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Here are Charel's notes so far
When I draw her, unlike normally these days, I won't add a weapon
I haven't decided if she has any weapons after all
Charel (Character inspired by White Mage):
-Matters to Altin's backstory, as she may have taught him how to cast a weaker version of Holy
-Gentle and caring, but in Altin's words: "She warms up to others at her own pace."
-Is a pretty skilled healer, but also good at fighting things on her own
-I just had the idea of her knowing Exel, which I think I'll go with as Exel needs more focus too.
-Design Changes from base:
--The dress will be replaced by a similar looking jacket, most likely?
--Earrings and tiara are removed
--Brooch is replaced by a necklace
--Wears boots instead of high heels. How does White Mage even play Basketball with those?
--Wears tights like most of my characters
-Text Color: #f78cc3
-Context Link: White Mage
30 minutes left before I head out for
some amount of time
Clinically insane is gonna be a really fun one to draw but Charel has priority
I think I'll stay logged on while drawing actually, just less active with posts.
I quote OC_Esther: "Sometimes I feel like it isn't my presence that attracts trouble, but my absence that attracts it."

Is there a TCF thread for sharing dreams? If not, perhaps there should be.
I'm pretty sure there is, but I prefer using the PFQ one these days even though I usually need to explain more things, and so my typing in documents is focused on that, using hide tags instead of spoiler tags, explaining things you guys here do know, things like that.
or this one
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