looked up at the one who I once worshipped. I was now a part of his presence, the Lunar Presence. The one who kept order between the lunar elements, and the world of Terraria. Though he began to explain how this end could cause some future problems with creatures who didn’t develop normally, those of vicious nature, human creation, or even the stars above. The ones who made the cosmos, and he himself seem little more than an inconvenience.

Calder p.o.v:
I left Rylan to his duties it was for the better and found Relo resting out by the lake in front of the dungeon. “Morning Relo,” I called, getting a sigh, but he did respond with a good morning himself.

“How are you, Calder? You got hurt pretty badly during that fight, I have to thank Rylan for all he’s done.” Relo asked, closing his now cyan main eye that also bared a red pupil.

“I’m fine, you don’t have to beat yourself up about it, it wasn’t your fault. In fact, it might as well have been a mistake for Able to join that project in the first place, but regrets have their place. And he achieved his goal, he made it up to everyone, and you would have done the same thing that he did.” I told him, watching his let out a low whine.

I leaned against him a bit, and he leaned back into me. “You are so sweet Calder, I’m glad that I made friends with you. But I’m worried, is this all over? Or did my power, and the rise of a new Lunar Presence draw unwanted attention to our world, or awaken horrifying monster from the depth of the world, and the dimensions once sealed off?”

“We’ll find out in time friend, all we can do is wait. Maybe they’ll be something more exciting waiting around the corner if it does happen. I’m always up for more adventure, even if it might change us more than this little journey did. But that’s life isn’t it, life is an adventure, and just like a simple adventure, it can have its twists and turns. And I’ll be with you throughout it all.” I told him, getting a laugh, and a smile.

“Of course, thank you for reminding me, my friend. Let’s hope it will be enjoyable if it does happen. I wonder how it will turn out though. Will we make new friends? But as you said, only time will tell.” Relo chuckled softly, closing his eyes to sunbathe for a bit, I returned to the water for the first time in a while, rehydrating a bit.

No-one’s p.o.v:

Perhaps the two didn’t realize that their next adventure could have been right around the corner, but only time would tell, as they stated themselves. But for now, it was time to relax, and spend their time growing from their experiences. For them, it had been a year of strife, and the Duke who started off this simple tale was growing to become an adult. Relo himself had stopped aging as he hit twenty for some curious reason. But maybe on their next adventure, he could find out why it was something he never had much time to question before.

But this is a farewell, for now.
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