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made a no clip like with red's wings but without any item need on charahcter(in same way pressing up and down)
soo, im trying to launch the tweaker and

this is what i get....... help?!?!
PERFECT... this fixed the issue.

I realise this isnt your fault for this happening, maybe have it set to false by default.
regardless, you write an awesome program, thanks for fixing my problem ;)
Hey, first of all i want to thank you for your tireless work on implementing suggestions and squashing bugs. This really is a neat little program that i've had a lot of fun with. Its been a long time since i last visited the TCF. And upon return i remembered this thread.

That being said...

The Travelling Merchant is a b*tch and i wish his inventory would always display his full item table. Given you have completed the requirements. (Although getting a Pulse Bow in Pre-Hm would be pretty bangin*).

I'm real sick of never getting that elusive Sitting Duck's Fishing Pole.

The main problem though would be that his possible item table consists of 66 items on PC if i counted correctly.

So maybe make so that you could choose the specific items you want him to have in stock everytime you see him?

Just a suggestion :^)
Have you ever considered implementing compatibility with the 64-bit fork of tModLoader?

First of all, I wanted to say thank you for creating this tool. I've been using it for a really long time, back in times of TT1, when I used it mainly to add extra accessory slots to have 14 in total lol. I love all those additional features of TT2 but i gotta ask: is there a way to patch the exe like the old days or launch the game directly without having to open TT2 and waititng ages for the game to start this way? :(
That's awesome to hear! I saw that the forums were down on launch day and part of the day after. I've done modding for games in the past and sometimes when things aren't working on the game's side it can make development a chore. Happy coding.

EDIT: Forgot to mention - Your tool is a real gem and has made my Terraria play throughs so much better.
Had to make an account to post this, but I keep getting a blank white screen with the Tweaker even though I have double checked that I have downloaded the necessary dependencies. Screen shot below... Any ideas on how to fix this strange problem? I can click on things and even see the options in the tooltip, but for some reason the window refuses to change from a blank white screen, even when I tried repairing my windows install and uninstalled and reinstalled the .Net framework (can't get mine to not be 4.7) and the VCredists.
Edit: Don't know if it is useful, but in my hours of trying to fix the problem personally, i found this in one of the forums, but I am not quite sure how to make use of it. "For apps that startup and have a white screen you are dealing with a app that is not processing graphics due to data change(application data, updated drivers ,software, etc) "
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I noticed that activating a list with Omnipatcher item tweaks (for pre-1.4 items, and the list was made on TT2 and pre-1.4 Terraria update) succeeded in implementing them into the version of the game.
Not sure if you are aware of this, but thought I'd let you know, whatever it means.
Helloo! Thanks very much for your awesome (and quick!) work on this tool. It's super great, and enhances my enjoyment of the game immeasurably. Been using it since forever. Much respect, and appreciation. :)

Just wanted to pop in and report that the patcher gives an error in when attempting to launch with the persistent accessories tweaks active. Says: "Error - The tweak ID 1100 failed to patch successfully." Same for tweak 1105. Those are the only two persistent accessories tweaks I have active; but I have a slew of other tweaks that work without any (known) issue.

Let me know if/how I can provide any more info that might be useful, I'd be happy to help if I can. Thanks again for your work on this, TiberiumFusion! Looking forward to OmniPatcher functionality! (Gotta get my endgame-stats Bee Gun, lol)
Can I ask what this means? What is player-changing gear?

Things like the shell that turns you into merfolk when entering water, or the moon charm that turns you into a werewolf at night. Those items transform your character, and cause issues with that tweak.

Not sure if this is all of them, but here's a link to the Moon Shell wiki page, that should help clarify. Any item that has similar effects is a no-go for the social slots.
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