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So hopefully the fact that Fluxxation just gave Gloam “a device which has the power to give hundreds of years of sustainable energy to one of my strongest units” doesn’t become problematic heh
Fluxxation seems to for some reason use mostly completely overpowered characters but he also seems to handle them mostly well at least
you have your own section in mine remember?

Edit: Random but aside from my mind going all over the place except to where I want it to be (the short story for Collision and First Fallacy), I've been realizing just how silly the dynamics between my Etrian Mystery Dungeon characters are so far
you've got a rivalry between Sora and Chloe
Lian consistently getting annoyed at Ami because she's reckless
and things like that
and it's really funny to me
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How may I help
I don't know but help
I've worked on pretty much everything except the story now

anyway here's my EMD spreadsheet, don't mind three names being marked with yellow, that's just me taking notes without needing words

wordless notes happen more often with me, Tyko on PFQ has some in his description too
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