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[Tobbvald's Tinkering] The Three Different Playthroughs (Ria)


I think the Cleaver kind of needs to be a bit bigger, as there's this running thing going on with the blades where the hilt gets bigger each time you make a higher-tier sword.


The Painter
The use of the holiday swords is weird to me, but I see they were used to gate the sword later on in the game.

But now with the new endgame equipment as of 1.3, what if you dropped those two swords and made the blade crafted at an Ancient Manipulator? And likely bump its stats to be endgame tiered. Would be nice to have a Terraria Blade for endgame, instead of a nyancat sword.

Where did you get the 8 from?
The 3 dark and 3 light swords, plus the 2 holiday ones.


The first weapon idea that is a recipe that contains Terra Blade and isn't 400 damage or higher.

yes please


Skeletron Prime
If this only fires pointblank shots then it better have a slash time of something like the fetid baghnakhs.


View attachment 144604
Refined these two sprites, from my perspective they needed more smoother look, hope you don't mind, Tobbvald.
(if you want, you can put them into main post)
Those look really nice, this is a really old suggestion though, and the features in it have either been added already or a better option became available
The Ria Sword is really more op than the Terra- and True-tiered swords (can kill Necronomitron) and its made of 3 UNHOLY Swords and 3 HOLY Swords, making a Legendary Blade!!
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