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    Requires Mod Helpers

    This mod adds an important missing component to Terraria: A central motivation. Namely, hurrying to save the world. Literally.

    Incidentally (maybe), please welcome our friendly newcomer to the town roster: The Lunatic. Who is he? Is he a he? Why does he want masks? Will his bake sale idea ever take off? Is that unearthly increasing orange sky tinge normal? Play this mod to find out!

    If for some reason you're finding it a bit of a struggle to quell those pesky seismic tremors, feel free to tone things down in the config file, found in 'Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/Mod Configs/The Lunatic Config.json'.

    ...did I mention there's an excellent, one-of-a-kind reward waiting for you at the end of your quest? No cheating!

    • You'll need a relatively fresh world to play this. The Lunatic won't spawn if you've killed any of the main bosses.
    • You'll get warnings before the end comes. Talk to the Lunatic for more information.
    • Once time runs out, the apocalypse begins. It is permanent for any given world (while the mod is active).
    • Protip: Try to keep this guy somewhere safe! You won't be able to submit masks to a dead lunatic. yet?

    Source code available. Config fields listed here. API available.


    Requires tModLoader (0.10). Copy the above .tmod file out of the .zip file into your 'Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/Mods' folder to play.

    • Updated to Mod Helpers v2.0.2
    • Restructured Mod and ModPlayer overriding classes
    • Added MP player load bug failsafe
    • Added mod icon
    • Added support for Hamstar Helpers v1.2.0 issue report
    • Added API
    • Further refactored some internal code; no notable changes
    • Added data interface for Honor Bound compatibility
    • Refactored net code
    • Refactored general code to use newer conventions
    • Refactored config file code to newer conventions
    • Updated for TML 0.10
    • Offloaded utility/helper code to Hamstar's Helpers mod (now a dependency)
    • Numerous fixes and tweaks
    • Added 'enabled' config setting (disables the mod without unloading it).
    • Fixed lunatic respawn bug.
    • Set public some classes.
    • Fixed multiplayer mask submit (crosses fingers!)
    • Fixed multiplayer player rendering error
    • Various bug fixes & tweaks
    • Fixed config defaults update bug
    • Changed config default initial days to 9 (from 10)
    • Changed config default days added per mask to 2 (from 2.5)
    • Added config option to indicate days remaining
    • Added config option to enable only the moon lord mask to be needed to win
    • Added config option to use only vanilla bosses
    • Fixed custom boss mask
    • Added debug config option
    • Added message popup on last day
    • When submitting masks, an extra half day is added if current half day is at least halfway done
    • Added 'days left' display on 'give mask' option
    • Added more dialog for npc
    • Add more time per mask (+1 whole day; +1.5 during hard mode)
    • Remove old config ("The Lunatic 1.0.1.json")
    • Fixed possible moon lord mask give fail condition.
    • Fixed Betsy mask hint failing to appear.
    • Fixed issues with Moon Lord and Betsy mask drops.
    • Prevented using context items while in shadow walker mode (AKA while cowl in use).
    • Fixed EoW boss mask drop bug.
    • Several bug fixes, including some critical ones.
    • Implemented support for custom modded bosses via. dynamic boss masks. Note: Masks for modded bosses currently do not count towards progression, but are still accepted by the Lunatic to forestall the apocalypse.
    • Added Betsy to required boss set.
    • Fixed sky tint opacity problem.
    • Added sound for quake fx.
    • Added various useful config settings.
    • Slightly increased default time gain from hardmode boss kills.
    • Fixed quakes.
    • Smoothed out quake animations + reduced their frequency of occurrence.
    • Nerfed time limits, especially with hard mode.
    • Fixed a time limit bug with the Wall of Flesh mask in particular.
    • Fixed multiplayer bug.
    • Set apocalypse counter to halt permanently when Ancient Cultist is killed.
    • Decreased time until apocalypse & time recovered per mask.


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  2. Karciama

    Karciama Spazmatism

    gotta try this out soon
  3. Karciama

    Karciama Spazmatism

    bless us with some info
  4. hamstar

    hamstar Steampunker

    The Lunatic might sell other things if you progress the game!
  5. Snowrain

    Snowrain Golem

    I'm gonna try this mod out now and I'm pretty hyped. glad that there's not too much info given on the mod itself.
    any compatibility problems known?
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  6. hamstar

    hamstar Steampunker

    Unless you've disabled Strict mode in the config, it *might* be possible for some mods to enable sequence breaking, which will in turn trigger a 'cheating' state (Lunatic shuns you). Let me know if that happens.

    This should be very unlikely, though. Other than that, this should be compatible with any mods that don't add huge time sinks before the moon lord.
  7. Snowrain

    Snowrain Golem

    Alright, I'll give it a shot and let you know if anything happens.
  8. Empyrea

    Empyrea Terrarian

    Can you use existing characters with this or is it suggested to start a new one? I only ask because it mentions cheating and am unsure if this qualifies.
  9. orangepecan

    orangepecan Terrarian

    This mod sounds interesting but I'd prefer a bit more information. Namely, what sorts of disasters await those who wait too long? What exactly am I saving the world from, essentially?
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  10. hamstar

    hamstar Steampunker

    It's meant for a new world and character, but strictly speaking it only enforces not having killed bosses. I might make this more or less strict, based on how things work out.
    Currently, just a pretty standard doomsday scenario. It'll be permanent as long as the mod is active (for that world, at least). I may elaborate on it further in the future.
  11. Smackydafrog

    Smackydafrog Terrarian

    How big of a rush to the finish is this?

    Will having cheat sheet cause the anti cheat to go off?

    Is this based off the happy days vids with Aaron and raven?
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  12. hamstar

    hamstar Steampunker

    A bit less, now (see update).

    No. I'm not being a stickler on this. Just no sequence breaking. For now.

    No. Only terraria's own lore (loosely).

    Update modifies the apocalypse timer (was a bit high) and tweaks a few things.

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  13. salehm

    salehm Terrarian

    uhm, i wanted to known if having weapons, armor and accessory from other mod can interfere with the anti cheat mesure ?
    I play often with mod so I wanted to known.
    also what do you mean by sequence breaking ?
    thanks !
  14. hamstar

    hamstar Steampunker

    If such items make the game significantly easier, they're probably bad form, but currently there's no anti-cheat against these. It's strictly boss sequence.
  15. CleverAdvisor

    CleverAdvisor Terrarian

    Getting random screen shaking, is that part of this mod?
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  16. Smackydafrog

    Smackydafrog Terrarian

    I believe so.
    Okay, but you've like hit his story spot on with this mod. In the Aaron the Archer series he had Aaron collect masks for Raven (played by the lunatic cultist) so she could empower a bow for him to help her take revenge on both of their enemies. I'd probably run with it, and shoot him an email. Big youtube personality could be advertising your mod.
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  17. salehm

    salehm Terrarian

    I defeated the cultist and moon lord but the sky is still orange and the lunatic is doing nothing.
    also do you need to defeat fishron ? or the different event (moon, old one army, pirate, etc...) ?
  18. hamstar

    hamstar Steampunker

    He should give you a hint as to what to do next. Yes, you do need to destroy fishron. None of the events are needed. Edit: DD2 event is now, though. Or at least Betsy, in particular.
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  19. CleverAdvisor

    CleverAdvisor Terrarian

    Any info on what StrictMode and CheatyMode do in the json file.
  20. hamstar

    hamstar Steampunker

    Strict mode adds sequence break checks. Cheat mode removes this and boss kill checks.
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