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PC [Town NPC] Martian Trader

Do you want an Martian NPC?

  • Yes, new NPCs after an invasion are a good thing.

    Votes: 23 69.7%
  • Maybe, as long as the new NPC stands out.

    Votes: 10 30.3%
  • No, we already have too many NPC's.

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


Pixel Pirate
So the Goblin invasion and the Pirate Invasion as events all have a reward that makes them, getting loot or not, worth doing once.
For the Goblin Invasion that is getting the Goblin Tinkerer NPC (or at the very least the possibility to find him) and for the pirate invasion it's the Pirate NPC.
For the Martian Invasion I thought of another NPC. Of course there's already the Cyborg for some specific SCI-FI stuff.
But perhaps there could be the Martian Trader which could sell alien themed items, materials and/or blocks. You know, the weird otherworldly looking stuff. As well as some alien themed SCI-FI stuff. (also Martian Conduit and other alien building materials.)

The biggest point of the Martian Trader would by to be a salesman between worlds.
Perhaps another option would be a quest to gather something from the Terrarian world and in exchange he gives a reward in the form of an alien item.
There is much potential for this NPC and a variety of ways to include this NPC and make it useful, there is variety of alien stuff that can vary from plasma guns to alien ooze.

tl;dr I'd love to get an alien themed NPC after defeating the Martian Invasion.

@Legoblockhead had this interesting suggestion that's also about a Martian NPC.

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Grand Paladin Tyrux

Duke Fishron
This seems really cool! I think his appearance should be a bit more futuristic though, and maybe he could be called the Martian Smuggler? Trading goods with you by smuggling alien items from other planets. And one of his possible names should be Hoon Sahlo :p
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