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    The TCF Christmas 2018 Contest Submission Thread

    Welcome to to the TCF Christmas Contest Submission Thread! This is the Thread where you will submit your Entry for the Contest. The Main Contest Thread is used for discussion on the Contest itself and member's Entries, along with explanation on how to submit your entry here. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Entry meets the rules of the Contest along with fitting into the category you've chosen. Any Entry which does not fit into the guidelines from the Main Thread will be disqualified when the deadline is reached and you will not receive the participation Title.

    As a reminder, all entries must fit into one of the three categories listed below; labeling your submission's category will be very helpful to the judges for organizing everything:
    - In Game Creations
    - Artwork
    - Other Creative Expressions

    In the case of large screenshots/images and lengthy writing, please include your post in spoilers to keep the thread easier to read. We would also ask, if you care to share, for a brief description of your entry including your concept and inspiration, and how it relates to the theme of the Contest.

    Any non-entries posted here will be moved or deleted. If you want to discuss entries or the contest itself, please use the main contest thread. Entries will be taken until January 15th, 2019 after which the thread will be closed and all entries will be final!

    As another reminder from the main thread. Only one Entry per person meaning only one Post per person on this Thread. If there is more than one post from the same member on this Thread, their new post will be deleted as they already submitted an entry before.

    As a tip for commenting on entries in the main Thread, what one can do is to click "reply" on a member's entry post on the Submission Thread, and then copy & paste that into a reply on the Main Contest Thread with your comment about the Entry.

    Last but not least, Good Luck to all Contest Participants! We hope this is as exciting to you as it is for us!
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  2. Necrius

    Necrius Skeletron Prime

    My in-game creation entry - darkness and isolation of winter blizzard.[​IMG]
  3. Sky High

    Sky High Spazmatism

    I had no idea what to make at first, then I started thinking about trees, following which I thought about “What if we saw what the tree saw?” Thus, I created The Tree. Enjoy!

    My name is Pine. I live out in the snow with the other trees. Like me, they’re nice and quiet. I enjoy the quiet and serenity, the snow falling on my branches, and, of course, the swaying of my branches in the breeze.

    Or, at least, I did.

    When you’re a tree like me, the animals around you enjoy your company for different reasons. Some enjoy the shade and hospitality you give, while some enjoy you for your fiber content. Of course, between all the animals, there’s a common trend: They enjoy your company. This trend is true among all the animals - that is, except one. The human. The human really hates trees. The human hates trees so much that it builds specific tools to get rid of us! First, they use a “chanslaw” or an “exe” to slice off our roots. Then, they haul us off in the “ned” of something called a “chuck”. After that, they turn us into weird “blanks” which, and this is important, DON’T LIVE. After the humans get through with us, they sell us! This is unfair! You can’t just sell us trees! Especially after you’ve killed us! We need a proper burial and memorial so that all the animals who CARE can remember the loss of an important tree!

    Unfortunately, though, I don’t seem to be getting any of that. I’m being hauled away in the ned of a chuck as I write. It’s a shame, too, that I didn’t get to write this on the rings of my roots back at home. The trees need to be warned!

    As it turns out, I’m somehow not blanks yet. Instead, the human who cut off my roots decided to torture me by keeping me away from death for a few days. Here’s what’s happened over that time:

    -Finally got to see the guy who cut off my roots. He’s a guy dressed all in red bark with white leaves all around. Seemed to be advertising me to be turned into blanks.

    -Some humans wearing extremely hard bark in red and gray, respectively, came by and bought me. Yet they, too, decided to torture me by not blank…ing me instantly.

    -The humans put some golden and red string on me. I still don’t know what to make of this.

    -The humans put red mini-suns on me. I tried photosynthesizing the mini-suns. They weren’t strong enough.

    -The humans got in a big argument over what color of pinecones, or, as they called them, “bulls”, to put on me. They started hitting each other with chainslaws. One of them got turned into human blanks. Then they came back uncut. That made me less afraid of becoming blanks, but still very afraid because it looks painful!

    -In the end, the humans decided to put both white and green bulls on me. If they could do that from the start, why did they even argue? Also, why do they call pinecones bulls?

    -One of the humans put a bow on my head. Being a male tree, I find this very humiliating.

    -Then, they decided to rub termites in the wound by putting me outside for everyone to see. Better outside than inside, I guess, but I hate this attention! Everyone applauded and started giving me things. That’s even worse, since I can’t even open anything they give me! Though, there was one human who was kinder than the rest. When everyone else left, she gave me water and made sure I had sunlight. Though, I worry that it’s an act and she’s planning to turn me into blanks when no one is looking.

    Overall, these past few days have been frustrating ordeals! I want to go back to when it was quiet and only the animals who like trees stood around the trees. I don’t like all these mini-suns and pinecones and strings. I hate the bow most of all. And, worst of all, they’re still keeping me alive. Just turn me into blanks already!

    I finally realized today that none of these humans want to turn me into blanks. Today, they all came and gathered around me as they gave each other different things. The human from before who gave me water offered me another gift – I got my roots back! All the humans also got new roots and new bark. Turns out they weren’t giving me the gifts, they just wanted me to watch over them. Some of them got new chanslaws, but they were chanslaws that looked bad for cutting off roots and looked better for turning other humans into blanks. They were really cool chanslaws. One of them summoned stars, and the other summoned cats!

    I wrote earlier about the horrible hatred of humans. I was wrong. Not every human hates trees. Most of them love trees. And so, I will provide myself to them, giving them a kind glow or shade whenever they may desire.

    Although, in the end, I’m just glad to not be blanks.
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  4. Keyzor

    Keyzor Steampunker

    -=In Game Creations=-
    Cold in the Fallen World.png
    In the state I live in, it never gets too cold. We haven't had snow in years. Walking home from school, wondering whether or not I still wanted to create a video for this contest, it started to snow. We never get heavy snow but snow is still fascinating as it's uncommon in my area. The den, covered in snow, and the bushes, leafless but spotless, gave me the inspiration to build this. The bushes turned into a massive tree decorated with lights, the den into a boreal-house that I spent a lot of time on. Yumi loves her stay in her Christmas wear.
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  5. WarMagger

    WarMagger Terrarian

    47225196_712023629197217_4394821875427966976_n.jpg this is my build for Christmas

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  6. Dragonfiregaming

    Dragonfiregaming Terrarian

    Capture 2018-12-18 19_25_50.png

    [moderator note] Entry not eligible for a prize.

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  7. World's biggest...

    World's biggest... Skeletron

    I made this :D
    (This is the version I'm entering. The edited version is just for fun)
    entry edited.png
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  8. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator


    We've noted recent forum-wide issues with uploading files to attach to posts. Many people (including me and other staff members) are encountering errors doing this.

    Until we find a solution to this problem, here are alternate ways to enter:

    Images of artwork, screenshots, photos, etc. - Upload your entry to an image hosting service such as imgur, tinypic, etc. Then post the link or embed it in your entry post.

    Other files (adventure maps, mods, etc.) - Upload your entry to a file hosting service such as mediafire, or a sharable cloud service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Then post the FULL link to your entry in your post. Please do not use shortened URLs or intermediary links like Adf(dot)ly - such links may not be considered as valid entries.

    If you have other questions or concerns about this, please address it in the Discussion Thread or PM a staff member. We apologize for this (hopefully temporary) inconvenience.
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  9. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pumpking

    Merry Christmas (in advance)!


    To be honest, I don't really know where I was going with this. Overall the main building is very cramped/small and I'm not entirely happy with it.
    A workshop is supposed to be big. But I guess it doesn't have to be, if you have a magic machine that makes toys out of snow and gold coins.
    Perhaps I'll change it later, although that'd mean demolish everything and start over. But there's still plenty of time.
    I also kept on throwing decorations around like they were on sale! My apologies for any eyes-hurtage.

    I hope people will get a little bit of Christmas joy out if it, or at the very least a half-smile. :happy: Have a nice day.
  10. Bubby Aurora

    Bubby Aurora Brain of Cthulhu

    i forgot how old my account it xd

    Anyway, here's a nice picture of my OC, and her pets Fire the Wisp, Minitron the Baby Skeletron Head, and Supernova the Stardust Dragon! Sorry if Minitron and Supernova are a bit crappy.


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  11. Beaverrac

    Beaverrac Plantera

    My first thought when I saw this contest was Santa living in a Christmas tree, this is how it ended up. Hope you guys enjoy! (In-game creation)
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  12. Kens07

    Kens07 Terrarian

    Here it is.
    The Santa Shouldn`t be A robot

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