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I translated the WIP chat log and my favorite is either Ariah's first message or the current final message

I’ve been um.

Watching Orcha and Fluxx do Undertale things meanwhile.
Maybe one of these days the RP’s will start moving in earnest. But for now…
Just letting most of the chat rest.

This one started off great right away with this

and then later this

Next up is both episodes of the 2% incident
…Oh yeah I wrote a little bit of a short story too.

Sort of um…supplementary material (So someone called it) regarding how Dark and Vinessa’s relationship began to develop.
The fact that out of all the quotes from the silly interactions in Hopeful World caused by Via, the final one so far is left intact, is amazing

Also yeah for some reason it also can't get Via's gender right

Edit: I translated Astrum's description, FT_Mirror's description, and also translated a bunch of out of context character quotes a bunch of times and put my favorites into a list.

Name: Mirror
Nickname (Optional): [TBD]
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Appearance: [Notes for differences from picrew:
-She has a satchel around her waist, usually hidden under her jacket.
-Occasionally keeps her necklace (which is identical to that of this timeline’s Mirror) hidden under her shirt
-There’s a shoulder pad on her right shoulder, though I’m finding the details a bit hard to describe in words.
Personality: Serious, often rough on the outside because of her role. She’s probably easier to annoy than scare, unless you know how to really mess with her emotions.
On the inside she’s still somewhat insecure, and sometimes doesn’t think she’s ready for the role she now has.
Equipment: Notebook and pencil, an old audio cable, and a protective charm of sorts. Her necklace is also notable, [but due to WIP lore I can’t say a lot about it yet.]
Abilities: Water Magic. She isn’t great at using it, but she does have more experience than this timeline’s version of her.
Strengths: Creative [TBA]
Weaknesses: Still not great with magic, [TBA]
Known Backstory (Optional):
Text Color: #462440
Name: Glass
Nickname (optional): [TBD]
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Appearance: [Notes on Differences from Pickrew:
She has a shirt around her waist, usually hidden under her jacket.
-Sometimes hides her necklace (which looks like a mirror in this timeline) under her shirt.
-She has a shoulder blade on her right shoulder, but the details are hard to describe in words.
Personality: Intense by his nature, often rude on the outside. If you don't know how to mess with her emotions, it's easier to annoy her than to scare her.
Inside she's still a little insecure and sometimes thinks she's not ready for the role she's in now.
Equipment: Notebook and pencil, old audio cable and some kind of protective charm. Her necklace is also notable, [but the WIP lawyer can't tell me about that yet.]
Abilities: Water Magic. She's not the best at using it, but she has more experience than this timeline's version of her.
Strengths: Creative [TBA]
Weaknesses: Magic still not great, [TBA]
Known background (optional):
Text Color:
Most of these (and all for Kaye) ended up being from the same quote. Originals are below or after the translated quotes.
These are from various rounds to see how bad some of it can get.

"Natural beauty, that's what I call it when I interview your team"
"Natural beauty, that's what I call it when I clean your ensemble"
"Natural beauty, that's what your colleagues call it when they sweep me." (My comment: That's the opposite of what was actually said)
"Natural beauty, that's what I'll be called when I leave your class" (My comment: Every student ever)
(Original: “Natural beauty, that’s what It’s gonna be called when I do a clean sweep of your team”)

"People seem to think I'm special. The problem is, I don't like it."
"I have a secret weapon" *grabs the box she keeps in her bag* "It's called a box"
"Okay, so we're dealing with someone trying to take over the world... It's not the worst thing I've ever dealt with."
"I have a secret weapon" *Takes a toolbox out of his bag* "Toolbox"
"People think I'm special. The thing is, I don't care."
“Okay, we're dealing with someone trying to conquer space..."
"Well, we're dealing with someone trying to take over the universe…not the worst I've ever come across."
(Originals: "I have a secret weapon" *Grabs the toolbox that she keeps in her bag* "It's called a toolbox"
"Great, so we're dealing with someone trying to take over the universe… Not the worst I've dealt with"
"Apparently people seem to think I'm special. Here's the thing: I'm not interesting.")

Max (from Pokemon, as he's mentioned in my notes):
Max: "Speed up, slow down!" (Original: "Hurry up, slowpokes!")

Kaylen's Notes:
Me: "Trust me, some crazy RPG is safe at this level."
Me: "I'm sorry, there's something theatrically crazy."
Me: "I believe there's definitely excitement in RPGs at this level."
Me: "Trust me, a little insanity in the game is great at this level." (Original: "Trust me, some of the craziness in roleplays is DEFINITELY on that level.")
Megan: "I think it's weird that Jerry drives VUHP on his interstate." (Original: Meghan: "I just imagine Jerry WOOHPing her between worlds like that's a normal thing")
Meghan's name was translated to Duchess Meghan in one of the rounds. Her response internally: "Wait what? Why am I royalty now???"

A character I will only rarely mention, just that she had an out of context quote in her notes so she's here)
Ashen, holding something that is not a light bulb (but): "Is it a light bulb?"
Ashen, holding something not a light source (again) (My comment: I love the "again", it just knows)
(Original: Ashen, holding something that isn't a light source (Yet): "Is this a light source?")

"Talk to my dog. I can't hear you."
(Original: "Talk to my gun. I'm not listening.")

"I can't kill. But the interesting thing is that I don't need to kill." (My comment: Pacifists in a nutshell)
“I can’t type. But the great thing about it is: you don't have to." (My comment: Me before I joined TCF)
(Original: “I can’t take a hit, but here’s the fun part: I don’t have to.”)
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I can't make discord detect when I'm using VLC Media Player (AKA, when I'm watching Pokemon) and that makes me sad because I wanted to make it do so for reasons.
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@StrawberryStealer No, you did not fix your Pokemon Go
oh nice!
Would you be interested in me DM'ing my GO friend code later (prob in the weekend if I remember) to you through discord?
now you see i would be
but sadly the name i chose(it was 3 years ago btw) is incredibly embarrassing
and in my defense i was in a huge undertale phase
now you see i would be
but sadly the name i chose(it was 3 years ago btw) is incredibly embarrassing
and in my defense i was in a huge undertale phase
Mine's basically my first Transformice username with 3 more numbers because the version with just two numbers was taken like my other preferred variations
(Reason I say "first" Transformice username is because I can't access that account anymore and will have to make a new one later)
don't worry about embarrassing usernames, I won't judge
I reuse EstherGamer and Esther5 almost all the time, and I'm very embarrassed by my actual Roblox username which is why I hid it behind a displayname of Esther5
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