The Last Post Wins!

I have 4 eggs in total (1 Arcane, 2 Water, 1 Wind), so if it is a scroll and you want the egg hatching bootleg version I can send the remaining two over (Though I was planning to keep them until the prices go up a bit, I wouldn't mind)
I have a Pokemon Showdown team specifically for testing the stats of my trainerless characters more easily now.

Here are Deca's (Roughly estimated, EVs could technically be much more spread out due to not having had a trainer at any point?) stats.
I need to work something out for how I'm going to make Ria meet OC_Esther and Marth pre-Collision/First_Fallacy tbh
Fairylands died too early in for me to even intro her there, so chances are I'll have to make a lore story for that too just so my timeline has no gaps to fill in with random arcs

rambling over
To make it into a meme, put an image on the Evil Warrior in the 4th image, and put words in the second image. i.e;

Enchanted Dagger
Glows blue when it's near:
A senile old man

And then Joe Biden's face is on the Evil Warrior.

I would turn the meme format into one image, but scrot is too low-resolution to screenshot it all into one image.

Meanwhile I went through my FR inbox to save the art someone from SftE made of my character
Hopefully enough players end up actually receiving the mass-ping I'll do in the summer
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