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The Last Post Wins!


Eater of Worlds
How would I go about setting up an in-game trade? I want to trade a blizzard in a bottle for a sandstorn in a bottle. I play console
Trading can be difficult...
Well judging a lot of people are untrustworthy, and there's people who take first and magic mirror without giving, and other people who can get in the way...:

-hide it in an obscure chest,
-tell them to hide it in an obscure chest,
-make sure they are trustworthy,
-tell them where the chest is on a sign in code,
-tell them to do this,
-both of the signs should be hidden,
-reveal your sign coordinates first, that way they will know you're trustworthy and will also be more willing to give there's,
-tell them to give there's,
If they don't and run to your sign, you run to your chest and seize the item before they get coordinates,
-then either send them hate mail or offer a try 2,
Repeat or repeat with another person,
Now if their coordinates are incorrect or there's nothing in the chest, or there's simply no sign, then...
Yessss... I have no idea, just get someone else to stay at your chest as a spy so they can seize it if things go wrong, but perhaps your mistaken so...
Just tell them about the spy and do a "as soon as I find it I'll tell the spy to give it you", but then they might think the spy will never give it, so just tell some promotional stuff to stick around, after all it should be easy as you're the one giving it eventually,
Now if they are bad throughout this then they're in the wrong, and if they are good just laugh it out and say something like "it's just my old trick of avoiding the evil people ha ha ha" or something I have no idea...

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
Or just make a giant vault the size of the world that's heavily trapped and only when you get your items will you tell the safe path through the vault.

And make traps like these with fake teleporters.
It will at least annoy them and get rid of some coins.
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