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The Last Post Wins!

Things are getting out of control
Animus Viral has deleted a world
Animus Viral is beginning a world

Adding liquids
Adding spider webs
Making the world evil
Generating structures
Whatever else

Ultimate snowman 46 has left because maths homework


The Destroyer
*as animus absorbs the energy, something begins tearing him apart, suddenly he becomes the great beast, controlled by Bubby, stronger than ever*

Your mind goes numb...

*exits 10th dimension, looking through solid material and absorbing souls and energy*

You are overwhelmed with pain...

*stars moving toward the earth, each and every one being absorbed by the "end of the world"*

Otherworldly voices linger around you...

*the "end of the world" draws in the sun and moon, absorbing both into its deathly form*

Impending doom approaches...

*growling "Goodbye, war. Let us put this behind us.*


*the "End of the world's" eyes become Bubby's eyes again, as the world resets*

Me: The war is over... Because it never began.

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
All character files are corrupted
Remaking from Memory
ERROR, all powers of Characters are corrupted
All powers have been removed.
War.exe is not responding
War.exe has been stopped
World seed has been copied
Server is corrupted


The Destroyer
You weren't releasing the energy when you destroyed the world. Matter of fact, you were still absorbing it when you created the one you thought existed. That's how I got free. I reset the timeline, and this time I call no war.

Ralsei: yay


The Destroyer
Me: I did it?

Sans: Yes you did!

*everyone celebrates!*

Me: now you can use Boogie Bomb Madness hamper.

Hamper: YAY *uses ultimate*

Me: YEAH! EVERYONE COME JOIN THE CELEBRATION! THE WAR IS OVER, CUZ IT NEVER STARTED! @/\/|) | (@/\/ (_)53 1337 @[email protected]|/\/!
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