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Terraria Community Forums 2018 Christmas Contest

Good day fellow Terrarians!

A couple months ago, we hosted the TCF Christmas Contest to celebrate the Holidays and the end of 2018. We've had several fantastic submissions since that time. After the contest ended, we took a look over the entries, and have judged each of them. The judging has ended, and we have determined our winners for this Contest!

We appreciate all the submissions that came for this contest, and hope the participants had fun creating their submissions. If you haven't seen yet, you can look at all the submissions for this Contest in their full glory on this Thread!

With that, we will announce the Winners and Runner Ups for this Contest. All winners will receive their choice of Terraria merchandise from either the Amazon or Teespring stores. All Winners and Runner Ups will receive the Winner and Participation Titles. While all valid entries will receive the Participation Title.



In-Game Creations

Grand Prize Winner: BlueJay_T_Gaming

The Humble Christmas Village that @BlueJay_T_Gaming built was very festive and fun to see! The combination of colors, house, and tree designs make this a very ideal village for one to make themselves comfortable in for Winter and the Holidays!

Runner Up: Khaios
An important feature of Christmas is the Christmas Tree. It is the place with shiny lights and presents to unwrap on the 25th of December. But the plants of the season are also important, and @Khaios 's Winter Wonderland gives a very neat showcase of Christmas & Winter Trees, and white plants to make for an awesome Winter Wonderland!

Runner Up: Gotcha!
@Gotcha! provides us a very good Workshop for Santa, his elves, and reindeer to perform their toy creating duties. From super festive giant Candy Canes to presents everywhere, Santa's new Terraria workshop has it all! Could the snowcloud balloons with presents and penguins be how Santa actually delivers presents all around the World!?

Runner Up: JohnnyGui
@JohnnyGui reveals to us that Santa Claus has a neighbor with his build. Santa's house is up on a pleasant looking cliff with a kind neighbor who is always in the spirit of the season below. Perfectly representing that Christmas is a great time for family and friends!




Grand Prize Winner: Snickerbobble

Snowglobes are magical to look into. Allowing one to carry a piece of winter with them everywhere, and @Snickerbobble 's Snowglobe is special in looking wonderful while also allowing one to bring an Army of Snowmen with them!

Runner Up: Huzbubber Tim
A drawing of Yharim from the Calamity Mod is featured by @Huzbubber Tim here. Showing us that all creatures of Terraria, even those from other Terrarian realities celebrate the holidays as well! The spirit of Christmas effects all throughout the Jungles of Terrarian Worlds!



Other Creative Expressions

Grand Prize Winner:

Daniel sat back on the couch, hot chocolate in his hands, feeling the warmth from the fireplace. This was looking like a good Christmas. There were presents under the tree, lights lit up the house, and to top it all off, it was snowing.
Dante came down the stairs, flintlock pistol in its usual spot on his belt. "Finished your shopping?" He asked Daniel.
"If by 'shopping' you mean killing random monsters for the presents they inexplicably drop, then yes, i have finished my shopping. You?"
"Oh, i finished my shopping a long time ago," Dante replied. "It was easy."

"You better not have gotten everyone explosives again, Dante." Daniel said, sipping his hot chocolate.
"Come on, it only took a few minutes to fix the house," Dante said, waving his hand dismissively. "Besides, Kayla managed to patch everyone up quickly enough."
"Dante, Dolgrim nearly died, you know he always keeps grenades in his belt." Paul said from beside Daniel.
"Nearly," Dante said with a wink, finger gunning at them.

"Hey," Paul said, looking out the window. "Is the moon supposed to look like a snowman on Christmas Eve?"
Daniel leapt up from the couch and dashed over to the window. The moon had changed from it's normal gray look to a white snowman's head.
"Uh oh," he said, his eyes widening in panic. "Paul, get everyone into the safe room and bar the doors and windows. It looks like we've got a frost moon coming."
Paul nodded as Daniel chugged his hot chocolate and grabbed some potions, running out the door.

As he stepped out into the moonlight, Daniel took flight, snow from the doorstep trailing from his shoes. He needed to get to the enchanted sundial. He headed towards the top of the clock tower, where the sundial sat.
Only it wasn't there. As he landed on the tower, he saw that the altar the sundial usually sat on was empty. Paul must have moved it. He needed to ask-
"Looking for this?" Someone said, flying up past the tower with something in his hand.

"David!" Daniel said, looking up. "Where did you come from? You've been gone for months! Why-" He spotted the object in David's hand. "The sundial! What are you doing?"
David smiled, putting the sundial away. "I thought I'd give you a little Christmas surprise. He held up an empty blue present with a skull on it.
"You're insane!" Daniel said, pulling out his Terra Blade. "Give the sundial back!"
"Nope," David said, grinning smugly. "You'll have to take it from me."
And with that, he dropped down and soared away.

Daniel leapt off the tower and swooped after him as gingerbread men, zombie elves, and Everscreams made their way towards the house. He fired a bolt of green energy at David from his Terra Blade, forcing him to dive to the ground to avoid it. Daniel's wings ran out of flight time, forcing him to land.
Suddenly, they heard something nearby. They turned and looked, and saw a giant Everscream looming over them. They scattered, and several giant ornaments flew from the Everscream and landed on the ground where they had just been, shattering into shrapnel. David flew up and landed on the top of the tree monster.

"Still think you can win?" He taunted.
Daniel flew up to meet him and he leapt off, flying away.
Daniel looked around desperately. Just because David had summoned the Frost Moon didn't mean it wouldn't attack him. Seeing a small helicopter piloted by an elf, he got an idea. He flew over to it, getting it's attention.

"Hey you!" He called. "Come get me!"
The elf copter started following him, firing a spray of bullets as it went. Daniel dodged around in circles, heading for David.
"Trying to get yourself shot, now?" David said.

Then a bullet hit David square in the face.
He cried out in surprise, falling to the ground. Daniel fired an energy bolt at the helicopter, destroying it, and landed beside David. Quickly, he rifled through his backpack and pulled the sundial out. As the creatures descended on them, he placed the sundial on the ground and pressed the middle part down.
The moon dropped down below the horizon and the sun quickly replaced it, causing the remaining monsters to flee. It was over.

"Phew, that was close!" Paul said.
They sat in the living room, surrounded by the other townsfolk. fortunately, the safe room had kept them all alive during the night, and was now being used as David's holding cell.
"Why do you think David left, only to return several months later and attack?" Paul said.
"I don't know," Daniel replied. "But at least everyone's safe. I'm going to go check on him, be back in a minute."
Steve and the townsfolk nodded and began talking among themselves as Dylan went to go check on David.

"Good morning, David. How are you?" Daniel asked.
David grunted angrily, arms folded at the table. His possessions had been confiscated, to prevent him from escaping. "What do you think?"
"Well anyway, i don't know why you did what you did, but since it's Christmas, i got you a present." Daniel put a box on the table.
"Ohh no," David said, pushing it away. "I'm not trusting anything you give me. I'm not that stupid. Look, you even packaged it in the same box i used to summon the Frost Moon!"
Daniel shrugged and took the box back. "Well, when you're ready to tell us why you betrayed us, i'll come back. Until then, Merry Christmas."
He shut and locked the door, opening the box as he walked back to the living room. "Guess i'll just have to eat these cookies myself, then." He said, reaching into the box and pulling out a cookie.

The End
@neoselket 's Tale about the Frost Moon was an awesome read. Showcasing the suspense and terror that Terraria players go through when the Moon at night turns to Frost. No Sundial to call for daytime, and only a Terra Blade and wings to defend against the mutant Christmas Trees and Elf Copters. When they got the Sundial placed, it was time for Christmas. A very thrilling tale of the Frost night!

Runner Up: Sprywisp
The music of the Frost Moon combined with Deck the Halls transformed by @Sprywisp into an upbeat chiptune theme! The transformed Frost Moon Music is wonderful for giving into the spirit of giving!

Runner Up: TheDarknessSoldier
A mod from @TheDarknessSoldier brings even more festive goodness into the Christmas of Terraria. If one wants to get very festive, a Mod for Christmas items brings a very nice touch for the Season!

Runner Up: Sky High
My name is Pine. I live out in the snow with the other trees. Like me, they’re nice and quiet. I enjoy the quiet and serenity, the snow falling on my branches, and, of course, the swaying of my branches in the breeze.

Or, at least, I did.

When you’re a tree like me, the animals around you enjoy your company for different reasons. Some enjoy the shade and hospitality you give, while some enjoy you for your fiber content. Of course, between all the animals, there’s a common trend: They enjoy your company. This trend is true among all the animals - that is, except one. The human. The human really hates trees. The human hates trees so much that it builds specific tools to get rid of us! First, they use a “chanslaw” or an “exe” to slice off our roots. Then, they haul us off in the “ned” of something called a “chuck”. After that, they turn us into weird “blanks” which, and this is important, DON’T LIVE. After the humans get through with us, they sell us! This is unfair! You can’t just sell us trees! Especially after you’ve killed us! We need a proper burial and memorial so that all the animals who CARE can remember the loss of an important tree!

Unfortunately, though, I don’t seem to be getting any of that. I’m being hauled away in the ned of a chuck as I write. It’s a shame, too, that I didn’t get to write this on the rings of my roots back at home. The trees need to be warned!

As it turns out, I’m somehow not blanks yet. Instead, the human who cut off my roots decided to torture me by keeping me away from death for a few days. Here’s what’s happened over that time:

-Finally got to see the guy who cut off my roots. He’s a guy dressed all in red bark with white leaves all around. Seemed to be advertising me to be turned into blanks.

-Some humans wearing extremely hard bark in red and gray, respectively, came by and bought me. Yet they, too, decided to torture me by not blank…ing me instantly.

-The humans put some golden and red string on me. I still don’t know what to make of this.

-The humans put red mini-suns on me. I tried photosynthesizing the mini-suns. They weren’t strong enough.

-The humans got in a big argument over what color of pinecones, or, as they called them, “bulls”, to put on me. They started hitting each other with chainslaws. One of them got turned into human blanks. Then they came back uncut. That made me less afraid of becoming blanks, but still very afraid because it looks painful!

-In the end, the humans decided to put both white and green bulls on me. If they could do that from the start, why did they even argue? Also, why do they call pinecones bulls?

-One of the humans put a bow on my head. Being a male tree, I find this very humiliating.

-Then, they decided to rub termites in the wound by putting me outside for everyone to see. Better outside than inside, I guess, but I hate this attention! Everyone applauded and started giving me things. That’s even worse, since I can’t even open anything they give me! Though, there was one human who was kinder than the rest. When everyone else left, she gave me water and made sure I had sunlight. Though, I worry that it’s an act and she’s planning to turn me into blanks when no one is looking.

Overall, these past few days have been frustrating ordeals! I want to go back to when it was quiet and only the animals who like trees stood around the trees. I don’t like all these mini-suns and pinecones and strings. I hate the bow most of all. And, worst of all, they’re still keeping me alive. Just turn me into blanks already!

I finally realized today that none of these humans want to turn me into blanks. Today, they all came and gathered around me as they gave each other different things. The human from before who gave me water offered me another gift – I got my roots back! All the humans also got new roots and new bark. Turns out they weren’t giving me the gifts, they just wanted me to watch over them. Some of them got new chanslaws, but they were chanslaws that looked bad for cutting off roots and looked better for turning other humans into blanks. They were really cool chanslaws. One of them summoned stars, and the other summoned cats!

I wrote earlier about the horrible hatred of humans. I was wrong. Not every human hates trees. Most of them love trees. And so, I will provide myself to them, giving them a kind glow or shade whenever they may desire.

Although, in the end, I’m just glad to not be blanks.
The story that @Sky High shares with us gives us insight into the perspective of a Christmas Tree's life. The Tree was afraid of the "Chanslaw" or "exe" that turned other trees into "blanks" but instead the humans took them and decorated the Christmas Tree with "miniature red suns" and "White and gold string". The Tree got a nice surprise at the end from receiving presents underneath them.


We love seeing the love that Terraria continues to receive throughout the years. It is fun to see the creations that people make in these contests, and also throughout the Forums and the Creation Compendium. We want to thank everyone who participated in this contest, and we hope everyone had Happy Holidays last year! Here's to 2019 for another great year for Terraria!
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This is the first time I've participated in the contest, and seeing the entries come by are really cool! I liked seeing what everyone made for the contest.
I'm suprised I got runner up, thanks for it! I'm ready to see what the next contest will be, and all the entries in it!
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