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What do you think of Stardew Valley?

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  1. LoveSpreader

    LoveSpreader Terrarian

    Just finished year 1 on Highland farm. The rate of geode/node respawn isn't really that much better than the quarry. Plus(or minus, really), the spawns are affected by your mining level.
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  2. Mihn

    Mihn Golem

    Haven't tried it out, but isn't the monster farm pointless once you get to [a certain endgame place]? You can turn mob spawn on on every map, so every map can be the same as the monster farm. Unless there's a different monster.
  3. Sigma90

    Sigma90 Brain of Cthulhu

    Next comparision...
    I picked fruit bat cave on my first farm because I liked the idea of more living things on my farm. I thought it would be cool to see and have bats flying around. Nope... all you see are some red eyes and you can have bats flying around anytime regardless. Furthermore, the mushroom cave gives you 6 mushrooms every 2-3 days. The fruit bats might give you one piece of fruit per week. The fruit they offer can be fruit tree fruit or some parts of foraging fruit. Although both can offer something outside of the season it's normally found, fruit is easy to find. Mushrooms aren't. I feel bad not giving the bats a home, but mushrooms are just superior.

    Not explained: Why I can't have both in the one cave, why I can't have two caves or why I can't switch it after the initial decision. :)

    I don't really see the monster/wilderness farm as being more than an early-game gimmick. Or maybe the equivalent of an early-game Hardmode / New Game+. I tried a few nights on it and all that spawned were Slimes and Bats. If you wanted a challenge, this could work, because it'll make night work a little more difficult.
    There is a unique enemy, the Wilderness Golem. According to the Wiki, the drops are nothing special (it also lists Fiber twice and has a comment there is a "minuscule chance" of a Prismatic Shard, so take that with a heap of salt).
    I assume over time (as the player levels), the enemies might also get more varied, numerous or powerful. Slimes become Sludges, Bats become Lava Bats, and so on. I also assume turning on monster spawns will spawn all the same enemies as the Wilderness farm except the Wilderness Golem.

    TL;DR: Wilderness farm is probably for if you want a challenge or you want a standard map alternate.

    Mushrooms too, if you picked the fruit bat cave. There's one unique Secret Woods item for each growing season: Morel in Spring, Fern in Summer, Chanterlle in Autumn. Even if you visit every day, you might only get a handful of them. It really makes the mushroom cave far superior to the fruit bat cave.

    Agreed. The woodland map feels the most fleshed out. I'm yet to seriously try the others, but it feels superior in every way. Especially if combined with a mushroom cave. All the difficult to obtain stuff is right on your doorstep.
    Note that you can also plant trees on the grass as well. So you can have your fruit trees or syrup trees on the grass and leave the dirt for crops.

    Edit: For an additional reply:
    It wouldn't surprise me if the highland farm and quarry use the same generation code. Does the quarry spawn geode nodes if you have a highland farm?
  4. LoveSpreader

    LoveSpreader Terrarian

    Yes. I only started seeing magma geode nodes after I reached level 8+ in mining or something though. Also with the limited space, you'd have at most 20~30 spawns(which range from useless rocks, all the way up to gold/magma nodes) after leaving it a few days.

    All in all, it doesn't give you that much of an advantage in mining, as you still have to haul :red: to the mines and back to crack 200+ stones per day.

    Sounds disappointing. I was planning on that farm for my next playthrough so I could get monster drops and crops in one go. Does night start at 4 like fishing, or does it start at 7 when the light dims?

    Guess I gotta give the forest one a try first later. Has anyone tried the river map? The fishing minigame is not one I enjoy, even if it beats the monotony of Terraria's version. Anything with around Lingcod difficulty and more is liable to crack your LMB all that much faster.
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  5. MrToni250

    MrToni250 Terrarian

    But hilltop has worst to farm plants, because i wouldn't recomend to choose.
  6. Sigma90

    Sigma90 Brain of Cthulhu

    So one year of the woodland/foraging farm! Here are the results:
    • Total earned: ~174,000g
    • Skills: Farming Lv 8, Mining Lv 7, Foraging Lv 8, Fishing Lv 10, Combat Lv 7
    • Bundles: Fully completed the foraging bundle to repair the bridge and access the quarry
    • Other: Built three silos and one coop. 20 fruit trees planted. No animals, no house upgrades.
    This farm is quite recommended due to the wide farming spaces and conveniently located grass and ponds. You won't have to walk far to fill your watering can. There's a ready supply of hardwood. You can put fruit trees and building in the grass (including around the hardwood stumps), which really maximises the available space.

    Now I've started the hilltop/mining farm. Initial thoughts so far:
    • Nice design. Might be impractical for farming, but the design of the farm is more interesting than the other flat farms.
    • Debris. There seems to be a lot more of it on this farm compared to the standard and woodland farms. You'll probably spend a few days just cleaning up some space before planting crops.
    • You need to rush for steel tools. There is a lot of log, stump and boulder debris requiring steel tools to remove. Worse, most bridges are blocked by such debris.
    • Inconvenient water access. I'll probably build a well on this farm, and it'll be the first well I build.
    • Quarry is a major disappointment. If you're expecting to make money processing ore and geodes, it's not going to happen. Only a couple of rocks generate each day. (Maybe this increases with mining level. I'll find out when I get higher levels.)
    Although there is a lot of farming space, much of it is quite narrow. Not a problem for crops, but I wonder how buildings and fruit trees will be planted. Fruit trees will definitely need to go away from the river so the fruit doesn't fall into the water.
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  7. LoveSpreader

    LoveSpreader Terrarian

    Seems kinda... underwhelming. As for my hilltop/mining farm after year 1:
    • Total earned: ~400,000g
    • Skills: Farming lvl10, Mining lvl9, Foraging lvl10, Fishing lvl 8, Combat lvl8
    • Bundles: Completed foraging bundle(skipped most others cause I wanted to focus on cash earning)
    • Others: Built a coop and barn, maxed out barn just before year 1 ended to prep for pigs, 1 house upgrade, maxed hearts with 3 marriage candidates, with 6+ on more than 6 villagers

    Well, I suppose the only reason I would have better overall stats is because of how much I focus on crops and optimizing the day's activity. More hardship in early game gives you way better ease of movement later on when you can just make your cash work for you. Also went crazy with berries in summer and fall for profits(100+ tiles in summer/fall just for blues and crans). I stopped fishing at lvl8 only because I decided I need a crapload of geodes to find iridium as I didn't have access to the skull caves.

    Oh yeah, completely forgot about that. At least two of the bridges are blocked by a log/rock. There's only one way you could reach the southern area without tool upgrade.

    You have about 144 prime(16x3x3) crop tile right next to your house, but you have to plant them without any space, and only really workable with gold watering can or above. With below, you'll lose quite a bit of tiles. I used the area just below the stairs in front of the house for barn/coop because of the two natural enclaves there(used it for extra crops before the first winter rolled in though). Also used the small rectangular land up the hill beneath that as tree tapping area.

    Didn't utilize the area under the quarry until the start of year 2, where I have 20+ quality sprinklers to help me. Even then, the design of my crops over there is a bit skewed thanks to the lay of the land.

    Had it completely planned out, and the falling into the water bit is sorta nulled if you have a magnet ring(for some reason I got like 10+ of those even when I don't frequent the mines too often) equipped as they get sucked in as they fall. Had spring fruits right below grandfather's shrine up northwest, to the southeast just below the hills for my tapping resources, summer fruits, and was still looking for the right area for my fall fruits, but I thought I would use the southwest area, near the small pond/below the quarry.

    Overall, the lack of space for crops isn't nearly as detrimental as the layout of the land itself. Even with a horse, finding your way around the farm is annoying, to say the least. If you're more of a crop planting farmer, definitely not the farm you want.
  8. underthewall

    underthewall Terrarian

    I just wanted to know since Stardew Valley has been called a farming Terraria.

    Is this true or not to the Terraria community?
  9. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hi @underthewall, I’ve moved your post into this already existing Stardew Valley thread.
  10. underthewall

    underthewall Terrarian

    sv is le epic